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Jesse Eisenberg is the Biggest Jerk Who Ever Jerked
544 days ago

I think a lot of people are slighting a few facts about this interview...

-The video was edited. The interview began (as evidenced in Romina's own blog) by her asking him to say her name. Who is she? Was he really in the wrong for asking what for, c'mon now =/

-Romina got butt-hurt after Jesse gave her a lesson in manners in reference to calling Mr Freeman "Freeman".

-Romina insulted Jesse when he was talking about the finger trick being flawed.

Watch the video again, it's the interviewer who gets more & more obnoxious. He was clearly uncomfortable with her rude juvenile remarks, but I think he kept his kept his cool well.

Emily Trainham could stand to learn some professionalism as well. I mean what journalist writes an article like a 16 yr old valley girl. =/