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Quotables: Whoopi Goldberg Just Got REAL About Jay Z vs. Solange
159 days ago

Being raised as a child by a violent angry woman made me realize that men and women are equal. Women are capable of being just as violent and angry as men and can cause just as much terror and fear of violence. No matter who you are you should not hit anyone and if someone chooses to defend themselves that is their right once you have crossed that line. Women should not have to be less responsible and accountable for their violent actions or their victims then men. When women are violent it's seen as comical. Not a very pleasant experience for the victims.

Sure Looks Like It's Time to Reel Willow Smith In
171 days ago

I have been trying to tell people for years and years that the Smiths are not parenting her with their heads on straight. There have been warning signs for quite some time. People are obsessed with the apparent amazingness of Wil and Jada but when it comes to their daughter they need to start parenting and giving a crap. Parenting is a job, start showing up to work.

Joan Rivers is the Biggest Hypocrite in the Whole Entire World
212 days ago

One of the most perplexing mysteries in Hollywood is Joan having a fashion police show when she is the worst dressed person in Hollywood. I'm tired of her complaining about non-skinny people, she is putting nothing positive into the world and in fact makes life harder for other women, their health and self-image.

Even in Her Trials, Gwyneth Paltrow is Sanctimonious
212 days ago

She is not likeable as a person, but she is a good actor. Really good. She should have stuck with acting and put all her energy into it with dignity and grace. She was at the top of her game in acting, what the heck happened? Goop happened. Naming a kid Apple happened. Apparently Goop was more important than Chris as was putting energy into making crusty comments about low income people (99.9% of earth's population). She could have had a career (and did) similar to Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet or even Meryl Streep. I don't know what she was thinking. Now she will be remembered for Goop and classism. Great legacy!!!

Well, That Was Fast, Huh?
238 days ago

I don't see how Miley could break anyone up as she's not very attractive or appealing.

Kim Kardashian Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse
239 days ago

Weird, because I think Khloe is the best dressed of all of them and has incredible taste. I've never seen an ugly shoe on Khloe. I guess Kim prefers people to dress as though they are attending 25 funerals in 1 month like she does.

The Duggars Are Making Things Real Weird This Valentine's Day
251 days ago

It's very hard to relate to these people. 19 kids and a relationship that sounds like sex slavery. Wouldn't want to be them!

Beyonce Out-Trashed Miley Cyrus Last Night
270 days ago

I thought the performance was a little too sexy for me personally. However, I think Miley's performances are far more vulgar and disgusting especially with that stupid tongue always hanging out. My only issue with last night was that Beyonce didn't need to show so much butt with that thong thing. She has a ton of talent and a superb voice and she doesn't need to go there.

273 days ago

As a Canadian from the same province as Justin, I can tell you that Canadians are in complete denial about addiction, drinking, drugs etc. There is no taboo here about a religious person doing the above. Put a Canadian kid in Hollywood with millions of dollars and it's a recipe for disaster. Cory M comes to mind - interesting how he died in Canada. As a non-drinker I can tell you it's social suicide here to not drink (far worse when I was younger too). We have a lot of beautiful qualities but this is an area for improvement as the example of Rob Ford can attest to. Still - excuses aside - his Dad needs to start saving his son.

Love It or Leave It: Kendall Jenner is Undeniably Gorgeous, Sorry
286 days ago

Yes I agree she is seriously stunning. I really hope she isn't getting any work done on her face though - it's starting to look like that. Her actual face and body are perfect - I hope she doesn't get pulled into the stupid botox/surgery hollywood craze.

At Least Now We Know Where Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Her Delusion
330 days ago

Gwyneth is an amazing actress but unfortunately she has devoted her time to the blog. In all fairness the blog has not just high priced (really high) items but some less expensive items. The problem here is that Gwyneth is not a likeable gal and has made mean spirited and insensitive comments about people who make less money. Those were unnecessary comments and not classy, this is why people don't like her.

Sorry, But it Looks Like This Might Actually Happen
350 days ago

Why does she feel the need to marry him so quickly? What ever happened to really getting to know someone and having a long term relationship? They really rush into it in Hollywood, you would think they wouldn't considering the amount of money and publicity involved. It's surprising that such a pretty woman really has a taste for disgusting men.

Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Aniston's Got Some Edgy New Hair!
352 days ago

I still miss her longer locks, I think she looks really amazing with long hair.

Don't Worry, Lea Michele is Still Perfect and Beautiful and Strong
353 days ago

I love her voice, what a fabulous singer! She has real talent. A very solid actor also. I also like how relatable and human she is. She looks like a real person and that is always refreshing to see.

Whatever Kim Kardashian is Doing to Her Face, She Needs to Stop
358 days ago

I think the cosmetic surgery/botox stuff must be an addiction because once they start they can't seem to stop. It really seems to be a psychological issue more then anything. As much as I hate to admit it, Kim's initial nose job made her look pretty. She should have stopped right there though, at that point she was gorgeous (the way Kendall looks right now). Why do women with stunning faces butcher what they have? Nicole Kidman, Hunter Tylo, etc. I don't get it.

Let's All Just Be Nice to Lady Gaga Today
358 days ago

You know I actually think the jacket, purse and boots are badass amazing. The helmet ruins it completely.

You Need to Mentally Prepare Yourself for All The Hilarity Kanye Is Bringing
359 days ago

No matter what you say about Kim, she does influence women's fashion trends and has a significant cultural impact. Kanye has musical influence, but how the heck does he influence fashion? He keeps saying that he is a huge fashion influence on the world but I have yet to see any evidence of this on even a micro level.

You Hold Your Coated Tongue, Miley: Sinead Isn't Even Close to Finished With You
381 days ago

Miley needs to grow up and learn that there are consequences to her actions and public statements. Miley is promoting herself as a series artist but her performances and music are boring and meaningless shock value. She is not contributing to the world in an intelligent and meaningful way. She also doesn't seem to care at all about cyber bullying, which is very disappointing for a young public figure.

This is Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Take Advice From a "Real Housewife," Dear God
393 days ago

Melissa Gorga makes me sad, I'm happy that I am not her. There is life beyond being restrained by gender roles and pretending that you don't go to the washroom. Her life sounds weighed down by archaic rules.

Will Smith Understandably Got Upset When His Family Was Compared to the Kardashians
513 days ago

I guess he forgot about the media frenzy when he was in Brazil with Kanye and Kim. Also if your son is best friends with one of the Kardashian teens, obviously you have no influence or concept of reality. The Smith's have not sheltered their kids from the media or fame at all - their kids could still have produced "art" and been sheltered from the media until they were legally adults as many celeb families do. The interview proves that Hollywood has completely distorted his concept of reality, he does not walk the path he preaches.