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Quotables: No Matter What Color Ribbon's On It, Poo in a Bag is Still Poo in a Bag
95 days ago

Candace has the right to live her life the way she feels she should. This is America and that's what it is all about. But when a person owns a business ANYBODY can walk through the door. Gay, straight, bi, transgendered, etc. Is it smart business to refuse people service based on any of these things? Furthermore is it right? In my mind the answer is no. Customers don't come into stores to get opinions about what the owners think about their personal lives. These people wanted a cake and that's it. I'm not saying the owners of the bakery didn't have the right to feel the way they felt. But what did those feelings have to do with BUSINESS? Refusing them the cake was not going to change the fact that it was for a same-sex couple who were going to get the cake somewhere else AND get married. This issue will probably wind up at the Supreme Court because you are going to have people that want to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Quotables: It's Hard to Make Points When the Only Obvious Ones Are at the Top of Your Head
200 days ago

Still looking for attention I see. Jolie has the right to do whatever she feels she needs to do to live. Is Hopkins saying that she WOULDN'T do the same thing? I highly doubt that.

All Right, Madonna -- You Win This Round
481 days ago

Madonna has a reputation that she really hasn't earned. People automatically think bad things about her, but having watched her career for 30 years now I can honestly say that she is not as bad as people think. No drugs, or rehab. No alcoholism. Now she does have a reputation for sexual promiscuity and partying in that way and a lot of that may be rumors. She was also in an abusive relationship with her first husband Sean Penn. But, really, for Madonna to have been around as long as she has been I don't think she is that bad.

The "Fast and Furious" Tribute Video for Paul Walker is Pretty Awful
677 days ago

I don't see anything to be disturbed about. I don't see anything that is 'pretty awful' except the way the this article is written.

Will Smith Understandably Got Upset When His Family Was Compared to the Kardashians
867 days ago

First of all the Kardashians don't really have any talent. They are experts at manipulating the media and generating interest in themselves. BUT they don't 'do' anything. Will Smith is an actor and has also been a successful recording artist. He is making money off of what he does. His children are following in his footsteps which is not that unusual. Michael Douglas father was an actor named Kirk Douglas. So that ain't no big thing. If both kids keep working they may attain the same level of success as their father. But the Kardashians are manipulating people's nosiness and have turned it into multi billion dollar business. Not the same thing. Now I don't blame the Kardashians at all. I don't watch them because I don't give a damn about them. Who cares what they do? If a camera followed me around all the time there is no telling what you would see too. But the Smith's are a family of working actors and performers. The Kardashians are part of the whole 'reality' b.s.