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I hate Sarah Taylor
And This is How Jennifer Lopez Goes Downhill Fast
4 days ago

Dear Sarah, you are a Fucking idiot. J LO is featured on the song, not French, did you even watch the video? J Lo can do no wrong, she's extremely accomplished especially when comparing her career to an ugly Fucking woman who sits in a cubicle all day. (Yes your ugly I've seen your pictures) French Montana is one of the biggest talents in hip hop, while you write articles for minimum wage on a bootleg site that doesn't get 1/10th of the Traffic TMZ Gets. The truth is, maybe you should be more concerned with your horrible articles of the Kardashians going to the grocery store. DO IT LOOK LIKE THEIR STRESSIN?! CUZ WE AINT. Haaaaan Don't Panic we just getting started Bitch :)