Miley Cyrus' Attempt at Raising Awareness for Homelessness Falls Flat

8/25/2014 5:10 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Miley Cyrus is trying hard ... but failing miserably. Glamorizing homelessness in the way that she did during last night's 2014 MTV VMAs was not only presumptuous, but so totally removed from what homelessness can actually be that it was more than uncomfortable to watch than almost any other segment aired during the VMAs. 

Jesse, the 22-year-old Oregonian who accepted the award for Video of the Year on Miley's behalf spoke about being a young person, homeless in Los Angeles -- an area that has the largest contingent of homeless folks in the nation. 

However, Miley's trophy, good-deed objectification of Jesse (see the above Instagram photos) is at best a well-intentioned and indulgent failure at raising awareness about a real global issue, and at worse, an attention-grab set to the soundtrack of outdoing last year's Robin Thicke twerk-fest

You don't just grab a homeless person off the street, give them the Cinderella treatment, and send them on their way. That made a drop in the bucket's-worth of difference to Jesse -- and you don't seemingly scout the best looking homeless person you can find in order to promote your cause, because homelessness knows no vanity. 

It was a good try, Miley, but maybe spend a little more time getting some real-life experience before trying to solve the world's poverty issues.

Check out the video below to see Miley's tearful, face-pulling "response" to her friend Jesse's speech -- it was pretty uncomfortable ... and disingenuous. 

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