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Farrah Abraham's New Music Video Is All You Need to Feel Happiness
127 days ago

Ugh! This is one of the worst videos/songs I've ever seen/heard! I agree with someone else who said you can't even understand what she's saying. And the auto-tune is not helping. Girl, please just go away and stay away. Do something respectful for once.

Say What You Want About Her, But These Pictures of Kim Kardashian are Gorgeous
250 days ago

You can tell by looking at the middle portion of her ass, where it indents slightly to the right side that she DOES have implants. And that's fine if she wants to be plus-sized, but she really needs to dress for her body shape. This is NOT an attractive look. That skirt is just too tight for that ass!

Love It or Leave It: Brandi Glanville Should Rethink All Those Crippling Stilettos, Huh?
414 days ago

Bunions ARE caused by ill-fitting shoes!!!! Go look it up!! Mayo clearly states bunions are caused by ill-fitting shoes, ie-HEELS!!!!
Get YOUR facts straight before criticizing!!!