DANG, Kristin Cavallari

8/26/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Dang, Kristin Cavallari -- if we could all look this fab just a couple of months after birthing a baby, wouldn't life take on an entirely different meaning? No, it wouldn't, actually, but that doesn't take away any from Kristin's presence. 

See, it's OK to celebrate womens' post-baby bodies no matter what they look like ... and if you're pretty close to what Kristin appears to be and you're happy about it, so be it. If you're not so close to resembling Cavallari and still comfortable with who you are, that's totally OK, too, because it's not about winning some contest: it's about being healthy and being proud of the fact that you carried a baby in your uterus in the neighborhood of 40 weeks and gave life to a tiny little human being. 

Some of us look as good as Kristin, and some of us don't -- but the bottom line is that we all ended up with the best parting gifts of all, didn't we?
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