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Barack Obama -- Celebs Treat Him Like a Circus Clown
13 days ago

I love how no one can say anything critical about the president without being labeled as a "Faux" News watching racist by some sanctimonious windbag. Faux news, god, get some new material already.

Here's Why It's OK to Be Upset Over Peaches Geldof's Death
39 days ago

Heroin wasn't a commonly used drug back in the 80s? Ha! You clearly weren't around in the 80s.

Seriously? Shut UP About Lady Gaga's "Weight Gain"
44 days ago

She's put on a few lbs., no big deal, but she is stuffing herself into a costume that is 2 sizes too small. That just accentuates any extra chub and makes her seem even fatter than she is.

Kelly Osbourne's Ass is DIVINE
73 days ago


Quotables: Terry Richardson's Denial Speaks Volumes
78 days ago

Ugh. I believe the picture you are referring to is of the actress, Juliette Lewis with Uncle Terry. I saw it long ago and if I had to choose an image to "unsee" that one would top my list. The fact that he likes to be referred to as "Uncle" Terry by his subjects also speaks volumes. So gross.

Quotables: Bad Acting Aside, Tori and Dean Have Some Serious Problems
119 days ago

Yeah. It's pretty telling that no one has been able to find that Emily Goodhand woman that he supposedly cheated with. If she was the slutty starf*cker that she was purported to be when this 'story' broke she would have turned up looking for a payday by now. This whole thing is total BS.

Did Kanye West Eat the Rest of Lily Allen?
120 days ago

Lily can't win. Gossips snark on her for being too chubby, then snark on her for being too thin. Besides she is obviously sucking in her cheeks...Eff it. Why do I even bother?

All the Sorries in the World, But Kate Gosselin is Kind of Hot Now
161 days ago

Ugh. All the pretty in the world can't mitigate this woman's bitchy attitude.

Who Cut Your Bangs, Farrah Abraham, Teeth?
176 days ago

Fishwrapper either needs to fire the irritating goofballs that are writing this dreck or just shut this whole sh*t show down. Seriously, every time I am suckered in here to read this drivel I am overcome with self-loathing and a niggling desire to shoot myself in the face.

So, Uh, What Exactly is J Woww Pregnant With?
238 days ago

Wow. I think she had her implants removed. She looks good.

Stars Without Makeup: Cameron Diaz Looks So Much Better!
264 days ago

She looks great. She looks like Amber Valetta.

Brandi, She's a Fine Girl
265 days ago

Those cheeks. Yikes! She is starting to look like the puppet from Saw.

Look Away, LeAnn Rimes Haters
266 days ago

She choked at the end, though.

So How Hot Did Rumer Willis Get?
284 days ago

How How, indeed. Idiots.

Love It or Leave It: Lindsay Lohan, You in Danger, Girl
288 days ago

Ha! I see she's hawking those crappy, over-priced Beats by Dre headphones. A useless celebrity shilling useless junk.

Renee Zellweger, We Just Want to Hear About Your FACE!
300 days ago

Ugh. Clickbaited again.

Love It or Leave It: Ashlee Simpson Needs to Give Up the Ghost
300 days ago

Ha! You're commenting on her outfit and style but I know you judgemental a-holes just wanted an excuse to post this horribly unflattering picture of Ashlee.

Oh, Great: Lady Gaga Is Doing More Dumb "Art" Now
312 days ago

Ugh. I can't believe she is ripping off Yolandi now.

This is What Jake Gyllenhaal Would Look Like If He Weren't Famous
315 days ago

Sometimes I wonder if the women who write this dreck are one awful person. The writing styles are so similar and the overall tone of these snarky posts comes across like a guy trying to write like a bitchy girl. Because nothing says girl! like! exclamation! points!Wait a minute. Harvey, is that you?

This is What Jake Gyllenhaal Would Look Like If He Weren't Famous
315 days ago

Good try? Ugh. What a sanctimonious bitch.

Love It or Leave It: Contrary to Popular Belief, There ARE Worse Things Than Johnny Depp's Blonde Hair
317 days ago

Johnny who? I'm looking at that hot bitch Christopher Lee!

Love It or Leave It: But Hey, Did Ashlee Simpson Join the Ranks of the Homeless Lately?
320 days ago

She should have left her nose alone. The bigger nose kind of balanced out that witch chin situation that Ashlee has going on.

Love It or Leave It: Demi Lovato's Blue Hair is as Flattering as Miley's VMA Outfit
335 days ago

I like it. The blue looks much better than that horrible blonde shade she had for a while.

Avril Lavigne Would Have a Cute Baby if She Were Impregnated by Avril Lavigne
337 days ago

Definitely knocked up. Her neck and upper arms look a bit fuller, too.

Kendall Jenner Might Actually Have a Shot at This Modeling Thing She Wants So Bad
342 days ago

I don't even understand what the writer is trying to say. Ugh. I hate myself just a little more everytime I allow myself to get lured to this crap site.

Love It or Leave It: Jenny McCarthy Apparently Never Heard the Term "Less is More"
357 days ago

Ugh. So unflattering. The back of the neckline makes it look as if someone has her by the scruff of the neck and she appears hunched over. And the plunging neckline with a skirt that long makes her look like one long, shapeless column. And ladies never, EVER tattoo your feet, it is unbearably trashy looking.

It's Official: Nicole Richie is Your New Favorite Person
364 days ago

Ha! If you didn't know Nicole Richie was funny, you know NOTHING about Nicole Richie. She is a hilarious prankster and smart ass and always has been.

Our Little Selena Gomez is All Grown Up and Twerking to Rihanna
380 days ago

Those dance routines were sloppy and dull as hell.

Miley Should Put Down the Twerking and Do This For the Rest Of Her Life
399 days ago

Everytime I allow myself to be lured to this site, I hate me just a little bit more.

Corey Feldman is Gonna Blow Your Mind With His New Music Video
419 days ago

Wow. That wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be.

Adele Has an Adorable New Tattoo!
432 days ago

I love her.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Got Characteristically Adorable on Twitter This Morning!
434 days ago

They are my favorite Hollywood couple. So cute.

It's a Horrifying Thing to Say, But Gwyneth Paltrow TOTALLY Has It Together
447 days ago

Huh. I was just reading this and thinking to myself blogger Sarah Taylor is "mad annoying, and maybe makes me want to stick my finger down my throat and gag a lot of times." Seriously, this site posts some of the dumbest shite I have ever read.

Today in Stupidest Things All Year Long
448 days ago

Ugh. I know right? This is the stupidest thing I've seen/read on this site yet, and that is saying a lot.

NEW MUSIC: Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed or Stopped or ANY of That, Guys
457 days ago

I hate to admit it, but it's not bad actually. Kind of a grower. But I agree with whatev, she is sounding a lot like Rhianna

Here's Some Proof That People Change And Life Isn't Fair
461 days ago

I guess Dita von Teese is stylish in a retro way, but I've never understood why people think this woman is so awesome. I only remember her for her questionable boning of Marilyn Manson and shaking her cans in an oversized martini glass.

Here's Some Proof That Zooey Deschanel is the Most Adorable Thing That Ever Existed
468 days ago

Aw. That was a cute video. I love, love, love Zooey but try as I might I just can't get into her music.