Kaley Cuoco is the Best, Vol. XVIII

9/3/2014 3:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Leave it to Kaley Cuoco to make light of a Super Serious Situation involving celebrities who are naive enough to think that their personal digital information is safe because I don't even know. Because they're celebrities? Maybe that, but the world may never know the actual reason. 

Kaley shared the above pic on her IG page (no leaks here, y'all!) featuring heavily pixelated photos of both she and her husband, Ryan Sweeting, and captioned it, "Feels like we forgot something." 

No, Kales, you didn't forget anything, actually -- but especially not not to take nude pictures that might end up all over the internet ... or if you have, you've got one hell of a sentry as an interceptor, because do you know the demand for Kaley Cuoco nudes? Good gracious.  

*Nice job on the Photoshopping, though, girl ... even though you did leave some of your bikini straps in the snap.
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