9/19/2014 4:30 PM PDT
You can probably put the pieces together on this one, friends, but it helps to stick together during tragedies like this: Madonna is making her very own calendar for 2015, and it looks absolutely pathetic. Not that she's making a calendar, really -- tons of people love Madonna, and tons of people loving having calendars based on things they love -- but just the picture. The cover she chose of her sucking on a bottle. Doesn't it make your heart fill with sadness?

Just ... just let it go, Madonna. It's OK. You don't have to stimulate oral sex to be popular. It's all right, really. You can just let all this go. I think we'd all be better for it. You don't have to completely change yourself, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but the oral sex thing, for real. That can stop.

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9/19/2014 10:30 AM PDT

“Listen, David gave me the two greatest gifts on the planet; I don’t know how I could ever hate him. We’ve always loved each other, and we adore these kids. … I’m not playing stupid—I understand feelings can get hurt and things can get icky. We’ve had our moments like that. But these kids are too important, and he feels the same way, I know it. He’s a good guy.”

--Tea Leoni on her ex-husband -- self-admitted sex addict -- David Duchovny, and their current relationship today. What a wise, wise woman.  

Can there be more exes and more parents like this? Yeah, David's issuesare/were big issues. And it was probably pretty hard for both parties to deal with them, especially considering that they have children together, and those children are going to grow up knowing all the details that there are to know, most of them probably pretty unsavory.

But these two, despite what they've gone through together and on their own, set the example for healthy relationships ... even if they weren't so healthy at one point.

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9/19/2014 9:30 AM PDT

Leave it to wonderful celebrities like Jon Hamm, Mayim Bialik, Questlove, and of course governmental heads like Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama to help create such a compelling video in order to raise awareness to combat sexual assault, an issue extraordinarily out of hand not only in the United States, but the world over. 

In the video, "blame" is apportioned for sexual assault ... but it might not be the blame you think.

Listen to the best celebrities in the world talk about prevention, and how we can help stop such heinous behavior. It takes one person at a time to change things, so if we all do it at once? Just imagine.

While you're at it, sign the "It's On Us" pledge. It's pretty worthwhile.
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9/19/2014 8:30 AM PDT
Oh, what a tragic, tragic twist that the hottest Kardashian of all turned out not to be a Kardashian at all, but a Jenner: Kendall Jenner, in fact. And before you go all "nuh-uh, Kim Kardashian has that ass!" or "but Khloe Kardashian's new cornrows are so cool!" for one, stop yourself, and for two, check out this photo of Kendall, totally nude. Then everything will make sense.

For real though, how gorgeous is she? We've seen her show off lots of skin before, but this is the first time she's actually gone nude -- behind a curtain, obviously, but this still doesn't leave much to the imagination. Which is good, because our imagination couldn't be much better than this, am I right? Huh? Huh?!

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9/19/2014 6:30 AM PDT

We all know -- and love -- how adorable Dax Shepard is, but now we can see just how adorable his nude body is, too. 

During a recent interview on Ellen, Dax discussed his big nude scene in new movie, "This is Where I Leave You," and about his nude scene, he said:

"... On the day that we shoot this thing you would think they would put the beautiful girl on top so we can all see her, but no way! They put the big galoot on top and they're shooting right there. It is very scary It’s just covered by a tiny sheet. ... When that all ended, when I shot the scene since I had not eaten in 3 weeks. Ordered pizza to be delivered to the building where the scene was and everyone left and I stayed there and gorged myself like an animal with ... pizza. And the director caught me. I don’t know why my leg is up. I just threw my leg up there. I don’t know. That’s a candid photo." 

You can see the pic for yourself in the video up above, and it is absolutely adorable. 


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9/19/2014 5:30 AM PDT
Aww, guys -- if anybody could make two adult, naked relatives in a tub not weird, it's these two: Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis.

There's no rhyme or reason as to why the girls are bathing together ... or drinking soda in the tub, but it's a pic that you have to see. #Freethenipple, indeed!

Tallulah Willis shared the snap, captioning it, "finallly [sic] reunited with my woman crush weds /best friend/sister @Scout_Willis." 

Love these girls. Love them absolutely forever.  
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9/19/2014 4:30 AM PDT
This is Lindsay Lohan in London just a week before her big stage debut in "Speed-the-Plow," and suffice it to say, things look different. It appears that Lindsay has ceased messing with her face, and has begun full concentration on looking as tanned as possible. And her eyes, too -- they don't look as dead and hollow as they have in the past. 

Verdict: Love it. Even though its nearly orange, love it. This seems to be the healthiest Lindsay's been in a really long time, and even if it's bronze all over, we'll take it, OK? There could be many, many worse things at work, friends. 


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