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Put It Away Already, Kylie
500 days ago

she's a whoredashian that's what they do... no education, no talent, no career what else does she know what to do?

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Kanye West Doesn't Like to Do Much of Anything, Huh?
554 days ago

Everytime i see Kanye with kim he's never smiling. But when he was photographed in Paris sitting stage side with two other women his face was lit up and he was smiling from ear to ear. This is couple who won't last. Stupied Kim, she should never have allowed herself to get knocked up. Kanye is going to ruin her career and visa versa and their egos are so huge that they will leave each other for fear of losing their career and fans.

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Sorry, But This Is A Great Looking Couple
558 days ago

go have a drink Brandi... (yawn) get over it, Eddie looks happy. I never knew the story, but watching RHOBH I get to see what you are like and poor Eddie, I see why he was cheating, first with sheena and then he found true love with leanne, trying to get away from you. Your poor sons are the next to have to deal with your craziness.