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Wish This Lady Some Good Will, Huh?
39 days ago

It is and is not her fault. She should of never went a whole year with open draining wounds just applying bandages and waiting for them to heal. That part is kind of her fault at least partially. Her surgeon and surgical team did a horrible job; however, all I have is this news story to judge them by. She should of been told to come back immediately if post surgical wounds are abnormally painful for long period of time which is consistent with infection as well as if you see discoloration where the bruises post surgery get worse, turn dark red, brown, or black abnormally in large amounts other than a wounds normal coloration of very small amounts of brown to black around a very small amount of the wound's edge in normal healing. Necrosis is not that difficult to spot, and you should call your surgical team and return to the hospital ASAP. Good wound care could of carefully removed the necrosis and related bacteria before it spread any further, and a good plastic surgeon could of reshaped her stomach so that it would heal in the shape of a V form from the top of the breasts down to a slight V and then out again to the hips. She definitely needed or needs to get her surgical problems fixed to her satisfaction or sue to get the money so another more qualified doctor can get the procedure done right. If you spend literally months and loose a very large amount of weight, the excess skin you are left with can take a decade to shrink up and tighten. However, that is not your only choice. If you have lost the wieght, and have a healthy eating plan and good outlook so that you don't regain the weight, and you can afford the sugery, a good plastic surgeon can remove the excess skin and sew you up where it will look good with very little to no scaring. Usually the tummy tuck scar can be hidden just under the bikini line of a swim suit, and you can literally loose 20 to 30 pounds in excess skin and some residual fat removal just from going under the knife. After loosing 80 to 150 pounds, that last 20 or 30 pounds of skin and fat might of taken you 8 to 12 years to tighten up on it's own, and as you get older, it would get more and more difficult, but that last part can literally be done in one day with about 3 to 5 months recovery time at home after the surgery, and then all you have to do during the last two months of recovery do some crunches to get your muscle mass built back up and give you some good core strength, and then get a nice tan either in the sun, a tanning booth, or spray on and go pick out a nice swim suit and some hot looking clothes and you will be ready to rock your summer right.