Ariana Grande's Big Brother Is a Hateful, Ignorant Mess

8/28/2014 12:30 PM PDT, by
Ariana Grande
's brother, Frankie Grande, has his own fan following and can currently be seen on "Big Brother" ... but instead of being a beautiful ray of light like his sister, he's using his platform to spread ignorance, hate, and shameless unkindness.

We already knew that Frankie had suggested that one of his housemates, a pastor who performed a memorial service for Frankie's own grandfather, "can kill herself," but the awfulness doesn't stop there. During a discussion on sexuality, Frankie asserted that while he believes that gay men have a genetic predisposition to be attracted to men, gay women choose to be gay. He says that for the most part, men are born gay, but "any lesbians choose to become lesbians later in life." Here's the full clip:

How ignorant do you have to be to say these things? Frankie's good at sounding intelligent and like he knows what he's talking about -- you can even hear his housemates ask him questions, seeming to believe that he's an authority on the subject -- but for him to suggest that homosexuality, even just for one gender, is a choice is unbelievably stupid and harmful and wrong. And since Frankie himself has gotten some hate for being gay, you'd think that he'd know better than to spread this kind of idiocy himself.

How about this: how about we stop spreading misinformed nonsense like this, and start supporting each other? 
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