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Why yes, obnoxious is as Raven does. 

Raven-Symone seems more than just a little bitter than her former "Cosby Show" and "Cheetah Girls" star has been eclipsed by -- unfortunately -- more relevant members of Young Hollywood such as Kendall Jenner ... but you'd think that after being in the business for so long, she'd be a little more gracious, you know? 

In a segment on "The View," Raven addressed what it was like at the purple carpet event for "Zoolander 2." In case you were wondering why "Zoolander 2" was even made, don't waste your time -- the real question here is why was "Zoolander" made.

About her Kendall Jenner encounter, Raven said ...
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Did "Today" show correspondent Savannah Guthrie suffer some kind of on-air attack? Because even the ever-composed Penelope Cruz couldn't figure out what the hell she was doing insulting her own guest.

During an interview, Guthrie asked Cruz about the "rumor" -- a rumor that we've never actually heard before -- that Penelope has "ugly feet." Needless to say, Cruz was taken aback -- and took some pretty obvious offense at the question, and responded, "No, no, no. I'm OK, I'm OK with my feet. I haven't said that. I think they are normal." 


Would it be nice for someone to go ahead and say that Savannah Guthrie looks like a foot? No? Then maybe she should keep her phalanges fixation to herself ... especially if it's so damn negative.  
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Warning: the following pics are pretty NSFW ... proceed with caution if you're at W or anywhere else it might be uncomfortable for you or others in your vicinity to see these pictures whilst drinking coffee or scarfing donuts or feeding your cats or something. They're way too hot. Go and lock yourself in a bathroom stall or something. Or a broom closet. It's this intense in here today, y'all. 

Mercedes Javid of "Shahs of Sunset" isn't shying away from trying to break the internet the good, old-fashioned way -- gittin' nekkid -- and though, yeah, she's completely ripped of Kim Kardashian's own desert shoot, we like Javid's a whole lot more. Partially because it's a hell of a lot more real-looking, and partially because it's not Kim K.

Enjoy -- there's much, much to enjoy in this batch of photos this morning. 

You're so very welcome. 
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Is it here? And by "Here," we mean "the beginning of the end"? Because nearly everybody knows when you work together too much in Hollywood, it often ends in disaster. 

And so we have Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton ... and "The Voice," revisited. 

Gwen has confirmed to Access Hollywood that she's signed on to the newest season of the "American Idol" ripoff as Blake's ... coach or something. 

From AH: 

"Gwen Stefani is returning to the 'The Voice' this season as an advisor to boyfriend Blake Shelton. This is Gwen’s first time as an advisor -- she is currently a rotating coach with Christina Aguilera. Stefani will be lending her talent to advise Shelton’s team for season 10 of 'The Voice'  premiering February 29 at 8pm on NBC." 

So it's coming, and it's coming fast, y'all.  

An "advisor," though? As if, what, Blake is some kind of feeble ... 
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He sure didn't skirt this topic. (Okay, sorry)

Will Smith sat down for a super friendly interview, and around the 3 minute mark, the topic turns to his son, model and social tweeting virtuoso Jaden Smith, and whether Will consciously encourages freedom of expression in his children.

He does begin his answer with a joking: "Yeah, I think it may have been a mistake. I think ... 
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We were expecting awkward white girl dancing. And we kind of got that ... but only because she's shy.

First of all, Jimmy Fallon repeats himself in his haste to reinforce the idea that he didn't have a big Superbowl party this year. Because Katie Holmes wasn't invited, but she'd been to one years ago.

So of course we have to conclude that Jimmy Fallon had ...
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What are her fans called? Gwenners? The Fani Pack? The Stefandom?

Gwen Stefani's been fairly quiet for a little while, and it looks like we know why. And no, it's not related to being too wrapped up with Blake Shelton.

Well ... not entirely, anyway: 

She's released her tracklist for "This is What the Truth Feels Like." It's allegedly going to have 12 tracks, but the Target-exclusive deluxe edition's going to have 16 ... so there are really 16. Like, we live in a world where the Japan-exclusive version of albums are every bit as accessible as the one that you'd get at a neighborhood store (apparently, they really do still sell music in physical form at stores). The only problem with multiple competing "exclusive" tracks is that figuring out how to order them on a grand, unified tracklist can be a bit of a headache.

In this case, though, we only know of four bonus tracks, and they're conveniently numbered along with the rest:
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We don't know exactly what mood that's supposed to portray ... but we sure can guess.

Actress Diane Kruger seems to have taken a break from being at the center of ancient Greek conflicts and absconding with historical American artifacts in movies to make some weird-ass posts on Instagram. And a lot of people are wondering if her relationship with Joshua Jackson is in serious trouble.

Like, you never see this kind of post and think "well there's somebody who's looking forward to Valentine's Day." 

Check this out: