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EXCLUSIVE: Myla Sinanaj's Brand-New Music Video is a Welcome Departure From Last Night's VMA Horror
424 days ago

She is so low budget looking and wears cheap looking clothes. The start of the video with her walking is hilarious! Why won't someone tell her that she should not be wearing tight clothes that enhance her big belly? Is this suppose to be a parody video? Because they all look stupid.

EXCLUSIVE: 8 Reasons That Myla Sinanaj is the Best Person You Don't Know
430 days ago

She sounds like a psycho, plain and simple!! I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian, but Kim looks 100 times better than this girl before and after having her baby. Her down fall is thinking that she will get into the entertainment industry by stalking and wanting to be just like someone else. It will never happen for her and I'm sure that she realizes that, which makes her delusional.