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It's Time to Be in Love With Josh Hartnett Again!
42 days ago

Penny Dreadful. He's good in that. Second season starts soon.

Quotables: Iggy Azalea's Candor Seems to Be Incomplete
62 days ago

Seems like a case of pot meets kettle? Many celebrities alter their bodies through surgeries particularly in this way. I think a few standout. Wendy as well in her own way. Poor taste to highlight this woman in such a manner, whatever her musical talent.

Can We Get a Bigger Platform Out Here for Ashley Judd? PLZKTHX
70 days ago

Touché. The publisher should have caught that!

Let's Talk About How Disgusting Tyga Actually is For a Minute
96 days ago

Disturbing - but they ALL are. I feel like if the situation were reversed where Tyga was a 17yo and Kylie the 25yo the significance would be more [appropriately] highlighted by their families and the media. Regardless, this is wrong folks. Certain pressures come disguised in the package of love and lust especially when young. For this is why we have rules. Children lack the presence of consciousness and aptitude for quality decision making - scientifically proven ppl! Their brains aren't fully developed and she is still a child by the books and biologically. This guy is taking advantage even if no one sees it. Severe lack of [good] parenting in this household. Shameful and painful to watch. You can't even look away because they are everywhere you turn. I wonder how long it takes this child to get ready to go anywhere? lol. I wonder if that anywhere is school ever?? She is a terrible role model to young girls which is sad considering she has a platform/the means to be heard. I can only imagine what this one's life is going to turn into... Can't wait to see what she looks like at 30yo, God-willing she makes it that long of course.