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And you thought your relationship with your parents could be considered strained. 

In Ron Miscavige's new book, "Ruthless," he details interactions with his son, David, while he was a member of the church. The pair began to fall out, he claims, somewhere around 1985 when he had the absolute gall to yell, "Hey Dave!" in order to get his attention from across a compound. 

The elder Miscavige writes that David immediately turned and responded with a glare that he says screamed, "Who the hell do you think you are, yelling after me like that? Do you know who I am?"


The deterioration continued, as Ron claims that the relationship became toxic, with David belittling him, calling him a "c--ksucker" and a
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Fact: Woody Allen is a very disgusting person. Even if Dylan Farrow is lying with her claims that he molested her when she was just seven years old -- and we definitely don't think she is -- the way he went from dating Mia Farrow to marrying her young daughter is the stuff nightmares are made of. And all this isn't an unpopular opinion at all, we're just stating our point of view to preface this gross interview he did with the Hollywood Reporter.

Woody talked about his movies for a little bit, but then, if you can believe it, he addressed the scandal that happened when he married Mia's daughter, Soon-Yi Previn  ...
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Man, that Pink -- she's amazing and all, but she sure can pack a punch. Don't let the pink hair fool you (not that it ever did), but she is more than capable of causing some severe pain. And that's exactly what she did when she made an appearance on "Ellen."

Things start off nice enough with Ellen surprising Pink with an actual Emmy she won, but they quickly take a turn for the worst when Pink announces that she and her longtime love, Carey Hart, are "due" for a breakup. Now, remember how sweet this couple always is, and remember the adorable daughter they share. Now watch Pink explain the reasoning behind the split ...
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Farrah Abraham is such a creep, guys. She's a total and complete creep, and since she's got something to say about anything, she's going to do it in the trashiest way possible. 

The following video showcases Farrah's virginity bed, which we somehow highly doubt -- since she was nothing but a teen mom before she was a "Teen Mom" and that's an awfully fancy bed for a teen mom -- and instead of raising awareness about pregnancies in May she turns the focus, once again, on her, as she revisits memory lane: 
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You know what color sour grapes are? They're "The Color Purple." That's exactly what color they are, and Jennifer Hudson has a bad case of 'em. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Hudson's bitterness comes through like rancid wine when she finds out that she wasn't nominated for a Tony for a stage production of "The Color Purple."

Check it out: 
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So hyped right now for my music video. Take one!!!! #LostInSpace 🙌🏻

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Pardon the obnoxiousness ... and the loud profanity in the above clip ... but most of all, the obnoxiousness.

Kendra Wilkinson has a brand-new music video coming out called "Lost in Space," and presumably she's going to be singing in it rather than literally getting lost in space, sadly.

Yes, there's more:
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Maria Menounos is undergoing fertility treatments, but she's got this thing she's doing that's kind of rubbing us the wrong way -- go figure. 

See, it doesn't seem that Menounos can set foot in a fertility clinic without taking some kind of sad-faced selfie, posting captions like, "PRAYING FOR GOOD NEWS AT THIS IVF APPT," in case it wasn't completely clear that she was, indeed, praying for good news at a very personal, private ...
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#TedCruz's wife was standing a little too close 😩

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Don't stand so ... don't stand so ... don't stand so close to me. 

(Please don't stand so ... ) 

Poor Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, not only got nicked in the face with a closed hand when Cruz was going in for one of his famous political hugs, but she also got elbowed, too. Luckily, it doesn't look like she was hit too hard, thank goodness, but was more embarrassed than anything. 

It's gotta hurt a whole lot less in comparison, now that it'd appear Donald Trump is the presumed nominee of the GOP. Buckle up, y'all ... it's gonna be a bumpy, hilarious, horrifying ride, and frankly, we can't wait.

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