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Hugh Jass
Has Miley Officially Gone Too Far?
10 days ago

Your post reads like publicist's spin - are you jockeying for a job? I mean, who the hell talks like that?

Hugh Jass
Love It or Leave It: This is the Best Pam Anderson's Looked Since ... Well, Ever
49 days ago

This article needs more imbeciles yelling photoshop in the comments. GEE REALLY YA THINK SO? THEY PHOTOSHOPPED DIS? FO REALZ, YO?

The sheer amount of simpletons on the internet boggles the mind.

Hugh Jass
There's a Little Bit of Guilt We All Share in Robin Williams' Death
62 days ago people not liking his shit show are somehow responsible for his killing himself? You're and stupid as you are ugly.

Hugh Jass
Come On, Even Miley Wears Panties
147 days ago

Given her penchant for wearing hosiery she is more than likely wearing pantyhose. Ergo her ass is not technically bare.

Hopefully this will help you quell some of your faux outrage, Emily.

Hugh Jass
Moss is Boss
224 days ago

She looks like Milla Jovovich - if she had downs syndrome.

Hugh Jass
Tonight's Nightmares Will Be Brought to You by Kendall Jenner
255 days ago

If this girl were in a horrific car crash that seared off all of her skin and a pack of wild dogs set upon her skinless carcass for a half an hour she'd still be prettier than you, Emily. You frog-faced twunt.

Hugh Jass
Miley Cyrus Doesn't Look A Whole Lot Like Miley Cyrus Anymore
263 days ago

I love when imbeciles like you use the word "genius" sarcastically, and misspell it. You brightened my day, dimwit.

Hugh Jass
Looks Like Selena Gomez Can't Stop Being Petty And Weird
264 days ago

If you have to tell people you're a feminist then you're not really a feminist. Also, could her eyes be any farther apart?

Hugh Jass
Love It or Leave It: Christina Aguilera Can Do Better Than This
265 days ago

It does my cold, pre-epiphany-about-christmas sized Grinch heart good to see all the vitriol directed at this site, and that bridge troll Sarah, in the comments.

Hugh Jass
Did Mickey Rourke Finally Stop Being His Own Plastic Surgeon?
272 days ago

Ewe hav sum grate inglish skills. Go eat bleach, you shitbag.

Hugh Jass
We Need to Talk About Lady Gaga's Face for A Second
273 days ago

"Do you see it? It's nothing to drastic" Wow, you're ugly AND stupid. A winning combo. It's "too" bridge troll.

Hugh Jass
Miley's New Tour is Going to Be So Much Worse Than We Imagined
276 days ago

You and that other bridge troll who writes for this site should be forced to fight in a cess-pit armed with rusty tuna can lids while midgets watch.

Hugh Jass
Only Kristen Stewart Could Make A Topless Video Boring
283 days ago

"But hey, at least she's pretty, right?" A lot more pretty than you, Emily. However that's not very fair - Kirsten doesn't have Downs like you.

Hugh Jass
It's Just Been a Real Bad Few Days for Humanity, Huh?
285 days ago

You dumb broads call people ugly all the time and you're both ugly as hell.

Hugh Jass
Here's The Part Where We All Feel Sorry for Kaley Cuoco
289 days ago

Maybe he doesn't like basketball. Manufactured drama by a homely writer. You're not in high school anymore, Gollum.

Hugh Jass
It's Time to Leave Katy Perry the Hell Alone
309 days ago

She sucks. Music, personality, the stupid shit she wears. All of it just sucks.

Hugh Jass
Put Your Damn Vulva Away, Iggy Azalea
344 days ago

She's trying to distract from her jacked up face. You should do something do distract people from looking at your face, Emily. In a case as severe as yours you'd have to probably light your body on fire.

Hugh Jass
So Basically, LeAnn Rimes' Whole Entire Reality Show Will Be Making Fun of You
362 days ago

"It's super imporDant." F*cking hick.

Hugh Jass
Stars Without Makeup: LeAnn Rimes is Fresh-Faced But Still Annoying
400 days ago

Isn't that Napoleon Dynamite's girlfriend?

Hugh Jass
Stars Without Makeup: How Frigging Adorable is Adele?
413 days ago

She's wearing makeup.

Hugh Jass
Amanda Seyfried Was Watching Porn Even Before Her Permanent Teeth Came In
439 days ago

What a fantastically stupid article. How does she sound comfortable with what happened when she was a kid? "It was so terrifying"...",so wrong". Do you need me to help you understand the big words?

I'm not sure which of you mental titans writes worse articles; you or Sarah. You win in the ugly department, though.

Hugh Jass
Quotables: Katy Perry is a Bad, Bad Friend
449 days ago

there goes Sarah again trying to manufacture drama. The mean girls at your high school must've held you down and jammed used tampons in your mouth to make you so bitter and hateful.

Hugh Jass
Why Rolling Stone is BS for Publishing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its Cover
460 days ago

Stick to writing about whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow got botox, Sarah.

Hugh Jass
The Hottest Taylor Swift You'll Ever See (Unless, of Course, You Know Another Real Hot Taylor Swift)
471 days ago

In keeping with her 14 year old girl vernacular you're just so creepy etc.

Hugh Jass
Looks Like Selena Gomez is Too Good For Things Like Being Polite and Making Sense
476 days ago

Another terrible article from one of the two fugly bridge trolls.

Hugh Jass
Kaley Cuoco Has an Unimpressive New Boyfriend
477 days ago

Thoughts? Leonard and Penny are characters on a TV show. They're not going to get together in "reals". God, I hate you.

Hugh Jass
Hold Up -- This is the First Time Anybody Here Has Ever Stuck Up for Taylor Swift!
479 days ago

People like you will continue to defend her with a similar argument when she's in her 30s. "Women her age like to try different sized shlongs until they find one that fits".

Hugh Jass
488 days ago

Where in that statement is something to which we might take offense? Or did you really think Meg Ryan is reading this?

I bet your face looks like a tumor.

Hugh Jass
Come Watch Miley Cyrus Be A Fussy Grumplepuss Over One Lousy Question
488 days ago

Hey Emily...get sick and then have 100 idiots follow you around and take 1000's of photos of you and see how positive your attitude is. Also, you're ugly as hell.

Hugh Jass
Quotables: If This Doesn't Convince You Farrah Abraham is the Most Lecherous Person Alive, Who Knows What Will
496 days ago

Hey Paul Stanley in drag, you're the only one rubbing one out to your sex tape.

Hugh Jass
You're Welcome: Miley's Twerkin' It Again
498 days ago

Welcome to the internet. Would you care for a beverage?

Hugh Jass
Jonah Hill is Kind of a Major Bummer These Days
502 days ago

Why do they employ 13 year old girls as writers? Every article reads like a diary excerpt feverishly written before lights out. School tomorrow! This site is just terrible. I need to stop coming here.

He's a jerk because he didn't want to answer a question about his farts?

Hugh Jass
Vogue is Trying to Convince Us That Pamela Anderson Looks Like This Now
505 days ago

Click Sarah's name (above the article) and you'll see a photo of her. You are right.

Hugh Jass
Vogue is Trying to Convince Us That Pamela Anderson Looks Like This Now
505 days ago

Click her name and it brings you to her +Google. There's a photo there. She looks fat, dumpy and old. So yeah, jealousy seems feasible.

Hugh Jass
Adam Levine Forgives Himself for Being a Smarmy Jerkface
508 days ago

I liked when you were in American Horror Story because you got your arm ripped off then you died.

Hugh Jass
Stars Without Makeup: Katie Holmes Looks Really, Really, Really, Really Tired Today
508 days ago

She couldn't have possibly been made to look that way for the move she is shooting? NAAAHHH.

Hugh Jass
Quotables: Kelly Osbourne Gets Real (Dumb) About Lady Gaga
510 days ago

She's a bully herself. Do you really think making fun of how people dress isn't a form of bullying?