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Leave It to The Duggars to Ruin Thanksgiving!
368 days ago

>_< Sure I don't like them. But why ban abortion? Why ban people loving each other? Ten bucks says if someone would want to ban man-woman married everyone would cry fool. I hate to tell you this there are some that have to have a abortion it called saving the woman life if there a medical risk. Also to think a book that was made to help people feel good is making such a fuss is also dumb. Also last time I check I never had a "gay" person FORCE their beliefs on m while people like Josh always have. See being told at 6 that I was going to "hell" because I did not read or believe in their GOD made me kind of mad. Also being told by many more that I was a "sinner" due to my choices not some force or GOD makes me even more mad. If god was really was against this then why even let this happen? Tell me if he loves all HIS kids then why not love them all as they are.