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This is Kim Kardashian's latest getup in Paris during Fashion Week, and if you thought that she might try to tone her look down a little bit to compensate for that God-awful hair (and make no mistake -- it is God-awful), you were mistaken: the only thing that's happening here is that she's drawing even more attention to herself, and while she might normally consider that a good thing, in this case, it's not. It's a very, very bad thing. 

Verdict: Leave it. The whole thing is atrocious, quite literally from head to toe. 

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3/6/2015 12:00 PM PST
"Ultimately Kelly Clarkson is a chunky monkey. We can call it baby weight. We can call it puppy fat. We can call it love handles. We can call it muffin top ... but ultimately it's fat. ... There is no such thing as fat-shaming. There is only skinny-blaming. ... She took eating for two for eating for 10. [And] it doesn't hurt me if I hurt someone's feelings. Ultimately if you put yourself out there, then you have to accept what comes your way."

--Katie Hopkins' to Access Hollywood in reply to Kelly Clarkson's response to Katie's original "fat" jibes, and can we seriously just be done with this already? Obviously, Katie's intentions backfired, because nobody cares any more who she is, and nobody cares any more about her cause ... whatever that happens to be, aside from being a bully on the interwebs who has nothing to do but criticize women for not hitting the gym 16 times a day 'cause she has, you know, an actual life. 

Sorry, Katie Hopkins. This is a fail -- much like the first go round. Enough, all right?

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3/6/2015 11:00 AM PST
We're going to treat this one like a bandaid, guys, and do it as quick as possible so we don't draw out the suffering: Madonna has this new thing where she wears this mask, and it's the worst thing that ever happened. It's really, really bad. She's been taking selfies with the mask, like that one up there, and this one:

And she even posted a video:

Socks like to dance and have fun! #b----imasock ❤️#rebelheart

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Just so you know, this is some solid evidence that Madonna is officially never going to stop being terrible. She's always going to come up with new and exciting (and terrifying) methods of destroying our souls, just like she's been doing for the past few decades. We are stuck with her and that special kind of nonsense she dreams up for the rest of forever. So welcome to hell, y'all, but you've been here all along.

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3/6/2015 10:00 AM PST
Introducing Sarah Stage ... the 8-months-pregnant (yes, you read that correctly) lingerie model from Los Angeles. And she is, in fact, 8 months pregnant. She's probably going to have a baby in the next couple of weeks, that pregnant lingerie model will. She's been pregnant for 8 months. And if you can't wrap your brain around that, consider this: there's an approximately-5-pound baby nestled somewhere between her hips and her tight abs. And he or she is coming out soon

Minds ... blown.
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3/6/2015 8:00 AM PST
This is weird, guys, but it's also real life and it has to be faced: Khloe Kardashian posted this Throwback Thursday photo of Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and herself, and it's just a little insane. Just look at them, don't they all look so different? Kylie's so little, this must have been at least ten years ago, before she went through her lip puberty. And Kim, she looks completely different, you know, with the dark hair and everything. Khloe and Kourtney look pretty much the same, just a little older, but the effect of the whole thing together ... it's a lot to take in.

Just in case you forgot, here's what these ladies look like these days:

We'll go ahead and consider your minds blown, all right?

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3/6/2015 5:00 AM PST
Everybody, come quick, Taylor Swift posted this selfie on Twitter and she's not wearing a lick of makeup! Gaze upon her loveliness, soak in the warmth of her beauty, let it wash over you, for it is good. Seriously, it's so good. Is anyone else feeling uncomfortable about how good this picture is?

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3/6/2015 4:00 AM PST
Why should we be worrying about Kim Kardashian's garish new blonde 'do when we can look at Amber Rose -- a practically all-natural Amber Rose, mind you, even though it would appear that she's taking this photo in front of a tanning bed, in case you hadn't noticed -- but what's more is there's a gallery of Amber Rose rocking hair up top. Hair, friends. Like the very hair that Kim Kardashian has, only much more realistic-looking. 

Happy Friday! Gifts abound!  
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