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Lady Gaga's Face Just Gets More And More Peculiar
276 days ago

No love for her. Her greatest feat has been stealing the identity and talent of Lina Morgana and exploiting it. So her downfall will be karma. RIP Lina Morgana!

Tila Tequila Just Lost Her Grip in a Major Way
327 days ago

Since many of you these days have delicate sensibilities that causes you NOT to think outside of the box, what she is saying may be right! There are some very evil underlying things that are going on in the world that many of you see but are distracted by those who are doing the deeds. A ritual killing is like an honor killing, real ish. What you think is "Jesus" may actually just be a Roman creation to keep the "subjects" under control (and it's working......), even though the true "Jesus" is Heru. These are just examples. You will never hear the true on the TV that many of you are hooked to because "they" run the media. So when you heard this ish, try to keep an open mind and research before you write off someone who may be telling you the truth!

Farrah Abraham is Forever Dumb
387 days ago

Maybe an idiot who should not have procreated but still a nice POA.

Kendall Jenner Would Probably Be Locked in a Closet if She Were a Normal 17-Year-Old
387 days ago

America eats, licks and fan·ta·sizes about it's young. Kris Jenner knows exactly what she is doing. Some of you may not want to believe this, but there are dudes and chicks who have lust for these types. Just like with Miley and Selena Gomez.

Say what you want about the fakeness of Kris Jenner and her clan but the most realist quality about them is they know how to make money$ off of sheep, arse-licking morons.

Put Your Damn Tongue Back in Your Mouth, Miley -- You're Embarrassing Yourself
435 days ago

In my opinion, she's hot. She was under mind control with Disney, she deserves to act wild.