Quotables: The Next Anna Nicole Smith Won't End Up Like the Last Anna Nicole Smith

8/28/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"Hollywood, where I'm living, could very well be the capital of substance abuse, for example. I can honestly say that I've never ever EVER been under the influence of drugs, nor have I ever even tried a drug. Thus, I can most positively say that I won't die like Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith. That's not to say I've never been tempted to try drugs, though. ...  I will NEVER be a drug addict, but I'll always be a Doug addict!" 

--Courtney Stodden on drugs, and avoiding giving into the temptation of trying them.

Yeah, Courtney, please -- stay away from the drugs, because lots of us have seen first-hand what havoc they can wreak, and tell everyone you hang out with to stay away from drugs, too. If they tell everyone they know to stay away from drugs, then maybe we might have a different perception of drugs altogether, huh?

Also, Doug. Let's leave the Doug/drugs puns out of here, OK? They're almost as bad as the drugs themselves.

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