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Quotables: Cris Judd Should Just Shut His Irrelevant Mouth, Huh?
134 days ago

Chris is right, only reason why she was married to Marc Anthony so long is because he was controlling..& the children...I think for quite some time she was scared of him (j.m.o.) when she was with Marc, no more Jenny from the block and butt was she is free to capitalize on her butt again..

Gwyneth Paltrow is Consciously Full of Conscious Bovine Feces
232 days ago

they have children together it is easier being friends when there are children involved; they take more pictures now then when they were supposedly married; he probably was home for 24 hrs on a tour break!!

Look How Promising Khloe Kardashian's New Relationship Is (NOT)!
239 days ago

whether it is a joke or not it is in bad taste..that punk need to go stand on a corner in Chicago with this gun and see how tough he is..fake wanna be gangstas try to fool people they ain't themselves with bodyguards tryin to act hard..

Drew Barrymore Just Hit the Reset Button on Hollywood Post-Baby Bodies
250 days ago

it does look refreshing..some celebs have nips and tucks after having baby...nice to see Drew just decided to be real