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Next Up, Raunchy Rihanna Will Be Performing Fellatio Mid-Show
501 days ago

This article is trash. Many celebs give lap dances on stage. What's the big deal. You guys are going so far with fellatio and he touched all over her... All she did was give him a lap dance. And on top of that he's gay. This is from 2010. This is such a desperate attempt to stir drama. And if she gave him a lap dance what does that have to do with Chris brown? Beyonce gave Terrence Howard a lap dance at bet awards, Madonna has done it, Janet Jackson etc etc all with people who weren't there sig other. This is just another pathetic article trying anyway they can to bash rihanna. She IS not worried about Chris brown. She has gracefully moved on and left that situation behind her. This article and the ignorant writer is trash. Just straight trash