This Should Serve as a Wake-Up Call for Miley Cyrus

8/27/2014 5:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
As Miley Cyrus goes into spin cycle for the damage control surrounding the "homeless" kid she plucked "off the street" and seemingly used as a charity prop at this year's VMAs, we begin to wonder: will the 21-year-old ever learn celebrity accountability? 

Miley's response to Jesse Helt's criminal history does nothing but detract from the fact that she seemingly grabbed this kid out of nowhere and used him -- used him! -- to aim the focus on her good deed-doin' ways ... but it backfired because as it appears, zero research went into Miley's knee-jerk impulse. From Miley's Twitter: 
The fact is, Miley's VMA plan seemed to be like the impetuous, ill-considered new pet who nobody's thought far enough ahead to determine who'll be responsible to clean up after it -- despite being loved and wanted, the new pet goes unkempt and unclean. Miley's push for the awareness of the massive social issue that is homelessness is surely a noble push, but it maybe needed a little bit more fine-tuning before just being unleashed. It might have made all the difference in authenticity. 

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