Love It or Leave It: The Jenner Sisters Bring The Fierceness

8/29/2014 12:15 PM PDT, by
Oh, guys, is there anything better in this world than the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, looking cute and like themselves and not all that Kardashian-y? I mean, yes, of course there are better things in this world, probably at least like a hundred of them, but this is nice too!

These photos are from a party thrown for Kendall and Kylie by Dujour magazine, who did a photo shoot with the sisters recently. But don't they look so good?! Kendall is a model, so it's kind of expected, but it's just pleasant because she has her own style that she sticks with, and she's such a gorgeous person. And Kylie is even more exciting, because, if you remember, just a few days ago she was looking just like a mini Kim Kardashian. Here, though, she's gotten rid of the extensions, that intense spray tan or whatever other nightmare was going on has faded, and she's back in her typical "edgy teenager" wear. It feels good, guys. It feels good.

Verdict: love it! Kendall and Kylie have both found their own looks that work for them, and they work so very well here. It's a bonus that those looks don't include approximately ten pounds of bronzer.

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