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Quotables: Rosie Perez Has Valid Point ... That Everybody Seems to Be Missing
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Using someone else's misfortune to make a name for yourself equates to greedy selfishness. If the family was against the movie, their wishes should have been respected. Too bad Pat, the sister in law manager, didn't put a copyright on everything Whitney like I think Priscilla did with Elvis. Money makes people make bad decisions. And to exclude Bobbi Kristina's character from the movie is puzzling. BK was such a key component to Whitni's life. To phase her out like she never existed is questionable to me. I'm sure their is an explanation, but the omission can't be explained away because she was there since birth.
The larger question is did Nick Gordon in a fit of temper and drugs harm this child and try to cover up the damage. They should have been more closely monitored and BK should have been in counseling.