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There's so much pressure in the world for people to just try to ignore mental illness and try to just "power on through." That sometimes works for little instances, like answering the phone or going to the grocery store, but in the long run, that approach can make things worse.

Australian model Josephine Georgiou is still best known for that time Madonna pulled down her boob on stage, but she's held people's attention since then. After a recent absence from Instagram, she posted a boobtastic photo of herself with an explanation that she had been dealing with anxiety. Serious anxiety impacts millions of people, and can range from making people's lives unpleasant to making everyday life impossible.

But Josephine did the right thing -- taking some time off. Especially now, so early in her career, she really can't afford to just shove problems aside and hope that they go away. The key to mental illness is to manage it.

And judging from this post, it looks like she's reaping the rewards:
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An innocuous ad with a cheesy pun. Hilton International's ad might produce a chuckle or an eyeroll, but it's just ... an ad. Designed to show customers how inviting their hotels are.

Unless, you know, it's somehow something sinister. Leave it to the American Family Association (why is it that every group with words like "family" in the name tends to be super angry and bigoted?) to respond to an ad featuring two men who aren't even shirtless as if it were pornographic.

But you have to remember that, to these folks, the very existence of the LGBT community is an affront to, like, their own home lives or something. You just gotta read the AFA's angry press release:
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It's not exactly news that Kylie Jenner and asses often come up in the same conversation.

But, usually, we're talking about her booty. In this case, the epic posterior belongs to a friend of hers (sure looks like Jordyn Woods, but you cannot see her face in this video), and nobody is more fascinated by it than Kylie herself.

Because she's jiggling it pretty aggressively. It's almost hypnotic. ...
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Does Bristol Palin know how to do anything that doesn't aggressively flirt with controversy? Or did her mother's disastrous launch into the public spotlight in 2008 leave such a profound impression on her that she's just addicted to this us-against-the-world mentality?

Oh, wow, that's probably it. Did ... did we just figure out Bristol Palin's whole deal? Or part of it, anyway. We're sure that she has more than her share of issues -- how could you not, with this family?

And it looks like Bristol's intent on continuing their frozen wilderness dynasty's traditions -- by doing something outrageous, and by passing on her family's finest heirloom nonsense on to her son, Trapper. Just look at these photos:
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They say that the best therapy is to abduct creatures smaller than yourself, terrify them while they asphyxiate, and whisper "I am your god now" to them before releasing them to tell their brethren about their capricious new lord and master. So it's great to hear that Lindsay Lohan's trying that out.

Okay, we're kidding, if only slightly -- but Lindsay does seem to be taking some space to herself, which is absolutely the right thing to do. She's spending time on a boat, where she can work on her adorable freckles and enjoy the fresh air.

And we think that everybody can agree that she looks adorable. Her little companion looks about as terrified as they get, though:
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Ever wondered if you have anything in common with Wiz Khalifa? It turns out that there's one thing about him that we can all find relatable.

When asked by Elle magazine if he would ever wear any of Kanye's clothing brand, his answer of: "No, never" really struck a chord with us.

For most of us, it's just because we don't like ugly clothes that seem to all be the color of deer hides, or maybe of couches that you see in the backgrounds of 1983 polaroid photos. Then there's the fact that most people don't like the idea of feeding into a brand of a guy with such a ludicrous ego that people honestly wonder about his grip on reality.

For Wiz, it's a little more personal, and not just because of their infamous Twitter feud:
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Ian Ziering is talking, and sadly it's about something much more serious than the "Sharknado" franchise. As we all know, his former "90210" costar Shannen Doherty is battling with cancer, and recently shaved her head.

Fortunately, he had nothing but good things to say about her and her battle that is, tragically, much more real than massive shark-related atmospheric phenomena:
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The biggest difference between Kim and Khloe -- well, other than height or net worth -- is that when Kim is concerned about other people's decisions, she feels sad for them. When Khloe thinks that somebody made the wrong choice, she seems to get angry and personally offended.

But Khloe isn't with them a few miles east of Havana, where Kim and Kourtney visit Ernest Hemingway's house ... which is now a museum. While Hemingway was an obnoxious man at best in life and a blight upon the very concept of literature, he is a figure of historical significance, so we guess it makes sense for people to tour his home. Honestly, not that many Americans have vacationed in Cuba, so some might look at the "KUWTK" vacation as a preview or guide to places to visit.

Kim says that she's saddened that Khloe isn't with them. She doesn't exactly spell out what Khloe's current worries are, but it's pretty clear what she's talking about: