11/25/2015 6:00 PM PST
The masks come off, and, somehow, stunningly beautiful people are still gorgeous. Shocking, we know.

There are men in this world who love to play "gotcha" with women and makeup. And it's a nasty, no-win scenario -- guys accuse women wearing makeup of "false advertising" (but, like, women aren't products). And they'll accuse women who don't wear makeup of not trying, or not being feminine, etc. The same exact men will do both. They probably want to, like, women who look like a woman wearing certain types of makeup looks, but who isn't so that he'll never have to see her -- gasp! -- actual face. And heavens forbid a woman should wear fun, colorful makeup for herself. That's when awful men start using terms like "clownish." Women from all walks of life experience this, and it's The Worst.

Sometimes women do look very different with and without makeup. It absolutely happens. That's not really true for Kendall Jenner, though. Sure, she looks different, but just in a "this lighting is different and we guess she's not wearing makeup" sort of way. She's a model, you guys -- of course she looks gorgeous.

And if seeing her out with friends without makeup is a problem for you, that's fine. Just know that if your love for Kendall stops when she looks like herself, you absolutely don't deserve her in her Victoria's Secret runway form.

11/25/2015 3:00 PM PST
Don't freak out or anything, but this is a photo of Heidi Klum wearing nothing but a thong. You probably knew that already, because that's how eyes typically work, but dang, it sure is nice, isn't it? It's just a little something that she did to promote her lingerie line, Heidi Klum Intimates, but it's beautiful in its simplicity, and it absolutely doesn't need anything else. With a body like that, you don't really need anything else ever.

Appreciate you and all you do, Heidi! Thanks for all the hot!

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11/25/2015 2:00 PM PST
This is a brand new selfie that the beautiful Rumer Willis shared on Instagram just yesterday, and while we're normally all about this girl, this photo makes us feel just a little uncomfortable. And that's because, well ... do you notice anything different about Rumer? Maybe in the mouth area? Like where her lips are? Particularly in regards to size?

We don't know what happened here or if there's even a real cause for concerned, but we're concerned nonetheless. And on this very special day, Thanksgiving Eve, we want so much to not have to feel concerned over things like this.

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11/25/2015 1:00 PM PST
Yeah, this is pretty terrible. 

As you can see, Miley Cyrus posted the peeing photo that likely everybody has, but nobody shares, and while in her mind that makes her "cutting edge" or "breaking boundaries" or "shattering the glass ceiling of feminism" or some kind of tripe, it's actually just invasive, gross, immaturity on grandiose display. That's all it is.

We're not surprised by how unsurprised we're quickly becoming over Miley's antics. There really isn't anything she can do to shock us anymore, and the only real unprecedented thing about it is how she keeps thinking it's worthwhile to continue trying.

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11/25/2015 12:00 PM PST

Lots of people are claiming that Adele's brand-new album -- you know, the very one that's breaking records all over the place -- is nothing but an unimaginative regurgitation of her prior albums ... but they apparently didn't want to hold their tongues 'til something more "substantial" came along ... and here you have it: "Million Years Ago." The title's not much to sneeze at, but the song? Goldurn, girl. We're speechless. Positively without speech. 

Please don't ever stop this.  
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11/25/2015 11:00 AM PST

Not even Ellen Degeneres can make Kylie Jenner's weird, tempestuous relationship with Tyga look all right, not even for the farce of television consumption. 

Kylie appeared on "Ellen" recently, and when asked about her relationship with Tyga, she reacted like a typical 18-year-old girl, all flustered and gawky. And if it doesn't make you realize once and for all that Kylie Jenner has some serious growing up to do before she commits to a relationship like whatever this one is, then who even knows where your brain is. Maybe it's out to lunch somewhere posh with Kylie's. 


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11/25/2015 6:00 AM PST

Aside from "whee, a 'Classroom Instruments' segment!" how great does Adele look? Gosh ... this girl is on top of the world right now -- she's bigger than Taylor Swift, even -- and she's making a killing while looking like 2 million bucks and more.

It doesn't matter to us that she's lost a bunch of weight ... it hasn't impacted her singing or her likability one way or the other ... and man, can this woman sing.

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