9/30/2014 9:30 AM PDT

Poor Courtney Stodden -- can't even go to the beach without suffering the stress of a near shark attack. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 

The thing is, though, thankfully it was just a prank by one of her friends -- and while it's totally unfair that a "friend" would do this to her, it offers up a suggestion that Courtney herself can emote like crazy ... and there's no mistaking the fear in that poor face. 

Hilarious, Courtney ... we feel for you, girl, because a shark -- fake or not -- disrupting your swim can really put a damper on your day. Looking as hot as ever though!
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9/30/2014 8:30 AM PDT

"Well, I'm not a normal person. I was reading an article and he said this really sad thing about how all his dreams were coming true but he didn't feel that he had a bed of his own, he was always traveling. I remember being really busy also and thinking that's so sad, to have all your dreams come true but not have a solid foundation. So for some reason, I though an aerobed would help that for him. In my head, I thought, 'He can travel with it, then it's always his safe place.' I didn't go over it with anyone, I should've been like, 'Hey, should I send this to Matt Damon?' and they would've been like, 'No you're crazy, don't do it!' But I didn't, so I got the information he was in Paris, filming something, so I sent it to Paris. ... I never got a ‘thank you'. It made me sad. I understand maybe his security never gave it to him, that's a possibility."

--Jennifer Love Hewitt on the "possibility" that Matt Damon never got an aerobed from one of the hottest actresses back in 1998 because his security never gave it to him, but apparently not considering that maybe Damon did get the aerobed, thought it was creepy as hell, and wrote ol' JLH off as a potential Stage 5 Clinger before she could even begin her cleave.  

Good thing you never acknowledged that gift, Matt ... heaven knows where that could have gone.  

Oh, and nice, uh, sentiment, though, Jennifer. Real sweet and thoughtful. 

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9/30/2014 7:30 AM PDT
Man. So, Kylie Jenner shared this snap on her IG page, claiming that she's just, you know, so not ready for summer to be over, but here it is: summer's over. Autumn is here. Kylie Jenner is 17 years old, and no 17-year-old should be allowed to wear a bikini bottom that skimpy. Because what, is the modest and demure top supposed to make up for the fact that we probably know Kylie's intimate grooming habits now? Because it doesn't, and we shouldn't. 

Good Lord, let it end. Please, let it end.
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9/30/2014 6:30 AM PDT
It's that time again: a time to speculate as to whether or not Selena Gomez got a boob job, and not because it's a big deal one way or the other, but because pure curiosity. If she did -- and the rounds look a little rounder than normal in these Justin Bieber vacation pics -- it surely was tastefully done. If not? Well. Maybe there's something to that old adage of getting lots and lots of hot ... sun doing something to naturally enhance hormones, thus augmenting vital body parts. 


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9/30/2014 5:30 AM PDT
Here's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in all her post-baby glory, and not only is she looking fabulous and healthy and happy, she's returning to work. No matter what you think of this woman, and/or if you ignore her "Jersey Shore" roots, you have to admit: she's done a fine, fine job rising above, making a good, positive name for herself, and ... well, not ended up like The Situation. All the bonus points for that last one. 

We love you, Snooks -- keep getting it, girl!  

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9/30/2014 4:00 AM PDT
Unbelievable to say the least, George Clooney -- terminal bachelor no more -- is married; and not only that, his BFF and contemporary, Brad Pitt is married, too. It sure seems like getting hitched is the vogue A-list thing to do, and boy ... won't the Duggars be proud that all this shackin' up is ending and true, everlasting commitments will hopefully be honored for the rest time? 

This is the handsome, dapper, humanitarian George Clooney and his equally gorgeous, intelligent, and worldly bride, Amal Alamuddin. It really goes without saying that they might be two of the most beautiful married people in -- or out -- of Hollywood, and it's pretty heartening to see two people -- one of which who was formerly adamant that he'd never find someone he could commit the rest of his life to -- doing what they want because it's their choice to do so. 

Looking ... well, "breathtaking" seems to be the only word appropriate here, y'all -- and congratulations!


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9/29/2014 8:00 AM PDT
It's no secret that Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, has had a troubled past ... but likening herself to Pam Anderson -- who's admitted to have had endured some issues herself, including child abuse -- just might not be doing her any favors. 

This is Chloe's latest post, and whether she's insinuating that she looks like Pam Anderson -- she pretty much doesn't -- or hoping for a gig at "Playboy" -- let's hope not -- it sure seems to be one glaring thing: a cry for help, not unlike the time she suffered anorexia, made light of it with jokes, and then checked herself into rehab to get healthy. 

Stay well, Chloe ... you're much more than you probably realize. ... And isn't that usually the way of things?
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