LeAnn Rimes Just Threw Herself Over the Line Into 'Terrible'

8/27/2014 8:15 AM PDT, by

LeAnn Rimes, as we all know so very, very well, has done a ridiculous thing or two in her time. But one thing she's never stooped to, as far as we know, are rape jokes. Inappropriate at best, terribly offensive and traumatizing at worst, never, ever acceptable rape jokes. That is, until now!

LeAnn and her sketchy, icky mess of a husband, Eddie Cibrian, sat down with Joan Rivers to talk about the beginnings of LeAnn's career, that one time that Eddie was in a Canadian boy band called 3 Deep, and about the story of how LeAnn lost her virginity. It was bound to be uncomfortable, but LeAnn took the unease in the room up about a million notches when she said that it happened when she was in Monte Carlo with her boyfriend when she was 16, and he was "fine," but "I think I raped him." That's what she said. "I think I raped him." 

You finally get to a point where you think "This is it, I can't possibly be any more grossed out or disappointed by LeAnn Rimes," and then something like this happens. You finally start to accept that yes, she can be amazingly terrible, but that's just who she is, and then she goes and makes a rape joke. It's just sad now -- it's so sad that we can barely even find the humor in the fact that, just a little bit later in this interview, LeAnn can't seem to choose between endless love and endless money. You know, barely.

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