8/22/2014 12:00 PM PDT
In short, no -- this rendition of Priscilla Presley as interpreted by Khloe Kardashian is not even close, and anybody seeing basically any resemblance between the two has been staring at Kim Kardashian for too long, which is, in turn, like staring at the sun. 

This is an outtake from a recent photoshoot that Khloe took part in, and while she looks totally gorgeous and glam, if we're being honest with you and ourselves, it's the truth that Khloe looks much better when she's all subdued and demure -- not this.

Good try, girl, and you're still gorgeous, but let's leave the Priscilla Presley to, you know, Priscilla Presley, OK? 

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8/22/2014 11:00 AM PDT
And to think it was the "Sharknado" franchise that put her on the map for Serious Acting, and not any of that "American Pie" business. 

Also, this is the best that Tara Reid's looked in a really long time. She's pretty much waffled between slender and super slender, but she's on the higher end of the spectrum, and her body looks almost completely natural despite all of the plastic surgery horrors she's endured over the years. Her skin is beautiful and quite literally glowing, and she -- above all -- looks happy and healthy. 

Verdict: Love it! Dare we say that "Sharknado" finally made us fall in love with Tara Reid? Could that be what happened here?

8/22/2014 6:30 AM PDT
Gwyneth Paltrow just might be a little more likable if she were to focus a lot of her spare time trying to be more relatable. 

Sources are saying to Us Magazine that not only does Gwyneth allegedly "know" that her husband, Chris Martin, is reported to be dating Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, but she's totally OK with it. The source infers that Gwyneth's take is "He could do worse," and that she just wants him to be "happy." 

Gwyneth hasn't done many things in her past to make us outright dislike her, but this? This is a horse of a different color: this is just being nasty if, in fact, it's all true. "He could do worse"? Girl, Jennifer Lawrence is you when you were 24 years old -- just a lot more likable and relatable.

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8/21/2014 9:30 AM PDT
The worst relationship news you could hear today -- besides the idea of Chris Brown reproducing with someone, anyone -- would be Taylor Swift reconciling with her nastiest ex (by far), John Mayer, right? Because yes, it would be terrible, but according to the photo agency who captured these pictures, these two came out of Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night. 

Despite the evidence that they were in separate cars, can you imagine knowing-everything Taylor Swift ever spending any amount of time under the roof with an ex if it weren't intentional? No, Taylor just doesn't seem to roll like that -- Taylor is well-versed and great at plotting her very next moves, and if these two were in the same building together, there's a really good chance that they were having some kind of friendly dinner. Or something. And you know that John Mayer just isn't the dude that you're "just friends" with. 

Taylor, be wary, OK? Recycling exes is a generally dumb thing to do, but especially when it's John Mayer, Douchelord of the Music Scene. 

Shake it off, girl -- shake it off. 

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8/21/2014 7:00 AM PDT
Chris Brown has apparently never heard that having children doesn't make unstable relationships magically stable (among other important home truths like "Don't hit your girlfriend or people in general" and "Don't break public property," and "Quit running your mouth when it gets you in trouble all the time"). In short, Chris Brown is still a totally immature and indecisive idiot. 

Chris and Karrueche Tran are at it again, after all of the years of off and on and of Rihanna coming in and out of the couple's revolving door bedroom, but now, stuff is starting to get real: Chris posted the above photo of Karrueche (left) on his Instagram, saying, "Damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my s--t. Need to have this baby and stop playing! Lol! My WCW." 

If the "Lol" is supposed to mean that we're not to take his sentiments about reproducing seriously, OK. It's hard to take much of anything that he does as creed, but what's Karrueche's excuse? Her recent photo is the one on the right, with the caption, "Lovers.. Friends.. We love, we laugh, we fight.. It's complicated and I can't explain it but it's not for you to understand but us .. My MCM." 

Great, guys. You've habitually showed us that you're both inconsistent, fickle, and definitely unstable -- but now you've just showed us that you're not all that intelligent, either. Way to be. 

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8/21/2014 5:00 AM PDT
... Which is a pretty good damn thing, because this is one heinous outfit.

Kim Kardashian is wearing the older, skimpier sister of overalls, but instead of looking cutting-edge and fashionable, she just looks kind of uncomfortable because too tight ... That, and she's got some majorly unfortunate-looking squashed boobs to go along with all that taut, taut, tightness. ... Shh, can you hear that? It's Kim's mammary glands, shrieking for reprieve. 

Verdict: Leave it. If anybody can pull off R-rated overalls, it's Kim Kardashian, but unfortunately R-rated overalls aren't a thing that anybody should ever wear, despite who they are. 


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8/21/2014 4:00 AM PDT

What a crock -- a bunch of liberal celebrities graciously donating money to support the President of the United States ... with one string attached -- you only get the money if you sing for your supper.

If Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, and all the others are so supportive ... why not just send him a check? To make him fly across country and eat dinner with y'all and take pictures with you and tell you how great you are ... come on.

It's not just Obama, either -- every president now has to demean himself and the office by groveling for money. Let's face it: the point is for the celebrities to feel "important" and tell all their friends -- and even strangers -- that the President likes them. Showing their support by simply mailing a check would not accomplish the function.

So if you live in L.A., Hollywood, Chicago or another city where celebs live, don't get mad at the President when he comes to town. He's doing what he has to do for political and party survival. The real culprits are the so-called benefactors.

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