Because Apparently Texting is More Important Than Respect

8/25/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
It's not like we ever really expected any better from Kylie Jenner, but this is downright offensive: that photo right there is a screenshot from the livestream of last night's Video Music Awards, taken during Common's touching speech on the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, and Michael Brown's death, and from the moment of silence he requested to honor those things. And, as you can see, Kylie chose to spend that time on her phone instead of paying attention or being respectful. 

Is it honestly so hard to stay off Twitter or Instagram for one damn evening? Was that text or Facebook message so incredibly important that Kylie simply couldn't take a moment to be a courteous, conscientious human being? Yes, she's young, and we all know that those pesky teenagers tend to care more about their phones than important current events, but this is just embarrassing, for both Kylie and for the future of our world.

It's not that difficult, friends ... even if, for some unimaginable reason, you don't care about Ferguson or the deep feelings surrounding those events, the least you could do is pretend. You could spend the moment of silence thinking about your next tweet or the outfit you're planning for tomorrow or whatever vapid nonsense you want, but at least give the impression of caring. It would really go a long way.

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