Look, More Objectification!

8/26/2014 10:40 AM PDT, by
When it comes to last night's Emmy Awards, everyone's talking about Sofia Vergara's "sexist" stunt of standing on a literal pedestal, and in all that hullabaloo, you might have missed one other very, very important fact about the Emmys: Sofia also had a massive, massive nip slip.

There she was, dancing with Derek Hough at an after party, when it happened. That's when she learned the lesson that you don't wear a strapless gown and then allow yourself to be tossed around every which way by a professional dancer. That is, unless you want your whole entire boob to fall out. Because admit it, guys: Sofia is smart. She's smart, talented, and super, super hot, and when you put all those things together, it makes sense for little "slips" like these to happen. After all, we all seem to be talking an awful lot about Sofia today, right?

Well played, girl, whether this was choreographed boob spillage or just a case of a boob being in the right place at the right time. We congratulate you on your hotness, your intelligence, and your success. Something tells us you earned every bit of it.
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