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Uh, You OK, Kourtney Kardashian?
10 hours ago

Anyone ever think that maybe the root of Scott Disick's demons is the Kardashian succubi?

... Caption This?
53 days ago

How is it that this site loves Kim Kardashian one day and hates her the next? Pick whichever stance you want but for the love of God stick to it. And as for the picture, I don't really see anything remotely close to what the teaser headline on the TMZ page suggested. I thought it was going to be the kid dangling off a balcony or something. It's the angle at which North is looking up and Kim is looking down.

Ireland Baldwin Doesn't Need to Defend That Which She (Or We) Love(s)
146 days ago

The next time you have a thought, you should just let it go...

Ashton Kutcher Better NEVER Cheat on Mila Kunis
211 days ago

He didn't cheat on Demi with Mila. He cheated on Demi with some other non-famous chick. He's a cheating douche bag I agree, but she's not a home wrecker.

Quotables: Robin Thicke is an Embarrassing Excuse for a Man, The End
444 days ago

How is his video any more offensive than any other music video in the last fifteen years? One of Justin Timberlake's videos was nothing but three topless women prancing around while images were broadcast across their chests like they were projector screens. Any rap video is going to have a dozen women wearing less than the girls in the Blurred Lines video and any rock video is going to have pretty much the same thing. I don't understand what's so offensive about the song or the video. And on the subject of him being a slimeball, it's not like he's going around hiding any of this "behavior" from her. Everything is on tv, the internet, and otherwise in the media. She's well aware of what he does and is obviously very comfortable and confident in their relationship. Whatever they're doing works for them. So stop judging the marriage of two people you're never going to know and worry about your own relationships.