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Cheryln Kurz
Farrah Abraham is Never Coming Back From This (Not Like There Was a Chance Before)
121 days ago

Some culture DO take pictures of their dead. I know people who took pictures. But they DID NOT publish them or even show them to people who did not want to see them. It was private, for their own reasons. Farrah is an idiot.

Cheryln Kurz
Something's Definitely Different About Kylie Jenner's Face, But She Says 'No' on Surgery
145 days ago

I don't see any plastic surgery evidence. Noses change as you get older. Mine definitely did and I can assure you that I haven't had any plastic surgery. Her lips look different because of lipstick. How many magazines & websites tell women how to make their lips look bigger with makeup? Just because the older sisters and mom have had surgery doesn't mean the younger girls have.