11/22/2014 7:45 AM PST
Warning: this is pretty intensely sad, but sometimes we have to go through some sadness in this life, so just buck up, all right? The thing is that Kourtney Kardashian -- possibly the best Kardashian -- posted that little "Lilo and Stitch" picture up there, a picture with a little quote that reads "If you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone that leaves." And as if that wasn't sad enough ... guys, is this about Scott Disick?

It could be about anyone, of course, or it could be about no one. Maybe she just thought it was a deep little message. But we can't help but remember that Scott's been having some pretty big issues lately, and that Kourtney has some strong feelings about those issues. Could, heaven forbid, this Disney cuteness actually be a message about a breakup?

Whatever it is, you stay awesome, Kourtney. And cute and funny and with reasonably sized lips. You've got this, girlfriend.

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11/21/2014 1:30 PM PST
Well hey there gorgeous ol' ring on gorgeous ol' Angelina Jolie's all-important finger. Is that your wedding band? Because it sure is nice. And tasteful. Big, but tasteful, and not at all gaudy. Just the right amount of diamonds, and subtle enough to look expensive without looking desperate. Why is that? Well, it very well could be because you're married to one of Hollywood's most wonderful men, or it could be that you, yourself, are one of Hollywood's most wonderful women. 

Simply timeless. 

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11/21/2014 8:30 AM PST
It's been an extremely difficult few months without Robin Williams, but his family is coping as best as they can ... and really, what else can they do when something so tragic and sudden happens? 

Zak Williams, Robin's son with first wife, Valerie Velardi, has spoken out for the first time since his father's death on August 11th, and it was just as freshly sad as it was the day we as fans found out. Speaking on behalf of Williams' family, Zak said, "We're doing OK. We're acclimating to the new normal. Everything is step by step. Personally, my wife and I are focusing on doing a lot of good. She runs the San Francisco office of Human Rights Watch, and we're working with them to do good in the world. 

He continued by sharing memories of his late, great father, saying, "Dad had almost a childlike love, and he shared that love with people, with everyone. And that ability to love, and that ability to be generous and giving and kind is something we would want to share with future generations." 

RIP, Robin. You raised a great family, friend. 

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11/21/2014 6:00 AM PST

"I stopped doing drugs when I was about 20 years old. But I recently thought, 'Oh I'm going to start smoking pot again to cure insomnia.' I'd put the kids to bed, go upstairs and smoke a little bit of pot. But then I'd get stuck in front of the Kardashians on TV for 45 minutes. And it freaked me out. I was like, 'I'm never doing this ever again.' It's definitely not for me." 

--The legendary Dave Grohl of both Nirvana and The Foo Fighters on what happens when he mixes marijuana with "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and what the scary end result is, and we've gotta say, we can't blame him. Could you imagine what it would be like to be under the influence watching Kim and Khloe and Kourtney and Kendall and Kylie and Kris and Kanye and Kerfuffle all the rest doing their thing, whatever it happened to be at the time?
Hear that? That's a big, resounding "no" being shouted from the collective subconscious of the world, y'all.

Case in point: friends do not let friends do drugs ... and then watch "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."  


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11/21/2014 5:00 AM PST
Beyonce's apparently got it in her to be soft and sweet and truly empowering -- not the faux feminism Bossy Lady that we all know her to exhibit normally -- and she's gone and proven it in a leaked song that's alleged to be about her mother, Tina Knowles

Check out the moving lyrics: 

"You used to dress and fix your hair
You’d always smile through your tears
In the mirror you would stare and say a prayer
Like, “I wish he said I’m beautiful 
I wish it didn’t hurt at all
I don’t know how I got here
I was once the one who had his heart”
Until you had enough and then you took that ring off
You took that ring off
So tired of the lies and trying, fight and crying
You took that ring off
Now the fun begins
Dust yourself off and you’ll love again
You found a new man
Now you’re shiny, fine, like “It’s my time"

Sweet, right? You can listen to the leaked song here, and if we're being honest (and we always are), it's a fine, fine departure from "Partition" ... but then really anything would be. 

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11/21/2014 4:00 AM PST
Here's Kylie Jenner "overlining" her lips again, and what's more -- what's become primary to dem lipz in this post -- is that she took her hair extensions out and it looks like this is what we're dealing with now (we like it). 

Also, Kylie's looking a whole, whole lot like Khloe lately ... and that's not a bad thing. To the contrary -- looking like Khloe, as opposed to being a Kim clone, could do wonders for Kylie ... especially if she's trying to come into her own. 

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11/20/2014 12:30 PM PST
"I would support anything she wants to do. I don't do anything with the intention to promote anyone else doing it—that's not even what I'm trying to do. I do it because I'm proud of it. And it empowered me to feel good about myself after I had gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob for so long."

--Kim Kardashian on that photo up there possibly one day being little North West. Eeurgh.

If that's not a weird enough thought to behold at this stage in North's life, then consider this: Kanye West would really let his one -- and so far only -- daughter pose naked for a magazine? I dunno, guys, but Kanye seems a little protective for that kind of business. What Kim does with her own body is her own business, and the same will be true for North West, but there's an angry little force called "Kanye" out there that I know I wouldn't want to reckon with over daughter nudity.  

Oh, and that bit about being a "huge slob" during and/or after pregnancy? Ugh, girl, please. You know better than that. 

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