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Famous Faces -- Then & Now!
553 days ago

it's natural. most people don't have a choice

Stars Without Makeup: Rosie Huntington Whiteley's FACE is Like WHAT?!
555 days ago

she looks like a giant skull. someone that young should have some softness to her face.. looks like she's 80

Jenny McCarthy is Disgusting, Part 39,481
557 days ago

Only men would be insulted by these comments because they aren't willing to put time into making love and are two pump chumps. Maybe this is a wake up call for some

Jenny McCarthy is Disgusting, Part 39,481
557 days ago

Emily Trainham is an atrocious disgusting writer, not only is she extremely uneducated but pure trash and I find her comments way more harmful than letting people be educated on vaccines

Jon Gosselin is Back to Being the Same Old Loser Again
564 days ago

Are you high? Jon was never a good parent and never will be. he's a horrible person. Nothing I could ever foresee would make me like him. he spenthis children's money on whores and traveling around Europe. He did drugs and babysitters in front of his kids. He's vile. Kate is a really good mom. She might be a clean freak but she also has 8 wonderful kids. BTW SUPER old pic

Hot Beach Bodies
580 days ago

stand up straight. You look like your backs broke

This Might Not Be the Best Idea, OK?
586 days ago

rehab clearly did nothing

Ashley Judd, as Per Normal, Looks SO HOT
587 days ago

I think she was on steroids?

Ariana Grande's Reputation Isn't Looking So Good ...
588 days ago

Her brother has a blog which she was on a lot and you can see how she is off camera doing family stuff. I think this hate is untrue. First if you are portraying a persona you have every right to have that constructed you wish. It's not your job to be real. your job is to be a super star.. not in sweatpants being real. Secondly she has told all her fans her hair is severely damaged and that's why she wear the ponytail and she has already said it's fake. With as much hair loss as she has claimed she wouldn't dye it BROWN every 3 days. She is super young.. her hair color isn't that big of a deal

Mindless Self Indulgence: Celebrity Selfies IV
592 days ago

It looks like make up. The line is drawn over her real lips

Kelly Clarkson is the Most Adorable Being on the Earth
618 days ago

She's beautiful. She was never ever fat to begin with. You are just a sad sack of sh

LeAnn and Eddie's Latest Awkward PDA
650 days ago

whoa that pic of the model is hideous.. omg her body is so nasty

Quotables: Adam Levine Might Be a Douche, But He's Not a Dirty, Lying Douche
677 days ago

goodness.. she didn't make a sex list. she and her friends wrote on a napkin a bunch of names. No one knows why or what they mean. obviously it's not people she's hooked up with. get over it

LeAnn Rimes Is Still Ridiculous, Now in Reality Show Form!
729 days ago

He already had his family. hwy are they pushing him to start all over? And leanne is telling him in bed she doesn't want a baby and then pretending to her friends it's all his idea... very two faced.

Robin Thicke is Still Douching All Over Paula Patton
767 days ago

there is something really wrong with this writer. Stop advertising in popular places

Quotables: Kim Kardashian Has Finally Lost Touch With Reality
768 days ago

actually.. if they are the first interracial couple on the magazine.. kudos to them! And shame on this arsewipe for spitting on that. Racist much?

Isn't Your 5 Minutes Up Already, Jared Padalecki?
818 days ago

Clearly the author is an addict.. but No. you have to be an IDIOT to not know when you start heroin you are ASKING for an addiction. You would have to be dumb as a rock to not know that. Becoming a heroin addict does not equate to a smart man. A man who dumps his family.. children.. for a drug.. is not a smart man. I feel sad for his family.. but he had a choice when it was first offered to him. He KNEW that was a door to an unhappy life forever and ever. And if you're too dumb to know that... well I can't help ya there.

Today in Miley Cyrus Delusions ...
972 days ago

Really? Neither can sing much like mylie.. all they did was kiss which isn't a big deal in this day and age. It was boring.. maybe it shocked really old people? Madonna writhed around on the floor.. that's it. So what? Sure they make money but not talented.. people write their music for them.. dress them.. their voices are at best average.

Quotables: Brave, Handsome Elijah Wood Talks Depression and Anxiety
1040 days ago

Um.. he's never has depression or panic attacks but he's been mildly nervous at times... while a big name.. poor article

Catherine Zeta-Jones Does Not Have HPV in Her Cooch, Guys -- Time to Celebrate!
1062 days ago

technically if he had it then kissed her or went down town he most likely HAS given it to her