Quotables: ... Wait, WHAT?

8/29/2014 2:30 PM PDT, by

"When I was growing up and when I was a pre-teen, the people that I had to look up to [for] body image [were] extremely underweight… [They] were all very bony at that time and that was the in thing. I really credit women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian… [they] completely revolutionized what our generation's view of perception of what beautiful is and I really think that they had a huge impact on that. You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin and I like to carry that message on. Look at J.Lo, look at Scarlett Johansson, Sophia Vergara, Beyonce – who I don't really consider human, she is more like a goddess – they have amazing figures it's more realistic and achievable."

--Demi Lovato explains why we as a society should appreciate Kim Kardashian, and isn't that just something else?

Really though, Demi is right, as usual. Yeah, it's kind of weird to think that Kim Kardashian revolutionized anything at all, but she did, didn't she? Before everyone knew every single thing there was to know about her and her family, the most widely accepted "attractive" body type -- I know, it's kind of gross to think that any body type is more attractive than another, but this is the world we live in -- was much thinner. These days, you still have the idiots that call Kim "fat," but things aren't what they used to be, friends. So Demi's right.. Go ahead and thank a Kardashian.


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