Stars Without Makeup: Courtney Stodden is a Genuine Beauty, Y'All

8/29/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
Courtney Stodden
may not be your exact cup of tea -- maybe you don't take boobs in your tea, something like that -- but you've got to admit that she's gorgeous. And this photo right here of Courtney in a bikini, looking just as fresh as a daisy, is the proof. Guys, it's some ridiculously adorable proof, too.

Now, obviously she isn't completely makeup free, as you can still see some lip gloss and mascara, but for someone that pretty much always wears fake eyelashes, heavy eye makeup, a solid coat or twelve of foundation, and intense lipstick, this is probably as "makeup free" as it gets. And really, this is more than enough. You can see the lovely, super hot woman clearly now, and it's really just such a delight.

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