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Look, it's the lone wolf of the foundering Taylor Swift squizad, Cara Delevingne, talking about her girl in a positive way. Or, you know, at all, period. 

In a new interview with James Corden, Cara relates a story that apparently occurred during Swift's annual 4th of July party, and the try-hard in here is so thick, it's hard to see the forest for the trees or whatever that confounding expression even means.

Delevingne says ... you know what, forget it. Just watch the video. It's too awkward and contrived to even put it into words:
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7/29/2016 5:00 AM PDT
Doubtless her kids are gonna be so happy to read this one day, when they're wondering why Mummy and Daddy don't live in the same house anymore and don't greet one another with hugs and kisses and "I love yous." 

Gwyneth Paltrow showcased an article for her Goop website titled, "A Better Way to Break Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover," as if the original Paul Simon song wasn't offensive enough.

In it, the List:
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7/29/2016 4:00 AM PDT
Ask and you shall receive or whatever. 

Lindsey Vonn, all-around gorgeous athlete and super woman (also ex of seedy Tiger Woods, but we won't hold that against her; heaven knows he held too many "things" against too many other people for too long as it is, so we won't go down that road) appeared for a red carpet event and had a ... well, let's call it an accidental "Marilyn Monroe moment" to be classy and not use the term "upskirt." It really is so very2009, isn't it?

Check out Vonn's wardrobe malfunction in the gallery below:
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7/28/2016 4:00 PM PDT
We'll say this much -- Kendall Jenner is a reality star of her word.

Kendall recently shared an image of herself in an intensely sheer top, showing off a nipple ring while pledging her support for #FreeTheNipple. Basically, boobs are great but they shouldn't be viewed as so very sexual that people flip out when they see them. That means normalizing things like public breastfeeding, but it also means getting people used to seeing breasts and, yes, the forbidden lady-nipples that can make or break an Instagram photo.

In order to do that while still being able to go to public places and share her photos across social media platforms, Kendall's opting for a braless look. And it really, really works for her:
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7/28/2016 12:00 PM PDT
John Travolta has a brand-new look lately ... and it's all because of the Mafia.

No, seriously -- he's playing John Gotti in a Mafioso biopic, and Gotti's own son -- JG Jr -- shared the following pic on his Instagram page, featuring John in full Gotti dress ... and really, he's looking better than he has in a long time, blurry graininess notwithstanding:
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Kim and Kanye did a perfectly-timed and flawlessly executed interview with Harper's Bazaar, and guys, it was ... let's just say that the shots keep on coming, and we know who's looking best in all of this, despite what rabid, commenting Taylor Swift stans have to say.

Check out some bits of the interview: 

Kanye West: I think we should get an outdoor shower.

Kim Kardashian West: Well, outside would be freezing, so maybe one inside and one outside. One and one.

KW: But there's a way that you can open the glass, like a sunroof. I'm thinking about the plaster too, around the bathtub.

KKW: We'll discuss.

[Interviewer] Laura Brown: Okay! So, this is in no particular order. Kanye, your favorite body part—your own or Kim's.

KW: Is the face a body part? My favorite body part of Kim's: heart.

KKW: Awww, now I have to say the same. But of my own, I like my upper stomach. I just seem to always have abs.When I'm not really pregnant, I have a great two-pack. [Laughs.] And of Kanye's? I have to say his heart. And I've always loved his legs.

Their banter is ... kind of cute, but what they had to say about Taylor Swift really seals the snark deal:
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7/28/2016 4:00 AM PDT
We never thought we'd say this, but "Thank heavens for Drake." 


At a concert stop last night, he brought out Kanye West who, by all accounts, seemed to reignite the quasi-dormant Taylor Swift feud by ... well, see for yourselves. There's profanity and stuff, so be warned, or at least put your headphones on:
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