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Shirlyn Watley
Kylie Jenner Thinks She's Too Edgy for Pants Now
352 days ago

This little girl needs to sit her ass down somewhere she is going to end up just like her bog sister Kim she is going to end up doing a sex tape with some low life dude that is not going to give two hoots of a shit about her .she is going to end up sucking someone's private parts are suckling some woman's private parts and that is a damn sham that her sisters want teach her any better. Especially Kim she should sit her baby sister down and try to talk some since in to her are her other older sisters. Kris Jenner are her father needs to have a talk with her about the path she is going down are trying to go down it is not nice at all.

Shirlyn Watley
Enough is Enough, Tori Spelling -- This is WAY Too Much
358 days ago

Tori needs to have a reality check in her life just because you have children with somebody does not mean that you have to be with them if Dean did have an affair on her she needs to pack up her shit and leave . Everdently he was mouth thinking about the kids when he screwing Emile Goodhand he was only thinking of himself. Tori is stupid he told her that there was no excitement in their sex life having she with Tori.that having sex with Tori was boreing . Staying in a loveless marriage is only going to hurt the kids wrose.

Shirlyn Watley
Quotables: Tori Spelling Needs to Stop Being So Damn Pathetic
360 days ago

Tori Spelling needs help why would she even wants to worry about growing old with this Flander he does not give a hootenanny about her are her kids because if he did he would not have heated with this other woman and he would not have said that having sexual intercourse with his wife was boreing and not exciting I don't get her like you said she needs to think about all of thoes children that she has. I don't think going to a sex rehab is going to help Dean because he if having sex with his wife was boreing before he went to rehab what make him and Tori think its still not going to be boreing and he is going to keep right o. Cheating on her what a dum bunny it is so sad.

Shirlyn Watley
Kim Kardashian is Just Vapid Enough to Coin the Term "Selephie"
381 days ago

Ok r you telling me that Kim Kardashin. Is running from a good shower of of water I know Kanye has sprayed more that in her mouth so please don't act like you r scared of a elephant spraying water on you and your gonna run G-I-R-L. P-L-E-A-S-E you can run from more that scary on something else because you Know that ain't it that's bad business .

Shirlyn Watley
Kylie Jenner Needs A Break, Bless Her Heart
392 days ago

Now let's see she does't want the public to critize her .She want her life to be private but yet like you said she went and posted pictures of her in a slinky bikini on Instagram and put Kylie life history on vine. This chick is full of bullshit she like the limelight and the so called glory that her family has if you can see Bruce doesn't have anything to do with that crazy family he got tired of the bullshit if what she say is truly from the heart she's needs to have a talk with her mother Kris Jenner and tell her how she feels that she wants to keep her private life private that she does not want To be apart of what they got going that she does not want to be like the rest of them always in the light that she is only sixteen years old and she has other things she wants to do with her life .

Shirlyn Watley
Granny Just Blew Everyone Away
395 days ago

This old bitch needs to sit her old ass down somewhere and act like she has grandchildren. And stop acting like she is in her early twenties .that's where her kids get their whorieish ways from Kris Jenner sit the fuck down somewhere and raise you youngest daughter before she is trying tu fuck every black dick she sees are be sicking on some pussy are makeing a sex tape having a threesome with two men are two women are a man and a woman are stand on Hollywood blvd.

Shirlyn Watley
Khloe Kardashian Is Adorable, Even When Annihilating Her Sister!
395 days ago

Ok what the hell was that they look like a bunch of fake ass wwe wrestlers with out the experience. They need to sit their ass down somewhere kile homeboy said the battle of the bimbos

Shirlyn Watley
Put It Away Already, Kylie
395 days ago

What do u expect she is doing everything that she's seeing her sister Kim did she is surrounded by sex idiots and sex starved idiots she has no guidance in her life. This child needs to be in school somewhere trying to get and education and thinking about going to the prom she needs to be thinking about going to college to become a more productive person and get a respectable job as a lawyer re a judge are something instead of posting sexy pictures on Instagram . If we don't watch out she is going to be a whore just like Kim and the rest of her sisters and her motherlet's recap this child's family ok, Kris Jenner really does not know who Kloles father is she lied to mr.Kardashin about Kloe being his daughter, Kim has disgraced herself by making a sex tape with RayJ she marries this guy and only stays married seventy two hours and then she turns around and gets pregnant by Kaney West and she lets him say he impreganted her mouth and he gave her a oral exam and she passed everybody knows what that meant she sucked his dick and it was good and he cummed all in her mouth nasty bitch.then Kloe married a crack head NBA star and Kourtney has two children with a man that's just not going to marry her and from what I read in Tmz some other dude is claiming to be her sons father ok so what do you expect Kyle to do it like mo key see monkey do .

Shirlyn Watley
Get Ready for More Kardashian Lies!
397 days ago

The Kardashian family think people r stupid everyone know that we know who Kendall does Kim think that people are stupid we were born at night but not lastnight ok please.

Shirlyn Watley
Kim Kardashian Is Denser Than You Ever Could Have Imagined
406 days ago

Kim kardashin is a nieve person and very self centered but one thing I can say is that she loves north west very much .but it's one thing that she needs to do with north west she needs to keep her out of the lime light she is to small to be in it and to young she needs to learn some sences about her self and stop beening so nieve and gullluble .

Shirlyn Watley
This Better, Better, Better Not Be Real, Kylie Jenner
412 days ago

Somebody needs to have a long talk with this little girl before it's to late. Instead of her getting a tattoo she needs to worry about finishing school and going to the prom and the homecoming dance and the prom and getting good grades in in school. Going to college to become a lawyer are a doctor are something so she can be a productive adult. Maybe this child needs a menitor are to put. Her on the right path in life. Hell I am just saying buy the old saying birds of a feather flock together.

Shirlyn Watley
Don't Worry, Kendall Jenner's Gonna Be 18 Soon So You Won't Feel Like a Perv for Looking at This
582 days ago

Kendall is about to turn 18 yrs old and it's ashame that she is exposing herself like she is still jail bate.It seems that she is folling in her sister's footsteps she needs to do something postive with her life like going to college to make something postive with her life I wwould think her mother and father would express that to her oh but i forgot who we were talking about we are talking about kris jenners daughter one is married to a crackhead and one stayed married 72 hours and the other one dont' know her baby daddy is .