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damian pryor
Let's Not For a Second Pretend That Paul Walker's Accident is Anything But What it Really Is
479 days ago

Sarah, some of your comments are completely valid. But using Paul Walker's death for "viewership" or "readership" is just as disgusting as the people taking souvenirs. Your first article was horrible and felt like you were only using this crash to get people to read YOUR opinions about something completely different.

Of all things that need to stop is horrible journalism. I have read a lot of bad articles in my time, but none have been so grossly irresponsible that I felt compelled to respond.

"Stop. Stop with the excuses, stop with the justifications, and stop blaming everyone else. The blame only lies within our selves, whether it's choosing to engage in a potentially reckless situation or perpetuating one by saying nothing and watching one unfold. You won't always be the innocent bystander that luckily got away." I'm sorry WTF are you even talking about?

Good luck

damian pryor
Paul Walker Crash: How Many More People Will Remain Silent Passengers?
479 days ago

This is possibly the worst most assuming article I have ever read. Sarah, as everyone has already stated, you have absolutely no idea what happened in that car. The driver was world class. PW was known to love speed. Your article is at best irresponsible and horribly assumptive. Its not even well written.