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Kendall Jenner Still Amazing, Now With Camel Toe
4 days ago

all those kartrashain/jenner broads have sloppy fat meat curtains...its in their genes..nasty,must be like rolling yr peck r in a package of shredded beef..

Fool Us Once, You're a Pervert. Fool Us Twice? You're Still a Pervert.
49 days ago

well..atleast he was looking for legal normal zex..unlike jared,whos gonna ge t plowed by foot longs everyday in prison..we hope.

Tyga is Not Worth This
62 days ago

kylies lips look like a swollen anus...true,tats what they remind me of..when you have patients who are in for a colonoscopy,they cleanse their bowels out for a day,their anus is all plump and gross,like her lips look..

Quotables: Everybody Surrounding the Duggar Family is Deranged ... Or So It Would Seem
134 days ago

i want to hear from ''cousin amy''....shes a loose cannon..

Selena Gomez Looks So Cute, and So Does Her Vulva!
170 days ago

well...atleast its not a rocky mountain range sized camel toe like a kardashain...those kardash toes are dangerously deep,all packed with frothy yeasty mucky muck ;)

Woman With World's Largest Boobs Gives Google a Hilarious F U
190 days ago

oh jeeze orca,give it a rest..haters gonna hate is as bad as a race card..its over used,expired,void and meaningless...go diet..

Say What You Will, But There is NOTHING Hotter Than Confidence
216 days ago

she IS NOT A SIZE 22.......SHE IS DEF ATLEAST A 26 OR HIGHER..AND she does not weigh 260.....more like 320+

Quotables: Kid Rock Gets More Reprehensible as the Years Go By
222 days ago

hes thinking the same thing i am..shes not the greatest thing out there.not by a long shot..and kanye shoving his starstruck wanna bang her antics at us every chance he gets makes more of us humans loathe her ''singing''..

Famous Faces -- Then & Now ... 2!
223 days ago

ut oh..madge better watch hilton banged a guy who looks like this kid

Khloe K's Camel Toe is So Epic, It Has Its Own Name
266 days ago

thats not a camel toe..thats a parking space..

Yes, Jennifer Aniston, We WILL Take Kim K Over You, Girl
318 days ago

theres no contest between these 2 females. jennifer aniston exudes class,poise,beauty and k on the other hand exudes low class,hoochie mama,no morals,nothing to take seriously.besides,giant lumpy oiled up axxes are a freak of nature with the emphasis on ''freaky and lumpy''.

Change is Surely on Its Way
396 days ago

alot of plus size humans are made to feel theyre not as valued/liked/loved/yearned for/wanted as skeletor theyre not good enough to go in public with because theyre 50 pounds heavier than the next girl.have you ever really hugged a skeletor chick? it feels cold and alien and unloving..yet a chunky chick hug is all encompassing,warm and feels like true feelings.

Here's Why It's OK to Be Upset Over Peaches Geldof's Death
439 days ago

i'd rather have the trots and puke than shoot uop and leave my 11month old wandering around my cold corpse for GOD knows how long.