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Kaley Cuoco
is seriously adorable, and so it stands to reason that anyone and anything that she comes into contact with is made adorable as well, simply by her divine presence (well, nearly anyone). And Kaley's dogs are adorable all by themselves, so when you throw Kaley in there with them? It's magic. It's pure, beautiful magic.

We don't want to say that Kaley has a favorite dog because that might hurt her other dogs' feelings, but we do know that Kaley feels particularly close to one of her pets, and that's that gorgeous pit bull up there, Norman. Do you see him? Here is again:

The reason we think that precious little Norman here is Kaley's bestie is because she uses his name as her Instagram handle, and also because she said as much in a new interview she did with ET:

"Norman's my main man. Norman's always been my main man, and he will always continue to be. I mean, I think I'm actually going to put a tattoo of him on me. That's how much I love him. He's everything. We've been through a lot together and, yeah, he's very near and dear to my heart."

Aww, guys, how sweet is that? Can you imagine Kaley with a little tattoo featuring this little face?

You've probably worked out by now that this was a flimsy excuse to fawn over Kaley and to look at pictures of her being just so cute with a cute dog. So we apologize, but also you're welcome.


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10/26/2015 1:00 PM PDT
We're not trying to be too hard on Kaley Cuoco for the whole Ryan Sweeting fiasco because a) everyone is capable of making a bad choice, b) it's not her fault he turned out to be the douche of the century, c) we still don't know the exact circumstances of their divorce -- take your pick, really -- but we are trying to support her in all of her major life decisions from here on out in hopes that she's able to exercise a little more caution when making big commitments in the future.

We don't want her to go through all this again, to feel what has to be at least a little sadness, so we need to keep an eye out for any kind of concerning behavior. Fortunately, her latest big move looks like nothing short of a blessing.

Guys, she adopted that precious little dog in that photo. His name is Chester, and she introduced him to the world on Instagram by saying "welcome to the family Chester Cuoco!!!!" along with hashtags like "couldn't help myself," "save them all," and "I blame my mom for showing me his picture."

The organization that she adopted him from described him as being "so incredibly sweet" and said that he had been "in foster for 9 months, as he was dealing with short term paralysis of his hind legs." They also called Kaley "the second miracle in his life" and added the fact that "dreams do come true!" It's OK if you're crying. You're in a safe place.

Chester here is obviously loads cuter than her former husband ever was, and we already approve of him so much more than Ryan. If her next fella couldn't be Johnny Galecki, then we wouldn't want it to be anyone besides this sweet little guy. (No, you're too emotionally affected by this story, shut up.)

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10/17/2015 11:00 AM PDT
Miley Cyrus has finally completed her transformation from America's sweetheart into Hannibal Lecter.

So here we see her feeding an adorable pig -- pigs reportedly make great pets, by the way, being both very intelligent omnivores. Great picture, right? Except no, not at all, because of course Miley had to ruin it with the caption.

"Pig Pig ❤️'s Veggie Bacon."

Now, we could use this as an opportunity to trash-talk veggie bacon, and we don't think that any species should be subjected to veggie bacon -- there's something about that in the Geneva Conventions, right? But instead we'd like to talk about feeding pets imitation meat flavored to taste like themselves. No, it isn't actual cannibalism because it's veggie bacon. But still.

That the pig doesn't know the significance of it is beside the point. Feed hufu to a room full of unsuspecting humans and see what kind of reaction you'll get.

For that matter, Miley want to read up on the myth of Tantalus. Twisted shenanigans like this have always been disturbing.
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9/21/2015 8:00 PM PDT

Dog struggles.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor Swift + any kind of animal = glory.

You may have heard that Taylor is a bit of a cat person. You've heard that because it is true. Like, her code name in the "Bad Blood" music video was Cat-astrophe. She loves cats.

That doesn't mean that she doesn't love dogs. But that might mean that she's not quite as ready for dogs to love her quite as much as they do.

We've seen celebrities have very strange interactions with dogs, so this is actually a pretty normal reaction to someone else's pets. But the video is cute, the dogs are adorable, and Taylor is a treasure as always. We would love a series of these. Please.

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9/20/2015 10:15 AM PDT

Everybody does weird stuff with their pets. Maybe it's the overflow of affection driving us to the brink of what makes sense and what doesn't. Maybe it's just because humans are goofy and pets are goofy and we're goofy together. Maybe it's because we know Instagram or Twitter or Facebook is only a button-push away and we know that if we post something ridiculous, people are gonna look. 

Kylie Jenner is no exception. Look at her adorable little puppy, Sophie. While it's a little quirky to to film yourself goofing around with your puppyin this case, opening your mouth for your inquisitive puppy to stick her snout intoit's not really unusual. It's adorable and, as weird as it is to share a video like this with the world, we're glad that she did.

It is weird, though. And probably a little unsanitary. No offense to Sophie, though. It's not like you can pick your parents or anything. 

9/18/2015 9:00 PM PDT
Which did you look at first? Into those mesmerizing sapphire eyes, twin cerulean pools that draw you in and make the blue on his shirt look like a faded pair of '90s jeans? Or the puppy?

We understand. It's a lot to take in. Pace yourself, remember to drink a lot of water. Remember to breathe.

And enjoy.
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8/6/2015 7:00 AM PDT


A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on

Aww, look, you guys, Kylie Jenner got herself a little bunny rabbit! Hey, just this once, how about we focus only on the positives, huh? We won't mention how much care rabbits require, or how difficult it is to accidentally mistreat them if you haven't done your research, or all the issues they can develop if not taken care of properly. No, we'll just look at that sweet little face, those cute little ears, and ... wait, did Kylie actually name her pet Bruce?!

Our lungs are not capable of taking in enough air to produce the sigh that this requires, so let's just shake our heads sadly instead. Yes, she could have meant it in a sweet way, and chances are she definitely did, but something about it just seems kind of weird, right?

As we all know so well, her father, Caitlyn Jenner, was born and lived 65 years of her life as Bruce, unable to be her true self, struggling with her identity and the way she was perceived. Bruce, as Caitlyn has said, was a different person, a person that has to be tied to a lot of sadness. So why choose that name, out of all the names in the world, for this adorable little creature? Why put that specific name back in the family's rotation?

Just some thoughtfulness, that's all we need here. And hopefully some guides for rabbit care.

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