Welcome to Hell

8/26/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Off the cuff, you might think that a "Full House" reboot/reprisal/reunion would be the best thing all decade long, but if you actually sat and consider it for a minute, you'll agree: no oh God, no it's not. 

It's been confirmed: John Stamos has announced that "Full House" will undergo a revival, and most of the cast seems to be on board in some way, shape, or form (except for the Olsen twins, because of course not). Even the original producers and writers are said to be returning, and everything is being developed from the ground up on the basis of the original show.

As for why it's not a good idea, come on ... "Full House" was childhood 80's/90's nostalgia magic. "Full House" was the original T.G.I.F. There's no recreating that, and to try in vain will only result in disappointment and letdowns. I mean, we all love ourselves some Uncle Jesse pretty hard, but have you even seen the things he-who's-spearheading-this-whole-thing has been doing lately? Because they involve taking selfies ... naked ones, guys. Naked Uncle Jesse ones.

Do we really want ultra modern naked social media selfies to mar the love we have for a show that practically raised us? No, guys -- the answer is a collective, resounding "no." Please -- let sleeping dogs lie, am I right? 
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