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Oh No You Did NOT, Jessa Duggar!
34 days ago

You are so dumb. The holocaust was an extermination attempt, as is abortion - getting rid of the unwanted, frankly it is a reasonable comparison. You are probably like many, abortion is a choice and ok; however, with the same mouth will cry murder should something happen to cause the death of their unborn baby - at any stage of the pregnancy. So, it is not a life unless you want the baby I suppose. Changing topics, did you not know correct grammar? or how to formulate a proper sentence? Geez, it is like reading primary grade writing.

The One in Which We Have to Side With Jason Biggs' Hooker Threesomes
132 days ago

Sarah, are you 12? Your grammar and way of writing screams adolescence. Jason Biggs and his wife are gross, Candace is spot on. This world could use some higher standards around morality.