Shame on Cyrus: Miley's Homeless Male Model -- I Had a Home to Run to All This Time

8/26/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Miley Cyrus' new male model friend -- Jesse Helt, originally from Oregon -- doesn't sound to be technically homeless, which makes Miley's VMA charity push more self-serving and political than actually doing any true, selfless good. 

During a recent interview, Helt's mother claimed that her son moved out of the family home and to Los Angeles to become a big star. His forte was modeling, and after getting only a few paid gigs, he ended up "sleeping in a bush." Helt's mom continued by saying that she was so proud of him, and, in fact, Jesse was on his way home to visit his mom after the VMA gig. 

The thing is -- this is an insult to the "real" homeless folks of the world ... folks who are homeless because they're fleeing abuse or addiction or poverty or violence at home. Helt left Oregon with stars in his eyes and aspirations of being on the pages of the magazines you read -- allegedly not because he didn't have a better, more stable option. 

The thing is -- though Helt said he was "homeless," "starving," and "scared," Jesse had the fallback of going home -- a home to which he was more than welcome, according to his mom -- anytime he needed to go. 

Nobody's discounting Jesse's harrowing tale -- this isn't even about Jesse. This is about Miley being manipulative and doing what she can do to look better at this year's VMAs ... especially considering the fact that she said just yesterday that she didn't "think what [she] was trying to say is what happened the year before," referring to twerking on Robin Thicke

Fact is ... if this bid on helping eradicate the homelessness of youth is a genuine call on Miley's heart, she gets an 'A' for effort ... but a 'D' for execution. 

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