12/20/2014 3:00 AM PST
Today, LeAnn Rimes has done our job for us, if you can believe it -- she shared the above photo and referred to it as a "totally obnoxious pic," thus taking the words right out of our mouths, but hey ... she's been working it, y'all, and despite the fact that it's Christmas cookie season and she's all domestic and wife and step-mommy of the year and what not, she hasn't put a single -- not a single -- ounce of weight on this holiday season. 

'Tis the season to be vapid, fa la la la la la la la LAAAAA. 

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12/18/2014 3:00 PM PST

Could you imagine LeAnn Rimes on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fighting it out alongside Brandi Glanville? It'd be pretty epic even by "Housewives" standards ... but that's just what Brandi's instigating to happen, and even Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" is pretty intrigued. 

During an interview where Brandi turns the tables on Cohen, she asks him about Joanna Krupa's allegedly odorous reproductive region, talked about sex with Eddie Cibrian (stating that he's awesome in bed, and well-hung, and has had a "lot" of practice), and that's where LeAnn came in. Or hopefully comes in. This would absolutely be must-see TV, right?

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12/18/2014 1:30 PM PST
"I have a hard time sleeping. Sleep is a tough one for me. My brain, the committee in my head, if I wake up at three in the morning I just start having conversations and they won't shut up and then I can't get back to sleep. I do have three animals and a human being in the bed, so there are all these distractions. ... I got an app on my phone that allows you to sort of track your sleep rhythms, like how deep you go. I don't really quiet ever get into the deep, deep, deep sleep. ... Am I going to die young?! ... It's interesting when you stop exercising [like I did for my role in "Cake"]. It really was interesting how my serotonin levels went down. My stamina was shot. I was cranky. I was irritable. I'm usually really not any of those things. I just found myself short. I was hungry like crazy. Then, you realize exercise is just so important to our soul. Not just being able to fit into skinny jeans, just your state of mind, your soul, all of that."

--Jennifer Aniston being relatable, and isn't that some pretty refreshing honestly coming from the golden girl herself?

Aniston talked to Dr. Oz this week about her sleeping patterns, and what happened to her health when she "let herself go" during the filming of the movie, "Cake," where she played a pain pill-addicted patient, and pssh. If we could all let ourselves "go" like Jennifer did, could you imagine what life would be like. 

Here's a pic of her from on-set, by the way:  

Jennifer Aniston

Some ladies have all the luck (and all the smarts, too), and Jennifer Aniston has almost always been one of them.

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12/18/2014 7:30 AM PST

Dude on the right, yes -- we're thinking exactly whatever it is you're thinking about while not looking at Carmen Electra, because this imagery is awkward. Funny as hell, yes, but awkward nonetheless. 

Carmen, girl, we appreciate you for all that you are, but man. Doesn't there get to be a point in a career when it's time to stop wrapping oneself around poles for entertainment? 

In any case, what a funny picture -- a genuinely entertaining photo for all the reasons.  

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12/18/2014 5:30 AM PST

"I've never seen anybody's penis in the industry, actually. I saw one penis for 10 years. That's all I'll say about that. ... I want to say [who the biggest d--khead in the industry is], but it would be so real, that I can't. I gotta plead the fifth on that one, But honey child, if I was to say that name ... It's two names that I want to say, honey. Two guys, for lack of a better word. ... D--kheads! I am gonna blow up your spot one of these days."

--Nicki Minaj to Andy Cohen on last night's "Watch What Happens Live," and as you can see, the whole entire segment was just a class fest. I mean, look at the wardrobe malfunction she had in the pic above. Classy, right? 

Way to win it, Nicki.

Glad to know you didn't spill the beans on those you have beef with within the industry, but really --  was all that passive-aggressiveness necessary? These folks probably know you have issues with them ... you seem pretty outspoken ... what, did you think your words were going to leave them shaking in their chairs or something? 

Hell's bells.  

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12/18/2014 4:00 AM PST

Twerking can be done now, right? We've just about seen everyone we've ever wanted (?) to see twerk their asses off, and then some? Good, because this last video of Amber Rose and Blac Chyna twerking is it for 2014. All the twerking can finally draw to a close, and we never need to speak of it or think on it ever again. 

... It's not as if anything or anyone could ever compete with this video, anyway.


Slo-mo fo dat ass 👅

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12/17/2014 10:30 AM PST
Despite protesting all the rumors that Kylie Jenner, 17, and Tyga, 25, are dating, Kylie went and posted this pic. On Instagram. For, you know, the whole entire world to see, and it's beyond ridiculous. 

See, it's unfortunate that Kylie's following the pattern of a lot of younger celebrities seem to nowadays ... they rail and rail and rail against swirling rumors, but do nothing to diffuse them. It's not as if they should have to, because it's their life and their choices, but instead, what's worse, they encourage the same rumors by posting cryptic quotes and images ... not unlike the one above. 

It's getting to the point that nobody really cares if Kylie and Tyga are dating -- seriously, it's become a moot point. It's old news. It's not surprising at all. But this constant back and forth of young celebrities thinking that they're smarter than the general populace by trying to pull wool over folks' eyes is just annoying as hell. 

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