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58 days ago

well that explains the strip show during the worst rendition of "I want a Hippopotumus for Christmas". My husband was like why is that skank taking off her jacket? Oh because this is how she wanted to let the world know and make the next day review of the show be all about her.

Why Does Tori Spelling Want Us to Hurt?!
63 days ago

I don't watch the show and never will. I only logged on here to say that if you REALLY want her to go away STOP GIVING HER ATTENTION!

Give It the Hell Up, Tori Spelling -- For Real
74 days ago

I don't watch the show but I can't help but find references to it everywhere! Here is what I am wondering, is it really Tori scheduling these ridiculous guests or is it someone associated with the show doing it in order to keep the drama and ratings up knowing Tori would not be able to turn it away, you know feeding on her fear of not being on tv. She seems to be quite the idiot and if someone is doing this to her then they are real scum because Tori doesn't seem to have the capacity to think

Quotables: Miley Cyrus Has The Dumbest Thoughts on The King
153 days ago

Someone needs to tell that idiot that Elvis was not allowed to be filmed from the waist down because of his gyrating and that he was called "Elvis Pelvis" and there was a firestorm about his inappropriate gyrations! She's such an ass. At 21 she should be far more mature and able to do some sort of research before she opens that stupid mouth of hers. Just like the homeless situation. All for her. Next month will she even remember there are homeless teens?

Feel That, Farrah? That's Called "Rock Bottom"
273 days ago

Maybe the key word here is not porn it's STAR