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It Takes a Village (Sans Idiots) to Raise a Child
182 days ago

amen amen amen!!!! And to all the people, parents, managers, handlers, that don't look at Justin and say NO! And this is your consequence! These are all the people to blame. You can't take a kid out of normal society, make him a rich as hell superstar and then expect HIM to find his way alone. He's going to screw up, and not only is he going to screw up, but his BRAIN is also so screwed up that he can't even figure out what's right and wrong. He's so far out of reality AND he's doing drugs. It's just a huge hodgepodge of a MESS. Send the kid to my house, no money. I will put him to work, minimum wage job. NO car, chores. COLLEGE. The whole nine yards. THEN after a year of that, let's see if he's even a shadow of the dysfunctional kid he has become.

And Now It's Time to Take a Sad Break for Justin Bieber
189 days ago

He acts like a kid because he IS a kid. Not legally, no. But he lacks the experience that gives us all the wisdom we need to navigate the world. I can't imagine there being ANYONE out there that could have his life, his fame, his money (about $100 million dollars) and his every single move be it bad or good, on display for public consumption. Did he want all this? You bet he did, because every kid dreams of being rich and famous. Our society idolizes pop stars and pays them big money because they MAKE big money for everyone involved. I find all these recent events and his choices really sad, and I could see it coming years ago. To be a child and a star is NOT a normal existence. You know who did this to him? His mom who signed him up with Scooter and Scooter so he could make everyone rich. Usher, who also signed him up in order to become even richer. Just was a 13 year old or 14 year old CHILD. And when was the last time a child was held responsible for making life altering decisions? It is not okay to push a child into show business, it is not okay to let a teenager buy a mansion in Los Angeles and let him live alone there without any trustworthy adults who aren't on his payroll. Give a kid $100 million dollars and all the power that goes along with money and fame, and THIS is exactly what happens EVERY TIME. Los Angeles is a town filled with gold digging scum and hangers on. He should have stayed in Canada, moved to Utah, Wyoming ANYWHERE but Los Angeles. I absolutely blame every single adult in his life for this. He stopped being Justin the kid and was in their eyes, seen as Justin the superstar long ago. You give a kid al the money and fame and ZERO boundaries with which regular teenagers have to live by, and this is what happens. It really is heartbreaking. He's a person. And I would say this about anyone in his shoes at his age. I have a son very close to his age, and I can not imagine treating him the way his parents and family and "friends" have treated him. Like a cash cow. Never saying no. Enabling him and ensuring failure as a decent human being. It may look like he has a great life and he's squandering it, but no. He has zero life, and money can't buy peace, love or happiness. He has a long road ahead.

This is, By Far, Rumer Willis' Best Look Hands Down
311 days ago

Her nose is tragic. With all her money, I would get to a surgeon to fix that situation. And the hair color is really bad. I think she looks way better brunette. That bright red/copper color brings out her nose and chin. She's probably a really nice person, but she is unfortunate looking.

Quotables: Katy Perry is a Bad, Bad Friend
366 days ago

I totally agree with your interpretation of Katy Perry's comment to Kristen. She's basically saying people link her and Rob together because she's a woman and women and men cant simply be friends! There's no story here, keep it moving people...