Poor T.I. is Mighty Confused About Racism and Iggy Azalea

9/3/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Around these parts, we know Iggy Azalea for one thing, and that thing is her lovely, gigantic ass. But in other parts of the world, Iggy Azalea is known for her music, and that music can apparently be kind of racist. Basically because of lyrics like these:

Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks
When it really starts I’m a runaway slave-master

Now, we all know that it's not cool to call yourself a slave master. We don't need to have a big conversation to come to the conclusion that calling yourself a slave master is not an OK thing to do. But maybe be we do, because T.I., Iggy's mentor, the guy who discovered her, is saying that Iggy Azalea is definitely, not at all, in any way racist:

“That’s not even her. That’s not even in her. Me knowing her, knowing where she comes from–for real, the whole racist thing, that’s American–we forget, she’s not American. So the whole black, white, color divided thing, it isn’t a part of her DNA like it is here in America. It’s just ignorant to me. In this day and age, to be a race of people who are demanding equality and speaking out on injustices and wanting to be treating fairly, to stand up and do the exact same thing in opposite to someone unwarranted for no reason, it’s hypocritical. I’ma ride with her. So, ya’ll go ahead. Anybody got a problem with it just know, it gon’ be one ’cause I’m coming.”

All right, it's one thing to say that hey, I know this person, I know how she really is, she's not racist at all. That doesn't mean that it's true, but it makes sense that it's a thing that people would say. But to claim that it's impossible for Iggy to be racist because she's not an American ... what? In what universe does that make sense? Racism happens everywhere in the world, obviously ... T.I., honey, please. You can defend your friend, but please at least make sense while doing it.
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