Joe Jonas is Pretty Embarrassing

9/3/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by

Joe Jonas just pulled a Scott Disick -- and it ain't good.

You know that really awkward, pathetic thing that people do where they do obnoxious, ridiculous things that don't even make sense in an attempt to show everyone that they have money? We're not talking about fancy clothes or expensive cars, no, we're talking about completely nonsensical displays of "look at my money." Because that is what Jonas just did. And it is sad.

This video is one that Joe made of his poor, adorable little niece -- Kevin Jonas' daughter Alena -- holding a wad of hundred dollar bills. And just because that image itself wasn't enough, he also decided to set it to Jay Z's "100$ Bill" and put the whole thing in slow motion. And now we don't know who to feel sorrier for, this little baby, who obviously doesn't understand the sad stunt, or Joe Jonas, who thought this sad stunt would be a good idea in the first place. Or possibly even Jay Z.

Next time, Joe, when you feel such a desire to prove yourself, maybe just by yourself a nice piece of jewelry, or take a selfie with your bank statement. Don't bring innocent babies into your weird ego.
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