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This is the Best Khloe's Ever Looked, Hands Down
13 days ago

One of her better photo shop jobs. If you're going to complement her, do it for her photo shopping skills. She has never really looked remotely like this in her life. Just compare to pics of her aside from her instagram. Exactly. Still she's a trier.

98 days ago

And tomorrow we'll see a pic of her without makeup (like we do all the time) and her lips are back to normal. Just more made up crap from you.

Kendall Jenner: Through the Years
136 days ago

Wishful thinking on your part? As blurred as this image is you can still see she's wearing underpants or bikini bottoms. You can't make out anything of her breasts. Stop trying to portray this young woman into some kind of porn star in the making just because her older half sister made a private sex tape with her boyfriend some years ago and just because you want it to be true. It isn't and I suspect never will be.

Did She or Didn't She? Kylie Jenner's Lips
152 days ago

Oh stop already. Lip injections are not permanent but do last a few months I think. This girl is photographed one day with plump lips and the next without. This is just temporary lip plumper gloss you can buy at any cosmetics counter (some better than others) plus make-up.

Miley Cyrus WOULD Be in a Video All About Drugs
209 days ago

Well a few people are still talking about her which is really all she cares about so I guess she's happy. Too bad her music sucks but it doesn't seem to matter to her.