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We Didn't Know Kendall Jenner Had It In Her!
28 days ago

Crap… I thought she was the good Jenner and better of the 3-Kardashian 1/2's girls!! This is just tasteless and classless. Disappointing….

There's No Shame in Demi Lovato's Pee Game
30 days ago

why can't this girls act like ladies and keep their damn tongues in their mouth! so disgusting

Slow Clap, Kim Kardashian
37 days ago

sweetie please focus on your own husband mental needs before you worry about others.

Gorgeous Plus-Size Models
124 days ago

I don't care what size you are it does not mean you need to flaunt your FAT. I find this repulsive and she needs to cover up. This is nothing to be PROUD of per se'. YUCK