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Farrah Abraham Just Got a Million Times More Ridiculous
166 days ago

I don't even know how to respond to this. I'm also an EC author and I'm deeply disturbed by this whole situation. To be branded with this woman makes me angry. It cheapens our work. There are no words to describe my shock. I don't think EC wants to ask their authors how they feel about this ridiculous collaboration because I don't think they'd like the answer they'd get from us. Perhaps they don't give a shit how we feel. But the silence on the author loop should be a clear indication to EC that we are extremely upset about it. I'm very sad to see the turn this company has taken because I love EC and the people who are apart of the EC family. But I didn't sign up for this and I won't be associated with the likes of Farrah Abraham who I have absolutely no respect for on any level, and especially as an author. She hasn't earned it. I'll finish my obligations to EC, and then I plan to move on if this is the path EC has chosen for its future because I want no part of it.