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Oh Look Who's Trying to Steal the Raunch Crown from Queen Miley
640 days ago

Everyone really needs to calm down. Yeah I don't really care for the video and it's a little inappropriate, but when it comes to the song, It's clearly geared towards her HUSBAND not just some random guy. All of the songs on her album regardless of how explicit and in the type of way have a meaning. And obviously seeing as how everyone here is reacting, people should listen to her song Flawless from being to end, ESPECIALLY the part with Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche speaking. It proves how every person in the comments section can't stand a woman expressing herself the way she wants to and is allowed to.

Come Watch Miley Cyrus Be A Fussy Grumplepuss Over One Lousy Question
891 days ago

Don't really care for her, but it wouldn't surprise me if that camera person was asking to purposely piss her off knowing good and well she isn't pregnant. If I heard that out of nowhere I would take offense to it like they were hinting that I looked big. I don't blame her at all.