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Kanye West is Back to Ruining Music (and Womens' Rights) Again
448 days ago

To be totally Honest, I don't see what is wrong with this world today. People express themselves in ways that one but those two people understand between themselves. I know kim and kanye are alittle out their but real talk they are two people in love or for what ever their connection it is, only they can understand that and interpenetrate each other souls and hearts. The media needs to stop this Hating words and learn to read betwee n the lines and understand that you may never understand two peoples love for each other and that is something that only God himself could and would any understand. STOP THE HATRED BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY TO FIND PEACES WITH IN THIS WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN. HATE DESTROYS EVERY THING THAT COMES IN ITS WAY BUT LOVE, PEACE AND HONOR ARE ALL LOVE FROM GOD AND PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HOW TO LOVE OTHERS AND TRY THAT THEIR IS SOON MANY WAYS TO LOVE IN THIS WORLD THAT IS BECOMING A VERY SAD AND LONELY WORLD WITH OUT LOVE, PEACES AND HONER.That all I got to say about this stupid articular. PEACE OUT AND IF YOU WANT TO HATE ME FOR MY WORDS THEN SO BE YOU JUST LOST IN HATE TO ME AND I AINT ABOUT TO WASTE TIME DWELLING YOUR SORROW OF HATE.

Angel Eye
Oh Look Who's Trying to Steal the Raunch Crown from Queen Miley
490 days ago

I would rather watch Beyonce they to have to watch Miley with her flat butt and no shape. Beyonce has an amazing boy and she is really beautiful. But the only thing that bothers me is why does she have to snoop so low to Miley level? she is better then that and doesn't have to show all that skin, to be sexy. I think she did this video to show Miley how it is done, and to show her who Queen Diva. LOL