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Madonna Is Too Sad for Words
11 days ago

She is an incredible entertainer and I hope that everyone understands exactly how amazing she is. About a year ago I was in a venue with 20,000ish other people- at 1 am-rocking out and singing "Like A Prayer" at the top of our lungs along with Madonna and a full Gospel Choir. I will admit I was surprised that the audience skewed older than I would have expected, but it was in her home state of Michigan. I can honestly say every single person was on their feet enjoying the show even at that ridiculously late hour on a week night. Literally the best show I have seen from a total performance standpoint. No she isn't the best vocalist but she knows how to put together a show with incredible graphics, amazing dancers, and perfect special effects to add to the ovarial experience rather than distract from it. I didn't even know any of the music from her new album and it was still incredible to watch, listen and feel. I see a lot of big name shows and I have never experienced anything like that night-In the last year I have seen Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, Justin by himself, Taylor Swift, Fun. (twice), and P!nk (twice).

Lea Michele's Song for Cory Monteith Will Break Your Heart into A Thousand Pieces
233 days ago

The quote I read said that the song was already on the album -not added after Cory's death -but is indeed the song that she feels is "their song" and that she listens to it when she is thinking about him

Her strength is amazing and to have it all play out in the public eye has to be incredibly difficult and she has done everything with grace and humility and strength. I loved the Ellen interview because Lea clearly still loves him and hasn't let his addiction and the end of his life cloud how she felt for the man. Finn's (Cory's Character) mom on Glee-speaking about Finn's father's death (ironically from a drug overdose)- said something like- the way he died isn't indicative of the man he was.

Madonna Needs Attention (And A Solid Dose of Reality)
238 days ago

Hey at least her body is toned and looks great and her bathroom is gorgeous and clean. I see posts on Facebook fairly regularly that say "dishes done, kids in bed, time for a bath..." or something slimier. Rather than the artful visual Madonna has given us, these woman are frumpy, overweight, overstressed housewives who haven't seen a fashionable garment in 25 years and get their hair permed and frosted through a cap. And I guarantee their bathrooms aren't awesome. These posts always leave a visual that I would rather not revisit but are never easy to get out of my head. So who cares if Madonna posted this? It is a pretty woman, a gorgeous bathroom, nice filter, great complistion... and at least she isn't flummoxed over what to do with her hair color.