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Oh No You Did NOT, Jessa Duggar!
594 days ago

Emily Trainham (the author of this article) has taken Jessa Duggar's words and twisted the intent & meaning behind it in a disgusting manner. For starters, Jessa is not commenting or comparing other religious beliefs; How, exactly, did she say those who believed differently were like Nazi's and guards to gas chambers???? She's talking about the right for others to have life-- period. Not to say it's the exact same brutality of the Holocaust, but denying life (abortions) can be seen as a form of genocide; It has everything to do with where you think life begins. I'm so tired of Christians being targeted for their beliefs. The same way others have different beliefs & are respected, so should Christians' beliefs. Rarely are other religions picked apart in the same capacity.

It Doesn't Get Any Worse Than This
833 days ago

I was only interested, because I've been watching her deny her "Porn Star" title vehemently on Couple's Therapy, and didn't know if there's something I missed... Nope, she's bold face either in denial or lying. It's sad that she's become this. She's a much smarter girl than that, but emotionally f'd up.