Did LeAnn Rimes Get a Whole Bunch of Weight Loss for Her 32nd Birthday?

8/29/2014 7:45 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
LeAnn Rimes is 32 years old as of just yesterday, but it looks like she's lost a bit of weight again just in time for the annual celebration. 

The above photo was shared on LeAnn's Twitter, captioned with "Starting 32 out healthy before it goes downhill lol." 

You might not be our cup of tea, girl, and we might think you're generally self-serving and annoying (amongst other things that we can't really discuss at length in polite society), but we obviously don't hate you and do want you to be healthy. Hopefully everything's going well with you ... or at least as well things can go when it comes to you at any rate. 

Take it easy with the "healthy," though -- you don't need to go overboard trying to keep your worthless husband where he is, because for as bad as you can be sometimes, you can do much, much better than Eddie Cibrian.
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