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Wendy Williams
is not only an offensive imbecile, she's also a coward ... and it's up to you, studio audience, to decide which is which. 

[Cue hearty eye roll here.]

Wendy, who attacked Bruce Jenner this past Friday, calling him a "fame whore" for his sex change, and insinuating that he was no better than the rest of the Kardashians, backtracked ostentatiously in her "Hot Topics" segment, saying that the only thing she doesn't like about hot topics airing on Fridays is that she totally loses steam by Monday and doesn't even have any interest in discussing them come the new week. Right.

She continues by waxing poetic about how she's happy for him, and calls him "brave," and you can watch the video below for yourselves -- if it's not the most disingenuous thing you've seen come out of Wendy's mouth, then you apparently don't "know" Wendy all too well.

After commending him, she calls him "fame-hungry" -- a big step up from "fame whore" ... but not so much. 

She concludes her schtick by saying that his face could hardly move, and that he's rocking a head full of Botox and fillers, and yup -- that's exactly what we'd expect from somebody like Wendy Williams: a superficial, hypocritical, insensitive assessment of an extremely deep and multifaceted subject. 

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4/27/2015 9:00 AM PDT
We might dispute a lot of things about Sofia Vergara -- like her creativity and intelligence level, and no, that's not an overt slam, because it's common knowledge that some people just aren't as talented or as smart as others, and we feel that V fits quite well into that category. But one thing we can't dispute -- we can never, ever dispute -- is that Sofia Vergara is, has always been, and forever will be, a breathtakingly gorgeous woman. I mean, it can't ever stop, because she just won't let it. Mark those words down somewhere on a day planner or something, because one day you're going to wake up old and faded, and Sofia? Well, she won't. 

Check out the gallery above to see a variety of scantily-clad shots of Sofia during her very, very early modeling career. You won't be sorry that you did, for certain.  
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4/27/2015 7:00 AM PDT
"Having a hard time not putting a few people on blast who were not supporters before hand, but want to act like they were all along." 

--Burt Jenner, the eldest Jenner (pictured above with Kylie) on certain people being hypocrites, because they reportedly only now support Bruce Jenner ... possibly because he received a positive reception with his historic interview? Hmm

Many folks are surmising that some of the Kardashian accolades weren't as genuine as they could have been, and this might just be to what Burt referred on Twitter ... though at this stage of the game, the tweet has magically disappeared into the nethersphere. 

Kim recently interviewed saying that the Kardashian clan "100%" supports Bruce ... but there've been rumors to the contrary for awhile now. 

Only one thing can be certain in this storm of speculation -- the impulsive timing of his tweet and the subsequent absence of the tweet says a lot ... but we can only imagine what. Or specifically in this case, who

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and check out other epic celebrity feuds in the gallery below. All the silliness, all in one place; imagine that. 

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4/27/2015 6:00 AM PDT
Mariah Carey dropped a new single ... but it's rumored to be about the same old, same old -- her relationship and the subsequent deterioration of said relationship with Nick Cannon. ... And who said you can never go back home, back to when you were a teenager and griping about your love life for the world to hear? 

The song -- titled "Infinity" -- has lyrics like these: 

Why you mad?
Talkin' 'bout you're mad
Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had
That’s your bag
Yup, that’s too bad
Show is over you ain’t gotta act
Name hold weight like kilos
Boy you actin' so corny like Fritos
Wouldn’t have none of that without me, though
Ain’t none of my business, it's tea though
Outta ammo, gotta reload
If life was a game you're a free throw
It's nothing that you don’t already know
How I say this?
Fact that you still exist
No disrespect
No second thought it truly, truly is
Truthfully I’m through with this
Why are we still doing this?
Answer the phone like, "Who is this?"
Take your head and knock some sense
Everything you own boy you still owe

Ooh, that last part -- burn, huh?

So yeah. That's Mariah's new song, and if we're being honest, it's sad that she's digging this ... well, superficially ... for inspiration. It's a give-me, and it's just not that compelling. 

Check out the tune below, and then mosey on down to "Epic Celebrity Breakups" and see how many of these you can remember. 

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4/27/2015 4:00 AM PDT
Kylie Jenner has worked a good many looks over the last year, but none is apparently as resounding as The Kim Kardashian look ... and it's one that we've seen both from her -- and many other celebrities -- time after time again. 

We can't lie ... it's a good look for her -- certainly better than the blue hair-huge lip thing she sported at Coachella -- but man. It's amazing that there's just not a whole lot of originality left in the world today, huh? 

Check out the gallery below for Kylie's latest late-night jaunt ... makes you wonder what she's doing all these early morning hours, and why she's allowed. 

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4/24/2015 3:00 PM PDT
Christina Aguilera's been waffling back and forth between long extensions and shorter hair for a few weeks, now, but this is -- by far -- the best her hair's looked in a long while. If you asked us, we'd almost be wondering if she was doing this to take the attention off her newly-bulbous ass ... which looks to be augmented these days

Verdict: Love it. Now if we could only get a more natural look on the makeup, we'd be in serious business. 

Check out the gallery below to see more long vs. short hairstyles. 


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4/24/2015 1:30 PM PDT
And on a school night, too. ... Oh, wait. 

Kylie Jenner was photographed with sister Kendall and friend and notorious hard-partier, Cara Delevingne, last night, and the trio stayed out past 1 AM in Hollywood. Whatever Kylie specifically was up to last night while Blac Chyna was posting screenshots of her texts with Tyga, we'll probably never know, but with this girl, it's not hard to imagine that it wasn't playing chess and drinking hot chocolate with her school mates. 

What a world we live in, y'all. What a weird, twisted world. 

Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery above to see just how messy things can look in the wee hours of the morning. Man.
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