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Dean McDermott is Repulsive as They Come
92 days ago

omg!!!!!!! she knows exactly what he is,his nature etc.hell,she probably sent him to the store.she is far to smart,to let herself be portrayed as a stupid as she is letting on for national tv. they need to get a divorce,then let her have a reality show,as what she will do when she really is on her own,w/o help from her mother,or anyone else.she comes from old money,& lot's of it.while this makes for good tv,jack it up a little bit make it better,& more realistic for whom ever chooses to watch it can relate,& believe.she would be better off w/o dean,to bring up those kid's in a hostile enviroment,or is it just tv.@it's best that they have to offer?

Jessa Duggar Just Can't Stop Being Ignorant
111 days ago

and the saga continues.............

The Duggar Family Gets Real Weird ... No, Again
125 days ago

please take these people off of t.v.they have made lots of money,enough to last them,this is so stupid for tlc to even promote a show such as this.omg,the beach issue,sorry Duggars,who in the name of God wants to go to the beach fully clothed,esp. the girls,& you think that is attractive to boy's/men.yeah,they will be looking alright,@ how stupid your kid's look on a hot summer day.

Quotables: French Montana Opens His Stanky Trap About Getting Ditched
136 days ago

ah come on.....khloe knew this guy before she ever became involved with him,she chose willingly to be in the relationship.

Ariana Grande Might Be A Big Ol' Diva After All!
137 days ago

she thinks she's a diva? laughable.someone really lied to her!

Quotables: The Duggar Clique Couldn't Stay Likable for Too Long, Huh?
185 days ago

they all think they are above reproach,tv money pd. for there sprawling house,all the stuff inside of it,the vehicles they have etc.i no longer watch the show,when i started doing research on there religious beliefs,i found there doctrine quite interesting.anyone else can do as they please,but i will not watch the show anymore.

Brace Yourself for Some More Distasteful Skull-Dugger-y
230 days ago

maybe she's thinking......"I ain't having 19 kids".

Kanye West is Back to Ruining Music (and Womens' Rights) Again
295 days ago


Miley Cyrus Doesn't Look A Whole Lot Like Miley Cyrus Anymore
362 days ago

she looks like an eraser atop of a pencil.well used.

It Takes a Village (Sans Idiots) to Raise a Child
363 days ago

he really does need to pop them there pimples!

Looks Like Selena Gomez Can't Stop Being Petty And Weird
363 days ago

sure she is cute/very pretty,but if she does not quit hanging w/justin,her credit of being a singer/actress will go down just like that of justin.