This is a Nice, Nice Katy Perry ... What Happened?

9/2/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Aww, guys, look, it's 17-year-old Katy Perry on tour with her Christian rock band back in 2001! The footage is sweet, endearing, and makes you wonder what actually happened (no, scratch that -- we know what happened: it was John Mayer and the influence of that slimy, grimy Madonna; that's what). 

In the above never-before-seen footage of Katy that was filmed for a press kit, and in the video, you can see her play coy, see her be bashful, see her be nervous, and above all, see her be religious and crying about missing her parents. Amazing stuff. 

... Wonder what the Duggars would say after seeing this, huh? 

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