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Sam C
This is Not Even REMOTELY the Look, Khloe Kardashian
74 days ago

Another daily update of something ridiculous the Kardashians/Jenners did. There are hundreds of celebrities with more interesting lives, do we seriously need multiple daily updates of every, single, ridiculous selfie these utterly ridiculous women take Just. Stop.

Sam C
Oh ... My ... GRACIOUS
88 days ago

If you stop posting photos of these silly Kardashian women, maybe they will go away. The only reason they take these ridiculous photos is because you post them.

Sam C
Yes, We Are Talking About This Again
89 days ago

How much do the Kardashians pay you to post daily photos of these ridiculous women? Seriously...STOP WITH THE KARDASHIANS!

Sam C
All Hail Kris Jenner's Unfailing Hotness!
95 days ago

Who cares about this over-Photoshopped woman? She has done nothing for the good of the world or for others. I don't care about Kris Jenner or any of the vapid, silly Kardashian/Jenner women...I don't care! If you stop posting daily photos of these ridiculous women, maybe they will go away.

Sam C
Kris Jenner Shows Her Ass, and What An Impressive Ass It Is!
138 days ago

I don't care! I don't care! Stop running photos of these silly women.

Sam C
Love It or Leave It: Kylie Jenner's Sad, Shocking New Look
142 days ago

You wrote "what's going on here? And how do we get it to stop forever?"
I have a suggestion about how to stop it forever...STOP POSTING PHOTOS OF THE KARDASHIANS! If you don't post photos, no one sees these silly, self-absorbed women who do absolutely nothing to better the world. Start a movement, be Kardashian-free. That would stop it!

Sam C
Kylie Jenner Gets Extensions, Because Who Needs Reality?
154 days ago

I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. Stop publishing photos of every little self-absorbed idiocy these silly women do.

Sam C
Because Apparently Texting is More Important Than Respect
155 days ago

No more Kardashians! These silly women, with no discernible talent, are only "famous" because news outlets continue to post photos of their every move. How about going Kardashian free? Please, stop giving these ridiculous, utterly self-absorbed women attention!

Sam C
This is Not the Look, Khloe Kardashian
158 days ago

NO MORE KARDASHIANS! They are only famous because magazines and websites keep publishing photos of them and stories about them. If everyone went Kardashian free, for even a week, these silly, vapid women with no discernible talent would (God, we can only hope) go away.

Sam C
Kim Kardashian's Throwbacks Tell a Different Story
277 days ago

Hey, Fishwrapper, I have a GREAT idea. Try going "Kardashian Free" for a week...or, hopefully, forever. These women have zero talent and have become famous for having their photos everywhere...and everyone says, "oh no, not another Kardashian photo." Seriously, make a sex tape, deny plastic surgery, constantly exhibit extreme vapid behavior...Make. It. Stop. Let the Kardahsians fall through the Krack and go away.