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Miley Cyrus ≠ Brandi Cyrus -- Happy AMAs!
144 days ago

Why did she walk the red carpet? She is not famous her sister is. Other siblings don't do that. LOL!
She is not hot at all.

Everyone in that family is living off Miley's fame

Wow -- Just Get it Together, LeAnn Rimes
149 days ago

Is she singing off a screen, like karaoke? It looks like it thats why she keeps looking down. What performer sings a song they don't know?

So How Disappointing Was Miley's "SNL" Appearance?
194 days ago

I think it was her best performance yet. She is not doing anything gross, and she had a shirt on. Given it was see through but still. Her sketch government shut down, just proves that she should grow her hair out again.

Why We Should All Leave Liam Hemsworth Alone
212 days ago

She started acting out when the relationship started going south, just this year. You could tell how madly in love with him she was, and if he really loved her he wouldn't of rebounded that quick. Plus he would of not cared about her antics. After all it is a public act, not how she acts at home. It's Hollywood

Watch Miley Cyrus Out-Weird Herself with This New "We Can't Stop" Performance
222 days ago

This was a hell of a lot better than her VMA performance.