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There Sure Is Something Special About Kylie Jenner Without Makeup ...
128 days ago

No kidding. This site bitches about her lips ALL THE TIME as if it's any of their business. Then they post this picture where she clearly has normal, unaltered lips, and they can muster is, "that means there's no drawn on lipliner, no little tricks she could have pulled. We are finally getting a chance to see Kylie's infamous lips all by themselves." You guys are fucking assholes for harassing a 17 year old repeatedly because of the way she does her makeup.

Don't Want People Looking at Your Bits? It's Simple -- DON'T TAKE THE PICS
207 days ago

Really Sarah? What BS. Now no one can have any expectation of privacy in their own home using their own device to take their own photos? Wow. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but your opinion is dumb.