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Damien Muscles
... Turn Down for What, Miley?
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Mylie Mylie Mylie she look's like Eric Cartman respect my authority

Is up the duff and frightened I head not that I care suck shit that will teach her for being a smartass and playing the porn star I love it she got money don't get me wrong money is great I'm fucken loaded and really wise it's better to start with nothing and by searching for you dream you become intelligent and appreciate what you have when you get it and know respect and everybody's knowing that everybodys time is important, As when people make others wait like rihanna and the school kids that waited five hours and I don't think she even showed. I just think they're all dumb with $$$$$$$ that's why I only watch an actors movie or a singers song and stay away from their private life and focus on my life..

Let them enjoy their life and enjoy what you're meant to, The music and their movies People need to get back to what is real their goals their life