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Famous Faces -- Then & Now!
48 days ago

She looks exactly the same and is able to pull off not wearing makeup - she is beautiful. You must be running out of stupid sh*t to write about.

Stars Without Makeup
145 days ago

Khole is wearing makeup people; she wakes up with it on if you watch the show. She's my favorite character on there, but the girl is very rarely without makeup. She is heavily made up in this picture.

Quotables: Kanye West's Most Ridiculous Speech of All
308 days ago

Thank you for the first good article I ever read on this rag! Kanye is a media whore and so is Kim - they are perfect for one another. He is laying out da troot - deal wit it.

No Amount of Dumb Tattoos is Going to Make Us Like Kaley Cuoco's Sketchy Husband
437 days ago

I'm not going to click into this site anymore. I said that yesterday and still came back. I think I am waiting for one of your pictures to match your article about it. I may as well wait for Michael Landon to rise from the dead.

Melanie Griffith's Body is Sick, But Not Like Her Face
438 days ago

She is beautiful and thin, but her skins does look about 75 in this picture. 56 is not that old. Too many cigarettes make all those lines. She is and always was pretty though.

Courtney Stodden's New Boyfriend Is Only Slightly Less Creepy Than Her Old Boyfriend
461 days ago

They look good together. He is tall, dark, handsome and young. Why is it your articles never match with the picture. She is a cute freak of nature and he looks like he is more her age, even if he is in his 30's. They look good.

Wow -- Just Get it Together, LeAnn Rimes
495 days ago

You guys are crazy putting a video on here that was recorded with a substandard camera with horrible audio. Get a life. This is beautiful and she is extremely talented. I swear I am not clicking on this site again I keep telling my self.

Love It or Leave It: But Hey, Did Ashlee Simpson Join the Ranks of the Homeless Lately?
527 days ago

Why is that that your articles never match with what is going on in the picture? She looks alot better than she ever did. Why do I keep clicking on these lead in statements Fishwrapper makes, it's like you guys are going to show me Ashley laying in the gutter with her mouth agape and a dog pissing into it. She looks fantastic.

What in the Blue Hell Did "Glamour" Do to Rihanna?
546 days ago

She's an artist, playing a role on the cover, and she looks smoking hot. Your articles are not matching up with what you are trying to report. Who writes this Garbage? We Love Rhianna.