7/25/2014 3:30 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
Peaches Geldof
passed away a few months ago, and this week we learned that the official cause of death was a heroin overdose. Peaches was found in her home with heroin and syringes and the like, oh, and also her 11 month old son. She was alone with the baby for the weekend, and that's when she not only did heroin, but enough heroin to kill her. When she was responsible for her child. This is what we call a rough, rough situation.

It's especially rough, obviously, for Peaches' family. For instance, her older sister, Fifi Geldof, has been saying things like this on Instagram:

Don't keep calm and f--k this. F--k that. F--k you. F--k off. Sums it up nicely about how I’m feeling about the viciousness today. Maybe now she’ll be allowed to RIP.

And this, in response to someone who called Peaches "selfish":

You’ve no idea what you’re talking about quite frankly. Yet another who has bought into the bulls---. I'd appreciate you getting the f--k off my page with stuff like that on today of all days.

But here's the thing: what Peaches did was selfish. She was an addict, of course, and addiction is a disease, but being selfish means thinking of yourself above others, and that's what happened. It doesn't make this any less tragic: in fact, it makes it even sadder that, despite being with her baby -- and despite the fact that Peaches' own mother died of a heroin overdose -- she couldn't overcome this. And it isn't vicious to say all this, it's just the truth.

It's understandable that Fifi feels the need to defend the memory of her sister, but right now, that little baby all alone in a house with his dead mother for nearly 24 hours is a pretty huge part of that memory. It's natural for people to be upset by that, just like it's natural for Fifi to lash out like this. It's just a great big mess in all kinds of ways.

Let's just try to have a little compassion today, all right? Just for fun? Compassion for Peaches, for Peaches' family, and for just everyone.
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7/25/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by Emily Trainham
"The truth is... Well, I don't really love talking about this stuff. But the thing we told everyone at the beginning of the year is true. We are very close, we are not together. But, we're... you know... that's the truth... and uh that's it. You know, there's a lot of love. So there's nothing... No scandal I'm afraid. I wish I could give you scandal."

--Chris Martin mumbles about the state of his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, confirms that they are still uncoupled.

So this is kind of disappointing, right? For a while it really seemed like these two were reconciling, getting all coupled again, but I guess we're going to be stuck with sad, sad Chris Martin for a while. Which is fair, of course, because uncouplings are difficult, regardless of the level of consciousness involved. But all this wishy washiness, it's just getting weird. Weird and uncomfortable, and come on, Chris, just let it all out already.

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Jenny McCarthy
, guys ... she's just terrible. You probably don't need a recap, but just in case you do, she's the one who thinks that vaccines cause autism and spews all kinds of nonsense all over the place. And this time, she's spewing more nonsense about her poor 12-year-old son. Gross, infuriating nonsense:

"We're driving in the car and of course I text and drive. He called the police on me and said, 'My mom is texting and driving right now.' True story."

Of course she texts and drives, guys. Of course she's that careless, and of course she's too dumb to realize that it actually is against the law. And of course she reacted in a totally calm, understandable manner: she threw her kid's phone out the window so that police wouldn't be able to trace it. Mother of the Year, y'all!

For real though, is it really this hard to just not be awful? All she has to do is not break laws, not be reckless, and not brag about being reckless in public. If she has such a hard time doing that, well, then I don't even know how life is going to work out for her. 
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Farrah Abraham
is just so very special, such a spectacular treasure, that you never even know what kind of magic she has in store for us. For example, did you know that she's making her acting debut in a horror movie called "Axeman 2: Overkill" next year? She's playing a character named Fannie Rae Baker, who Farrah describes as a "seemingly well-intended conservative evangelical do gooder." I know what you're thinking -- Christmas came early this year! -- and you are totally correct. Now let's hear Farrah talk about it.

On how she worked on her character:

When getting in character for Fannie, I will draw upon the overbearing beat the bible over your head mentality that others mention or think of when thinking 'Über Bible Thumper.' Getting a little radical about the bible and taking the words farther than the way God intended. I’ve been around all sorts of Christianity growing up and this leads me to feeling content with researching and playing the role of Fannie perfectly.

Why she chose to do the movie:

I was more compelled to do this role because of the story line including Christianity and horror, not to mention I like that my character is a wife as well. This was a character I could see myself having personal growth with.

What it's like to work on a movie set:

Practicing lines with the cast is the most important part to me and let’s not forget reciting lines for a couple hours in front of the mirror which I don’t mind ;) The designers, wardrobe, hair and makeup finish the rest of the look with clothing and makeup. Usually I’m the one in charge of over-seeing the finished look, I’m glad I only have to focus on the tone and Fannies’s character being portrayed through myself.

This delightful tale:

I got into acting when I took part in a play in grade school when I played the female main character role and my male main character supporting my part forgot his lines so I had to apply improv to help my fellow young actor smoothly complete the scene in the middle of the play. From there show choir helped me continue performing in front of audiences and many other acting, dancing, and singing activities I took part in. I continue to develop my acting abilities so that now I am ready to play characters that challenge my emotions. I will always be open-minded to having an acting coach help me for a specific role to really have a focus to WOW others who will be watching the characters I play in their anticipated future feature films.

What a Renaissance woman, huh? What a jack(ass) of all trades.

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This picture, if you can even believe your very own eyes, is a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow out in the country with a bunch of horses, being super annoying but looking super beautiful. Story of her life, right? But this time, Gwyneth isn't wearing any makeup. That gorgeousness you see? That's all her. And that is insane.

Those freckles. That perfect skin. That incredibly stupid thought that you just know is lurking right behind those lovely mascara free eyes. It's almost too much to bear, friends. It's like staring at the beautiful, pretentious sun.

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Preserve from Bryan Rowland on Vimeo.

Here's Blake Lively's "Preserve" website introduction video, and the video is every bit as intriguing and enchanting as was the website's initial unveiling itself, which we discussed the other day. 

Over the compelling images, Alan Watts' "The Nature of Consciousness" is read, and if you're unfamiliar with the touching work, here it is -- it's 2 hours long and worth every single word spoken: 

Move over Martha Stewart, and Gwyneth Paltrow? Ugh, just get the hell out of the way, girl -- Blake Lively is here to restore our sense of personal and historical nostalgia, all while putting it in its place in the modern world, and we don't need any more high-brow -- or over-baked -- distractions, OK?

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Hey, there's Charisma Carpenter, the woman responsible for playing Cordelia Chase (among many, many other memorable TV roles) in the television adaption you all knew and loved, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"! Isn't this all so wonderful? Isn't it great when we can gather around a common cause and celebrate things worth celebrating -- like this here nude pic of the lovely Charisma? 

Just turned 44 years old and this woman is still -- still -- flawless. Maybe there's some real vampire stuff going on behind the scenes, who even knows anymore.

Looking good, girl!  

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On this week's episode of VH1's "LeAnn & Eddie," poor ol' Eddie Cibrian is faced with an extraordinarily difficult conundrum: to take a job that's going to put him hours and hours away from his family -- only seeing them every few weeks, if that! -- or, you know, not. And you just won't believe what he did, guys. You won't even believe it (OK, you probably will believe it, because LeAnn Rimes is one of the great manipulators of our time, and spoiler! Of course he didn't take the job, and yes, tears were involved). 

When revealing his life-changing decision to not be on the show "Dallas," Eddie said this: 

"I have made my decision. I am going to pass. ... I am totally OK with it. Even if they could have worked it out, it would have still been very difficult. There is no way that I could do it. ... To me, [staying home] is completely worth it. I am at peace with it. You know family is more important to me. Another job will come around that is better and that is here." 

Sweet, right? Well, maybe -- but not necessarily when you consider that there just might be a ulterior motive, of which Eddie is rumored to be the king. 

Later in the episode, after all the happy sobs subsided, LeAnn faced her next harrowing obstacle: Brandi Glanville, of course! Because what kind of "LeAnn & Eddie" episode would it be without the elephant in the room? LeAnn said, "'Even though Brandi and Eddie are not married any more, they do share two kids and we will always be part of each others lives ... We are trying to work out how to figure out how to navigate this kind of blended family that is highly publicized." 

There you have it, folks -- that's this week's edition of "LeAnn & Eddie" in a nutshell: self-serving sacrifice, martyrdom, and passive aggression. Can't wait 'til next week, how about you?!