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This here is Paris Hilton hitting up her local Dave and Buster's, and before you get too excited that Paris loves Skee-Ball as much as you do and become oblivious to every other fact besides the one that she's posing somewhat provocatively atop a Skee-Ball game, check out her hair -- isn't it glorious? Yeah, it's a wig, and yeah, she did it to go "undercover" or whatever, but it surely is something. 

Verdict: Our verdict? It's that Paris Hilton should always be a brunette ... she's got a pretty striking face as it is, and the dark hair does nothing but accentuate the positive (which is all of it). 

Love It or Leave It: Paris's Undercover Look

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10/18/2014 7:30 AM PDT, by Emily Trainham
LeAnn Rimes
... oh, LeAnn, LeAnn, LeAnn. Every single time she gives an interview, she always comes across as so out of touch, and kind of delusional, to be honest. It's like even after all this time, she still doesn't understand that she's created the image that most people have of her now. That through her affair and her subsequent behavior on social media, she made things the way they are now. Weird, huh?

On all the tabloid rumors:

“It’s been just one giant soap opera. It’s great that I sell magazines for these people. It’s insane. I don’t know how they get away with it. It’s sad to say I’ve got used to people being arseholes. I’ve built up a thick skin. But my music has been overshadowed. I don’t want it to be like that, and I can change it, but I have to create music to do it.”

On her music:

“I never listen to myself though. I can’t. I’m my own worst critic. ‘Spitfire’ was the first time I actually felt comfortable hearing myself, after all these years."

On her life story or whatever:

“I think that’s the story, a little southern girl who grew up. You make mistakes, you live your life, and somewhere along the way, the myth was shattered, and you didn’t even realize there was one to shatter. I try to stand up for myself when I can, when a different spin gets put on everything. But only the people who know me know the truth. That’s all that matters to me."

On that damn reality show:

“My husband and I wanted to have fun and work together, and show a side to us that, behind the headlines, has never been told. We’re both smart arses, there’s a lot of humor between us, so we wanted to show that and have some fun. It would give us a chance to take our lives back. And I think it did change perceptions. It turns out I’m NOT a pill-popping queen, sorry to let everyone down.”

It's actually pretty simple, LeAnn: don't do awful things, and people won't think you're awful. Why can't you just understand that?

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10/17/2014 3:30 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
Evan Rachel Wood
... there aren't even words to accurately describe how phenomenal she is. She's a great actress, for sure, but she's also really smart and cool and just awesome, OK? Evan Rachel Wood is just awesome. Accept that.

Today, she proved her awesomeness by tweeting out some responses to a photo from an old Vanity Fair shoot, one with several other popular actresses of the time, like Mandy Moore, Amanda Bynes, Hilary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan. A fan tweeted the photo, along with the very important message "NEVER FORGET," and it sounds like Evan really didn't forget: See what I mean about the awesomeness? Evan is never afraid to tell it like it is -- at least now she isn't. And that's such an important, admirable quality, and one that we need to appreciate so very much. So just do that, OK? Just appreciate it.
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10/17/2014 2:30 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
“It’s sad now, but it was watching Matt [Damon] and Ben [Affleck] shoot that park bench scene [with Robin Williams], and it was really beautiful. He did this amazing impromptu stand-up routine to all the people eating their sandwiches on the common and people coming out of buildings because they heard he was doing this. At the end of lunch there were about 300 people. He was a good man.”

--Minnie Driver recounts her favorite memory from filming "Good Will Hunting," and of course it had to be about how funny and kind and sweet Robin Williams was.

Man, it just seems like since Robin was such a wonderful, beloved person, these stories and this awful sadness are just going to keep on coming. But in a way, it's kind of nice, isn't it, to hear all these lovely little stories? It's good to remember how wonderful Robin was, and Minnie's story is just another one to add to the great big long list.

10/17/2014 1:30 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
Feast your eyes on this, for it is truly a delightful sight to behold: Kerry Washington did a cover for Allure magazine, and -- this is important, guys -- she didn't even wear any makeup. In this age of airbrushing and Photoshopping and piling pound after pound of foundation on women's faces, Kerry Washington did a magazine cover while wearing no makeup. Does that lift your heart right up? Because it really should.

Let's have more of this and less of everything else, all right? More fresh faces, less fake eyelashes. More natural beauty, less photo editing. It's worth it, it really, truly is.

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10/17/2014 12:30 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
Channing Tatum
is such an incredibly special human being: after all, you kind of have to be special to be that good looking, that talented, and that charming, right? He's just got something so lovable about him, doesn't he? So of course, when he talks about how hard it was for him growing up with school, and how he is with his little baby daughter, it just has a way of touching your heart.

On being dyslexic and having ADHD in school:

“I have never considered myself a very smart person, for a lot of reasons. Not having early success on that one path messes with you. You get lumped in classes with kids with autism and Down Syndrome, and you look around and say, Okay, so this is where I’m at. Or you get put in the typical classes and you say, All right, I’m obviously not like these kids either. So you’re kind of nowhere. You’re just different. The system is broken. If we can streamline a multibillion-dollar company, we should be able to help kids who struggle the way I did.”

On his method of learning:

"I think that’s one thing I’m pretty skilled at. I can look at a person and say, They’ve got something that I want up there in their head. I’m going to do my best to get in there and absorb it. My mom said, ‘Be a sponge.’ And so I’ve learned more from people than I have from school or from books.”

On being a father:

“You notice your behavior, like, Wow, I don’t have much patience right now. Why is that? You spend the day watching this thing constantly taking in information, and you have to be sure you’re making that happen. At the end of the day when I put her to bed, I feel glad to have some peace but say to myself, That was so much fun.”

Could he be any greater? Serious question. Because we really, really don't think he could.
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10/17/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by Emily Trainham

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, and we'll probably say it hundreds of times over because it is one of the purest truths we've ever known: Taylor Swift is amazing. She's so talented and sweet, and she cares about her fans so much, which you can easily see by checking out this video. Who else would take the time and effort to throw parties for her fans so that they could listen to her new album before its release? Who else would bake cookies for those fans and let them meet her cat? Who else would be so kind and gracious always? No one else, friends. No one else but Taylor.

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10/17/2014 10:30 AM PDT, by Emily Trainham
Jordin Sparks
, that newly single, forever gorgeous Jordin Sparks, hopped on Instagram to share a few photos of herself without a stitch of makeup on, and isn't she just painfully adorable? She's so beautiful, inside and out, and she looks so sincerely happy too, especially considering that she just went through a breakup with her gross jerk of boyfriend, Jason Derulo. It's kind of inspiring, right? Of course it is.

You just keep being amazing, all right, Jordin? Keep being just so wonderful and precious and happy, and please don't even waste a second thinking about that ridiculous breakup. Because yes, you were in that relationship for three years, but think about it: you're going to go on, bringing light and love to the world, and Jason Derulo is still just going to be singing his own name. There's no way in this world you don't have this, girl.

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