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Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Doesn't Need Pretty Clothes to Look All Right
7 days ago

What a scummy looking outfit. Goes to show that Kim will go to any length to ensure that the spotlight is on her and her boobs and rear end.

"Impetuous" is Kim K's Middle Name
24 days ago

What the heck is Kim K going to do with an adopted child when in reality you never, ever see her with her own biological child!

Quotables: Kate Gosselin Thinks We're All as Dumb as Kate Gosselin
67 days ago

If she is sooo badly off financially, how the heck can she live in the house that she lives in??!!

Quotables: Tori Spelling Needs to Make a Move Now
133 days ago

Yes, Tori needs to reassess her life situation as to whether Dean is really worth all the hurt he has given her and her children. I think that Dean should smarten up as walking away from Tori and his family would do nothing to improve his image and career. He seems to be struggling right now so high time to clean up his act.