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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Sadly Enough)
276 days ago

So what? Actually it's almost vindication. Part of Madonna's legacy is that she was the first major female celebrity to own her sexuality. And whether you thought it crude, lewd, or awesome, she did it on her terms and called all the shots - and survived all the ridiculous sexist criticism for the past 30 years. So, yeah, I think it's pretty f*cking poetic that her daughter (now of legal age) feels confident enough to wear something that provocative to a private event. Your just another mediocre journalist trying to get just a little more popular by making unfounded assumptions about Madonna and her motives. You realize you're not even original? For 30 years, mediocre (and I'm being nice) journalist have been using this same playbook and template for Madonna related articles. Looks like 30 years later, Madge is still contributing to your employment - and it seems her daughter will be too soon.

Quotables: Madonna is a Lot Stronger Than We Give Her Credit For
861 days ago

Who appointed you the moral compass for why someone is motivated to adopt a child, provide a home for them, and love them unconditionally for life? You're either incredibly immature, incredibly judgmental, or a combination of the two. Sadly, this is the same point of view that'll be passed on and learned by your kids.