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"Every year that goes by, I think that my on-camera smile is going to get easier. It's got worse and worse, to the point where I'm giving that Britney Spears terrified smile, where the lips are upturned, but there's nothing but fear in the eyes ... I'm also the queen of ruining group photos. All my friends will be smiling and looking really pretty, and I'll be there pretending to pick my nose—or actually picking my nose. It's a fine line."

--Anna Kendrick, as if Anna Kendrick could be anything other than perfect at all times ... even whilst picking her nose.

Anna most recently covered Britian's Glamour, and it's cool ... we'll absolutely sit here and idolize Anna while the rest of today's kids gawp over Kylie Jenner and her SUPER COOL EDGY LOOKS. It's all right -- we've got this covered. 

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If this quick skit of Jimmy Fallon singing the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" with his extraordinarily creepy-looking wax figures doesn't just make your Friday, then maybe you're just super lucky and have the day off today. Maybe you've been spoiled with a 4-day work week this go round, and you're just lounging in your pajama pants today, eating last night's leftover Chinese takeaway in front of your television while binging on Netflix or Hulu. Maybe that's why you aren't even remotely entertained by this video, and if that's the case ... mosey on back to the couch, friend. There's lots of other folks here who still have to power through for the rest of the day. Save some bandwidth for them, all right?

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If you were a girl in the 90s, then chances were, you had a crush on one of the Hanson brothers, whether it be Ike, Tay, or Zac ... and all these years later (18 years since the release of "Middle of Nowhere," to be exact ... damn) they are just as adorable -- and officially OK to call them "hot" without sounding like a major creeper, no matter how old you are. 

Read to feel super old? Isaac is 34 years old, Taylor is 32, and the baby -- Zac -- is 29 ... turning 30 later this year.

Break out the hankies, y'all.  
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Oh Cindy Crawford ... even at your most awkward stage in life, you were beautiful and cutesy and just bursting at the seams with potential -- and even during the transitional adolescent phase, this. It's a wonderful thing, friend -- some of us never outgrew the gawky, and while that's OK, that ^^ and its end result is most definitely OK, too. 

Check out the gallery below to see more awesome before & afters.

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"Ray Charles could see that your cakes are fake! Are you serious? ... I wonder why she would to one and not the other. Here's my theory, I was thinking about this while I was getting dressed and I said well she's a rapper and rap is more a black people sport than a white people sport. And I'm thinking that in order for her to be ingratiated amongst the rap community, having a big giant booty is impressive so black people could say 'Oh she's like one of us.' Except she's not." 

--Wendy Williams on her show, insinuating that outright saying that Iggy Azalea has a fake ass in addition to her new fake boobs. There's a whole lot wrong with all of this, so we're going to break it down point by point: 
  • That booty looks way different than it used to. Unless Iggy gained a bunch of weight in her buns and, you know, nowhere else, things look pretty suspect. 
  • "Rap is more a black people sport than a white people sport." Whether you think that's true or not -- and Eminem would probably beg to differ -- this isn't a great way to make your point. Would it be OK for a white person to say, "Oh, you know, being a tax accountant is more a white people sport than anything." No. It would not. Because that's called cultural appropriation, and it's stupid. 
  • Just because Iggy likes rap and does the whole rap thing (poorly, if we're being honest; you've seen this video, right?), doesn't mean that she's trying to be "one of" anyone or anything. Really? Though we're not the biggest Iggy fans around here (at all), it doesn't seem like she's ever tried to "ingratiate" herself into anything ... she's doing her own thing, as unfortunate as it might be considered to some people. 
Now that we've gotten all that outta the way, the question of the day ... or at least of this post:

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Though the commercial came out earlier this year, it's only really begun to pick up traction ... much like the career of Justin Guarini. Oh, wait, no; no on that last part. 

Justin Guarini, if you remember him from "American Idol," was Kelly Clarkson's male counterpart, and also hooked up with Kelly. Justin did that movie, and then Justin kind of fell off the face of the entertainment earth, except for this Dr. Pepper commercial ... but to be fair, it's pretty cute. 

So ... how's it goin', Justin?

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"Angelina Jolie. Smug doesn't even come close. Curating her organs to maximise life expectancy. What's next f-g ash lil? Your lungs?"

--Katie Hopkins, most famous for slamming Kelly Clarkson's weight, so it doesn't come as much a surprise that she's attacking Angelina Jolie for her elective preventative surgeries.

See, Katie makes a point. In Britain, if you're unaware, "f-gs" are cigarettes, and calling someone "f-g ash lil" is merely referring to them as a smoker. Yes, it's kind of head-scratching that Angie would do all of the smoking bit if she was so concerned over the present cancer gene in her body, and though she may -- or may not -- have quit some time ago, it's still a point. 

However, the point -- as usual -- is rude, insulting, and "smug" is hardly the word I'd use to describe Angelina Jolie's courageous surgical bid to prolong her life and avoid a terminal illness. 

Much like Azealia Banks, Katie Hopkins could be so, so good ... but her ego gets in the way every single time. 

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