Bob Saget Gives Us Some Hope for "Full House"

8/28/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Oh, "Full House," that beautiful televised gem that we all know and love so dearly ... you've heard that it's probably coming back, right? And, if you're like us, you probably had some concerns about it. For instance, how could they make it even a fraction as magical as it was? How could they do the original justice in any way? But don't you worry for one more minute, friends. Because Bob Saget is here to ease our minds.

First off, he discusses the cast -- basically saying that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen probably won't be involved, which isn't a surprise:

"Not everybody would want to do it. Maybe two-thirds of the cast would want to. John [Stamos] is such a good guy, and I think he would want it to happen in some way if it could. There's some stuff going on, I don't get involved in it, where people were trying to put some energy into it … [But] I don't think it will happen in a way that it would be everybody."

And here's the really great news:

"It's such a sweet thing, nobody should mess it up. I wouldn't want to see it Brady-ed, where they make fun of it."

This sounds like it could end up being something amazing, right? Let's try to open up our hearts to this. And if we get hurt, well, at least we know we tried. 

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