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Last Night's Was the Best Super Bowl Halftime Show in YEARS
179 days ago

I am not someone who normally takes time to comment on these things but when i got to the sentance "hardest-working halftime show performer really ever" I couldn't be silent. Are you serious?! Really?! I must admit it was better than I expected but are you really saying that he outperformed Bruce Springsteen and The E Steet Band? Bruno Mars is less than HALF of Bruce's age and performed live with NO lip-syncing. That was a condition of his performance that he would only agree if it could all be done LIVE. And, with the excpetion of one small pre-recorded backing instrument it was done LIVE unlike anyone else before! Bruno's performance was good but to say it was the best in years is unfair. You've obviously never been to a Bruce concert or any other best-selling rock concert-period. You're entitled to your opinion but do your homework first.