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The Brangelina Bunch ... Minus a Lot of Hair
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Omg. Look what's she's done to poor Shiloh. Yes SHES done this. What parent would allow a toddler to make choices to dress like a boy when they are at an impressionable age, needed guidance, and are too young to know better? She enabled this child to dress like this and it's downright abusive. I can't wait to hear from all you liberals who have no early childhood expertise on how she chose this lifestyle. This brainless couple should have this child taken away because she's being sacrificed by Angelina's own sick mental issues. I've lost so much respect for Brad Pitt and his work. He's been reduced to puppet status by this woman. It would help his career and his image ( since its been in the tank since he got together with Angelina ) to leave her and take Shiloh with him. There's a reason this couple is the least poular in the industry. No one respects them!