7/22/2016 1:00 PM PDT
So hey, you know how a whole, whole lot of people aren't fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton anymore? It's mostly because they don't seem to do much of anything -- Prince Harry is off all the time making those royal appearances, hosting events, doing good and looking gorgeous, but Will and Kate ... well, they take a lot of vacations, and they complain a bit.

They seem to be a pretty big annoyance to the poor Brits especially, and understandably so. But this new photo that the family shared of little George, Will and Kate's son, for his third birthday is riling everybody up ...
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7/6/2016 4:00 AM PDT
Kaley Cuoco's sorry, and it'd be nice if you could find it in your hearts to forgive her, even if you think that what she shared over the holiday weekend was unforgivable. 

Cuoco took to her IG account -- after deleting the offending photo -- saying ... 
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6/13/2016 6:00 AM PDT
Sly, sly Kylie ... sharing a picture of her dog Ernie, but ensuring that we're provided with a cheek-peek all up in that pic.  

We're not gonna say that Kylie's got an ulterior motive by showing off her canine, but we doubt it's by accident that dog-and-butt are in the frame and not dog-and-face. Imagine that. 

Check out some pics in the gallery of celebs with rumored butt jobs -- can you tell what's real and what's not? We sure are having a hard time ourselves lately, sheesh. 
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5/9/2016 10:00 AM PDT

Johnny Depp really is sorrynotsorry. 

Sorry. (Not sorry.) 

In a recent BBC interview, Depp mocks the hilariously serious apology video he and wife Amber Heard issued to the Australian government after they were so angry about his dog-smuggling exploits, but seriously ... what did they expect from a pirate like Jack Sparrow? 

They're lucky it wasn't a vat of tse tse flies. Now that would have been bad. 

Check out the above video if you wanna laugh this morose Monday.
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4/19/2016 3:00 PM PDT
Well these two have seen better weeks, sure. But their harshest critic doesn't really have a leg to stand on.

As you can imagine, the infamous video of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard "apologizing" and endorsing Australian policies didn't die out overnight. We'll be seeing that parodied ... a lot, we're guessing. And that's fair, because it's awkward, every word falls flat, and when Depp describes the Australian people as "direct," it really sounds like he's calling them "erect." There's a lot of comedic material, here.

Ricky Gervais described it best:
4/19/2016 2:00 PM PDT

Okay but those were a lot of cats. We're guessing that she's just been collecting them a few at a time over the years.

It's time again for another installment of Vogue's "73 Questions" series. And while the number of questions is ... just part of a tradition that's based on the number of questions asked in the first of this series, it's pretty beloved, right?

And celebrities like the series, too. Not only do they get to show off their homes and do a very fast interview (it's all filmed in one take), but they're all softball questions. Sometimes celebrities just want to share aspects of themselves and how they're feeling without also getting asked to weigh in on whether or not the Truman Doctrine had a causal effect in relation to 9/11. Or whatever.

We love Taylor Swift. She's talented, beautiful, and a good person. And it's nice that we see her with her signature hair, here (maybe we'll get used to her new look eventually -- we're slow to accept it).

Aside from some questions about her songwriting style (lots of preparation, we love that), a lot of the questions weren't even about her art. And it's nice. Almost as nice as being taken on a limited tour of her home and seeing that she just casually has her awards distributed throughout various rooms.

"The Martian" was the movie ... 
4/18/2016 4:00 PM PDT

This is easily Johnny Depp's most lackluster performance yet.

Not his worst -- that dubious honor still belongs to "The Lone Ranger." What even was that?

We all know that people aren't going to do something nearly as well when they're only doing it because they have to. Businesses know that a lack of enthusiasm can hurt productivity. Educators know that intrinsic motivation is going to see the best academic performance. And parents know that apologies aren't always sincere.

So here we see Johnny Depp and his talented and beautiful wife, Amber Heard, apologizing with the acting skills of a couple of 8-year-olds doing a school project. Oh, and with the sincerity of that same couple of 8-year-olds who are "super sorry" that they ate candy before dinner.

The whole situation seems about as ridiculous as Johnny Depp sounding like he's describing the ...