Rebel Wilson is the Best Celebrity of All Time

9/3/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
We've always known that Rebel Wilson is incredibly, sincerely wonderful -- there was never, ever a single doubt about it -- but, shame on us, we had no clue just how wonderful she was. Because do you know what that photo right there shows? That shows Rebel hanging out with Winnie, a child in Tanzania that she's sponsored since 2008 (pre-fame, mind you), and her family. That photo over the mantel back there? That's an old headshot that Rebel sent her. Amazing, right?

And here they are again, with Rebel wearing a headpiece that Winnie made for her:

And again, with the entire family:

Isn't it so very, very nice to take a break from all the celebrity selfies to see a famous person actually doing something good? Doesn't it touch your heart in the most special of ways?

Rebel forever, guys.

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