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Updated: Fight For Your Rights, Kelly!
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This show has gone off the rails completely since Joan died. Kelly used to get into a snit when negative opinions were expressed about the behavior/wardrobe/etc. of Miley Cyrus, but Kelly knew better than to push the envelope too far with Joan. Rancid is just a wicked person with a sharp tongue who is desperate to be seen/heard/noticed. Kathy Griffin couldn't polish Joan's shoes if she stood on a high ladder -- she's dreadfully bitter and snide. I miss George -- he was interesting and didn't play the gay card every time the camera panned to him -- his opinions were thought out and considered, not thrown at the audience for the shock value.

In short, if Melissa Rivers has any sense she will separate herself from this train wreck of a show and honor the original intent, which was to feature Hollywood fashion, good and bad. It has degraded itself to a mean spirited, amateur hour show that belongs on local access.