Kylie Jenner Gets Extensions, Because Who Needs Reality?

8/26/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by
Today is "Questionable and Disappointing Jenner Decisions," it looks like Kylie Jenner got a brand new look! No, it's not the dark makeup and the "edgy" "goth-ish" thing, she's been doing that for a while now. No, guys, it's her hair! Kylie got extensions! Because why teach a kid about things like inner beauty and the horrors of vanity and, I don't know, math and stuff when you could just get a bunch of new hair sewn onto her head?!

Really, we shouldn't continue to be so disappointed by this, but it's hard to see a kid -- yes, she's 17 now, but she's still legally a child -- do things like this. Like right now, Kylie should be getting ready for her senior year of high school, not getting hair extensions and oddly inflated-looking lips. Her life shouldn't look like that right now, she shouldn't be into all this. But it does and she is, and isn't it a sad, weird world we live in?

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