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In the funniest thing you'll see all day, an excerpt from an exercise commercial/video that Kris and Bruce Jenner made a long, long time ago, and if you can get past Bruce Jenner saying the word "erect" on loop for at least 90 seconds without cracking up, then you have willpower of steel ... and should probably break out your very own treadmill and get fit like this, too. 
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1/26/2015 5:00 AM PST
Poor Jennifer Aniston -- nobody seems to care about "Cake," one of her very first dramas to receive some pretty high accolades, and though she claims to be shaking it off as best as she can, last night's loss at the Screen Actors Guild Awards had to smart a little bit ... apparently. 

The consolation by Meryl Streep's just gotta be a pretty damn good ... uh, consolation prize, though, huh?  

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1/26/2015 4:00 AM PST
This here is Tallulah Willis -- once more, our favorite Willis girl -- and her mom, that lady -- you remember her name, what is it? Oh, yeah -- Demi Moore. If you can actually wrap your brain around it and make a sincere effort to believe it, that's Demi Moore on the right, there.

Though she looks pretty different than she did as opposed to last year, one thing always seems to remain the the same: her face is always different. 

Just as a comparison, this is what Demi looked like in 2014 ... which obviously wasn't that long ago: 

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1/23/2015 3:00 PM PST

Warning: if you are offended by bare booties in thongs gyrating to EDM music, then you should probably not watch this video. If you are offended by the f-word, you should probably also not watch this video. Finally, if you are offended by the Greatest Song Ever Written by Corey Feldman, then maybe you should just go away and reassess your priorities, because they are way out of whack, friend. 

That being said, this is Corey Feldman and his Angels performing at/hosting Skrillex's birthday party. The video is pretty awesome, but when the two join forces to perform "Ascension Millennium," it becomes epic. 

And you need this kind of epic on a Friday afternoon.
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1/23/2015 2:00 PM PST
This is Selena Gomez's latest 'do, and we're pretty sure she went and chopped it, washed Bieber out of her hair it, and didn't pin back a few dozen layers to fake us out, because man, that girl has got thick hair for days

Verdict: Love it. It looks a lot better -- and a lot healthier -- shorter. Isn't it a great feeling dropping dead-ass, go-nowhere weight from around your neck?

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1/23/2015 1:00 PM PST
Q: How do you know when you've gone as far as you're gonna go with your career? 

A: When you're posing with a blow-up doll of yourself ... and it's more appealing than you are. 

This is Farrah Abraham, friends, both on the left and right. I know it's hard to believe that a blow-up doll could just be so lifelike, but alas, technology and stuff. 

Farrah, go away. Seriously, just take all your latex vaginas and lip accidents and go.

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1/23/2015 12:00 PM PST
"I'm going to tell you something that I've literally never told anyone, which is one of my OCD things as a child was forcing myself to imagine having sex with Chris Farley. In even increments. Like, 'sex with Chris Farley, sex with Chris Farley,' in eights, to avoid then having to have sex with Chris Farley. Big fan! Big fan! ... That's not a lie, what I just said to you." 

 --Lena Dunham on "The Late Late Show" to Adam Sandler -- friend of the late, late Chris Farley -- and needless to say, she offended both us and the dead. Yeah, she might not have wanted to have sex with Chris Farley (and something tells us that he wouldn't have been interested in her anyway, considering the fact that she would have been eleven or younger when she had these "OCD" thoughts), but telling Sandler this? For what? To what end? 

In short, we call BS on Lena ... and her inane story. And we have another strike against her for insulting the memory of Chris Farley ... and in front of one of the man's closest friends, too.

What a distasteful ass.

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