8/31/2016 2:00 PM PDT
If you won the genetic lottery -- like if, say, your mother is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet -- there is never any need to be shy about it.

Fortunately, Dylan Jagger Lee seems to know that. His older brother may be his mom's usual date to events these days, but Dylan's been balancing going to college with modeling. And he definitely meets all of the modeling criteria.

Even in his free time, though, damn did this guy get a double-dose of next-level hotness:
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8/31/2016 11:00 AM PDT
So hey, this is interesting: is Cameron Diaz pregnant? We haven't heard an announcement or anything, but we have seen a few photos of the woman where she just might possibly be showing off a brand new little baby bump.

Check out these pics: is this a bump or is this a bump?!
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8/31/2016 8:00 AM PDT
Mia Tyler -- definitely one of the lesser-known Tylers -- is absolutely our favorite Tyler. We'll always love Liv and "Armageddon" (sans Ben Affleck) and "Empire Records," but Mia ... this girl's got some fire that meek, adorable Liv just apparently didn't inherit. 

In a recent IG rant, plus-size model Mia goes off on one of those many "tea detox" companies, calling them out as well as the Kardashians, cast of "Teen Mom" and Amber Rose, to name a few. 

Check it out:
8/31/2016 7:00 AM PDT
Oh Kylie Jenner ... always keeping us on our toes, huh, keeping us guessing? 

GF posted a snap last week featuring some pretty ample cleavage, chalking it up to her "time of the month," and warning us that they'd soon deflate. However, it's been awhile, and that chest? It's still pretty pumped up. We're starting to worry about Kylie's iron levels. 

Check out the brand-new pics that look ... well, see for yourselves: 
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8/31/2016 6:00 AM PDT
"Oh my god, he texted me saying, 'I am really embarrassed, some photos are coming out. I just thought I should let you know.' I was like, 'Hmm, right ... What were you thinking? Seriously, what were you thinking?... Obviously he wasn't."

--Miranda KerrOrlando Bloom's ex-wife, on the ostentatious nudes that emerged a couple of weeks ago while he was on his World Genitals Tour a vacation with current flame, Katy Perry.

Don't get us wrong -- we're not mad about the pics; why would we be? But we get that his ex-wife ... who is also mother to their son ... might be a little concerned over what their son just might grow up to see on the internet. 

The internet is a scary place, friends ... and Orlando's generation -- which happens to be a only little bit older than our own generation -- should ...
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8/31/2016 5:00 AM PDT
This is Olivia Newton John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, and if there were ever grounds for evidence in the world's first face swap, this might be it ... 'cause she is looking dang different lately, and apparently no amount of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" is gonna convince Chloe that she should have been more devoted to her older face, or that ONJ isn't worried about what the future holds. 

Jump in. You owe it to yourself after watching "Grease" for years and years and ... well, perhaps too many years.
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8/31/2016 4:00 AM PDT
Yep, she's looking good, but you know what looks good, too? Any choice item off your favorite fast food menu that's sure to give you indigestion and diarrhea hours after you consume it. 

"Teen MomJenelle Evans is seeking custody of her first son, Jace, now that she's become more "stable," whatever that means for her, and claims to be "prepared" this time around. 

“We haven’t even had, like, one real court date trial for Jace’s case," Jenelle claims. "It’s been going for a year and a half and my lawyer has been going to court for me and my mom’s lawyer has been continuing it. She continued it three different times … hopefully we get this all resolved in October when the court date comes.”

When asked why she hasn't been awarded custody yet, she responds ...
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