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Look, we all know that Jenelle Evans has made some poor choices in the past -- really, just some horrific decisions. But she's trying to turn her life around, and she's actually doing a pretty good job at it. From what we've seen on "Teen Mom 2," she's gotten a grip on her temper, she doesn't seem to be on any drugs, and things are going great for her right now.

So of course people have to tear her down for what she did to her baby here ...
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4/29/2016 8:00 AM PDT

"A lot of people don't know that marriage comes with instructions. And, we find them right there in God's word. [Husbands are] to love their wives and not to tell their wives that they need to submit to them. Wives are to honor and respect and follow their husband's lead, not to tell their husband how he ought to be a better husband. When each person gets their part right, regardless of how their spouse is treating them, there is hope for real change in their marriage."

--Oh Kirk Cameron. Between you and your sister, Candace, we're not sure what end is up these days. 

In a brand-new interview with the Christian Post, Kirk says that women -- wives, obviously -- should submit to their husbands and do ...

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4/29/2016 7:00 AM PDT


A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

With all of the Kardashian overload everywhere else, it might be hard to see that we've actually -- and honestly -- lightened our Kardashian load ... pun intended ... on Fishwrapper, but the above video is just too much to ignore. And frankly, why would we ever pass up a good chance to go ahead and LOL at how "naturally" different Kylie Jenner's face looks because of "adolescence" and "being in the prime of her life." You know?

Just watch the video with us, friends ... over and over again ... and LOL hard because it's Friday, and be happy that you're you and not Kylie.

Gratitude. We're all about it here at Fishwrapper, y'all.
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4/29/2016 6:00 AM PDT
Unfortunately -- or fortunately, in some of y'all's cases -- the above pic isn't the most of Usher you're going to see today. No, Usher decided to go ahead and "grace" us with a completely naked bathtub shot, penis and all. 

Where are these folks' heads when they decide to take these pics, let alone intentionally put them on the internet? You know what, in Usher's case, we don't want to know. Because the proof is in the pudding ... and that is a disgusting pun to make, Sarah, shame on you: 
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4/29/2016 5:00 AM PDT
Nothing -- and we mean nothing -- could ever shake our faith that Gabrielle Union is one of the best, most underrated and likable celebrities going, but did you know she was raped awhile back? Because she was, and the story, which she hasn't really talked about much, is pretty brutal.  

In a recent interview, Union addresses her new role in a film called "The Birth of a Nation," and playing a slave woman-turned-rebel, ties it to her former rape, saying, "I definitely didn’t want to be the chick from Bring It On to screw up this incredibly important, powerful film." 

“I just really wanted to—not only as an actor, but as a sexual-assault victim myself—convey the powerlessness that one feels," she reveals, "The voicelessness, the terror, the heartbreak, the physical ...
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4/29/2016 4:00 AM PDT
Damn, poor Serena Williams just can't catch a break: whether it's over people fussing over her natural, beautiful eyebrows or now, this horrific ishshow that screams "Photoshop!" while sobbing uncontrollably on the womens' bathroom floor.  

Williams was featured in People Magazine -- presumably not in one of the convoluted "Most Beautiful" issues, 'cause if that were the case, they would have just left well enough alone -- and the outtake ... well, guys, it was pretty shocking to say the least. Williams' body was nearly morphed beyond recognition, and not done too well, either:
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4/28/2016 6:00 PM PDT
Sometimes, it's better to say nothing at all. Let the borderline thirst-trap photo of you (that either you posed for or somebody's creepy ass took of you while you slept) speak for itself.

So, you know how Justin Bieber's talked about his Christian faith and incorporated that into his tattoos and such? His tour has even been compared to a megachurch service, which might not be the best advertising for a concert but definitely raises his value in the eyes of some Christians.

But this "and on the 7th day" caption looks like he's just throwing all of that away. Even worse, though ...
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