10/24/2014 11:30 AM PDT
How does that saying go, "another day, another absolutely gorgeous photo of Kris Jenner showing that she is incapable of aging or looking even remotely bad"? It's something like that, guys, but we really don't need to concern ourselves with semantics right now. Not when Kris is looking like this.

Check it out, y'all: there's that picture on the right, from an event just a few days ago, that proves that Kris can show up to any event looking lovely, and then there's the picture on the left. Sheer bra, no shirt, messy hair ... dang. Because sometimes, "dang" is the only thing to say about Kris Jenner. She's that inconceivably hot.

Keep it up, Kris. We don't even have to say it, because we know you will, but please, just keep it up forever.
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10/24/2014 10:30 AM PDT
Q: How beautiful do you have to be to be able to pull off ethereal gorgeous while 3/4 of your face is covered up in a turtleneck sweater? 

A: Kendall Jenner-type beautiful, and no, that wasn't a trick question. Or answer. 

This is your girl's latest IG photo, and if it were a thing to fall in love with someone simply based on their eyes and eyebrows, Kendall here could pull it off. 

God, what is it with the genes in this family?

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10/24/2014 8:30 AM PDT
We didn't think we'd be saying this again so quickly, but here it is: Lindsay Lohan, get a damn grip on yourself. You're trying to resurrect your career, so why detract from the progress you made by taking tacky topless selfies? Come on, now, girl. Everybody knows that there's nothing wrong with nudity, but you know who takes topless selfies or butt selfies or selfies exposing any kind of sexualized body part? Those who are so thirsty for attention that they're willing to compromise everything they ever had -- and girl, you had a whole lot at one time. 

You're looking good, and we're glad you seem to still be riding on the sober train, but come on. You've gotta be better than this, OK?
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10/24/2014 7:00 AM PDT
In only one -- just one -- way, of course: Kim Kardashian is only similar to us peasants in the way that she, too, adored Johnny Depp as a young girl. Take it away, Kim:

''Kourtney and I actually shared a room together at one point growing up. I loved Johnny Depp, I was obsessed with him, and she was really into Leonardo DiCaprio, so we had cutouts of them on our wall next to our Michael Jackson posters." 

Unexpected, right? You would have pegged Kim for being into someone far, far more glamorous in the 80s and 90s than Johnny Depp. Say, gosh, I dunno -- someone like David Hasselhoff or John Stamos, you know?

Good taste, girl -- you surprise us sometimes!

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10/24/2014 5:30 AM PDT

"When you're at the checkout and you look over and you see one of these magazines and it's like, 'Dean McDermott's a monster,' I'm like, 'No, I'm not a monster, I'm a human being and I messed up. I messed up and I'm owning up to it and I'm getting help. But to label me a monster or evil is very hurtful. ... You know, I'm not the first person to ever cheat on his wife." 

--Dean McDermott making a fair point to begin with ... and then completely and utterly nullifying anything he said to begin with by justifying his behavior, saying, "You know, I'm not the first person to ever cheat on his wife."

This jackass is full of nothing but BS excuses and heartache for this woman -- this woman who, we've learned, brings it on herself. Tori Spelling, who is so obsessed by fame and manipulated by the idea of maintaining airs and lifestyles that she won't even see that her "devotion" to the man right in front of her face is going to end up killing her -- and all he can do is pretend he's a victim and say is "I'm not the first person to ever cheat on his wife." 

But nah, Dean -- you're not a monster. You're just an unstable, undependable enabler who only sees his own problems, and not the emotional failures of those he's supposed to care about the most. ... Which, incidentally, is worse than being a monster. 


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10/24/2014 4:00 AM PDT
Is it just automatically official yet that Rosie Huntington Whiteley is one of the world's most beautiful women? Because it's nearly impossible to imagine that anyone -- anyone -- could look at that face and say, "Ew, get outta my bed, girl." 

This is a makeup-free selfie to honor "Wake Up Call," a campaign being used to raise money for Unicef, and aren't we all blessed that there's a hashtag that exists within the bowels of Twitter called #wakeupcall. 

Thanks for the Friday fun, Rosie ... you couldn't be more beautiful if you tried, so don't even bother. 

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10/23/2014 12:30 PM PDT
OK, so Renee Zellweger made an appearance this week, and she looks way different than the Renee Zellweger we're used to seeing: that's a fact. Nobody's saying that she looks horrible, or that she she shouldn't have gotten any plastic surgery that she may or may not have gotten, and yet so many people are getting up on their high horses, calling anyone who notices the difference cruel and superficial.

Don't worry though, because Rosie O'Donnell told everyone exactly how it is on "The View":

"If somebody who is a public figure drastically changes their appearance so that they're unrecognizable, are we as a society supposed to pretend we don't see it? I agree we shouldn't be mean about it, but to actually observe the fact that she looks drastically different than she used to, if it's not done in a mean, judgmental tone, I think it's OK. Otherwise, it's the elephant in the room."

So calm down, all right? No one is sexist or mean or nasty for noticing when someone has a completely different face. Save the outrage for something that's actually deserving of it, please.

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