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The World Just Tipped a Few More Degrees Toward "Scary" on Its Axis
493 days ago

Nice job on scamming the click through. You are now blocked on my system. Good bye!!!

Lindsay Lohan is Sweet as Pie (and Potatoes)
543 days ago

I lub you Lindsay, I want to have your babies! But seriously, folks... Lindsay Lohan is one of the huge hopefuls when it comes to upside down artists coming around and getting it straight. She has an excellent opportunity to have a great future and she seems to be wanting it. Good for her. As long as she can keep her lunatic parents out of the picture and behave like an adult, then she'll be fine and give us all what we are looking for from her: good work.

Don't Get Mad, Y'All, But Courtney Stodden is Pretty Hot
543 days ago

She's working the formula. Sex, boobs, lips, being outrageous, it's all part of the hollywood formula and she's making it work. I love her. She personifies the Hollywood way. As long as them checks keep rollin on in, she'll keep it up. Good luck to her. Look: at least she sings. The kardashians that you all seem to love so much can't even do that. She is a concept, embrace it. A fickle public can't get enough of her and that's how it is supposed to work. Miley Cyrus is doing the same thing and so are a lot of other people. It's the new "normal." You go girl!!

Miley's Not Even Trying Anymore
545 days ago

She has a great body, no doubt about it. She is young, pretty and all that. I get it. There's nothing like a pretty girl. But here's the thing: the song sucks and she does not handle the dynamics of it well. Miley has nobody to tell her this. She's out there swinging in the wind and wanting to be a big star so bad that instead of putting her best foot forward, she puts her best camel-toe out there. Nice. So from this performance, I take away a reaffirmation of my desire to glam slam her, but not a desire to buy the record. And that is where the problem is. Her people need to be honest with her, and "laughing all the way to the bank" by someone who is doing the wrong thing must be a shamefully empty feeling.

Hey, Everybody, Come Look at How Hot Anna Kendrick Is!
640 days ago

Well, not only does she have delightful boobies, but she has a cute nose, fabulous eyes and sharp features that makes her allure undeniable. I realize the "formula" is a T&A thing, but there is no shortage of T&A in Hollywierd. She is beautiful, no question about it but my daughter has her beat by a mile, and she is not going anywhere near Hollywierd.

Scar Yourself for Life with These New Courtney Stodden Photos!
671 days ago

I love you Courtney. You are working the formula, you are amassing click throughs, you are feeding the fickle public and press with what they need; their insatiable hunger for incidents, the public is sopping it up. I love your boobs, I love everything about your program. You are living proof that the public will buy anything and you (and your hubby) deserve to make millions of dollars. All the best.

Willow Smith is 12 Years Old and Writing Songs About Love -- What's Wrong With This Picture Besides Everything?
684 days ago

The work is fabulous and the music is great. It is wonderful that she has a chance to express herself like this at 12 years. Adults think that theirs is the only universe that means anything and they could not be wronger. If you think your 12 -16 year olds are not talking about sex (hard core) or watching porn then you are living on another planet. It's this kind of exposure that enables them to mature. If their parents would only talk to them, it would help them even more. Kids today have enormous freedom of access to information outside the parents influence, and they are accessing it. Give them a break; get involved.

Let Courtney Stodden Show You the Grossest Thing You're Ever Going to See
685 days ago

I love her. She's working the "formula" and has even the press eating out of her hand. The free publicity is amazing and the "shockertainment" will make millions for her and her hubby.

You enjoy the limelight baby, milk it for every dime. You have an "incident hungry" public and press out there, their insatiable appetite will make millions for you!