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Guess Who's Being Immature And Awful on Twitter Again!
143 days ago

About 6 months ago this site was TRASHING Brandi relentlessly. So they must swap out writers bcz now it's the opposite. It's fine with me bcz I can't stand leann.

Guess Who's Being Immature And Awful on Twitter Again!
144 days ago

This rotten brat hasn't shown one shred of empathy for the sheer utter hell she put Brandi thru! Leann has been tweeting photos of Brandis family, friends, ex in laws, etc from the very very devasting beginning rubbing in "they're all mine". I can't fathom doing that to a woman ESPECIALLY if I was the woman that relentlessly stalked the husband and tipped off the papz to our affair rendezvous meetings to ensure their marriage was unrepairable. Leann can't stand the fact Brandi threw Eddie out & he wanted her back desperately. The entire world knows he's with Leann because of her money NOTHING else. He obviously made it clear he was much more attracted to Brandi, why else would Leann obsessively TRY to morph into her? Then again I might go insane too if my new mans ex was Brandi Glanville! All the money, stalking, copying in the world couldn't make anyone half as gorgeous as Brandi!!!

156 days ago

She is the definition of SEXY!!! I'm not into chicks but she is incredibly blessed!!!! She may not be perfect but she's been stalked, taunted with her own sons and harassed daily by leann, Leann's fake twitter accts, Leann's desperate to please her fans and fans bribed with gifts & who knows what else?! Most people would've taken the bait and snapped. I'm a party girl too but I never miss work. As long as she behaves when she has her boys, who gives a shit about her alone time! #teambrandi

Sorry, But This Is A Great Looking Couple
275 days ago

Seriously?! She's the most conniving nasty stalking spoiled brat alive and extremely ugly! What skank would brag about her stepsons signing songs written just to hurt their mom?! Disgusting! Sad, I used to like this site. UNFOLLOWING!