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Yep, This Is Just as Disgusting as We Thought It Would Be
3 days ago

UGH. So many things. And to top it off, she has a cigarette in her hand at the end! How very nice.

Miley Cyrus WOULD Be in a Video All About Drugs
76 days ago

Madonna did trippy so much better with Bedtime Stories.

Miley you need to go to rehab or on a long drug free holiday, then you can come back and be as horrified as us at what you have been doing the last year or so.

Yep, Still Worried About Selena Gomez
145 days ago

I think she's actually taking a video so she can screen cap a artsy pic of herself. My kids do it all the time.

Kylie Jenner Needs You to Know How Edgy She Is
207 days ago

That tattoo looks to be a copy of the one Kiefer Sutherland has. I believe he actually got his because his character on 24 got it and he figured why not be authentic. lol (<3 Kiefer!)

Madonna Needs A Reality Check in The WORST Way
224 days ago

I love Fishwrapper. But I don't get the Madonna hate. :( The last line is from Human Nature....a song about the fact that she doesn't give a crap what you think of her and how she will just continue to be herself. I think--grillz and that horrid "n" word mistake aside--we should be seriously proud of this woman who has for 30 years been able to makes waves, push buttons, and challenge what we think of sex and what we think is "sexy".

Taylor Swift's Self-Righteousness is Getting Really Nauseating
230 days ago

I think what she is saying is completely refreshing. Too many young girls think they have to be naked to be interesting. (cough--MILEY--cough)

Did Mickey Rourke Finally Stop Being His Own Plastic Surgeon?
243 days ago

He look so much better, and younger!

Merry Christmas, Miley Cyrus' "Adore You" Video is Basically Porn
270 days ago

Are we tired of her yet? I really need to add that the key to staying popular/relevant is actually doing different things occasionally.

Tila Tequila Got Banned from Facebook for Being Hateful And Weird
285 days ago

I think this poor girl has some serious metal issues.

Miley Cyrus Ruined Christmas. No, Again.
289 days ago

Are we sick of this yet? Can we sick of this yet?

This is the Video That Should Have Been Released in the First Place, MILEY.
362 days ago

THIS is absolutely what she should have released. It's an honest, pure version, and isn't it funny how much more actually "revealing" this version is then the other one. You can concentrate on how great the song is, and how emotional it was for her to record it.

Miley and Mike WiLL Made It Just Blew the Freak Out of Your Mind
363 days ago

What the hell happened to Fishwrapper? You went from totally calling her out on this kind of crap to kissing her ass and defending her. :(

Miley Cyrus Is Going to Break Your Heart with This
364 days ago

Well....she got emotional. I wouldn't call it breaking down. I wish she would loose all the attention seeking pathetic-ness and just do her thing, because the girl can sing.

Updated: LOCK IT UP, CHER.
368 days ago

But what she said originally was true, and if Cher is telling you that you are pushing it, then you probably are.

Sting Needs to Slow His Justin Bieber Roll
371 days ago

He was asked a question and answered it. It's not like he suddenly decided to give a press release on how he feels about Justing Beiber. (And he's right, so there's that too.) And Sting is pretty qualified to speak on the subject too, some commenters might want to do some research before acting like you know everything.

Playtime is Over, Paris Hilton -- Maybe It's Time to Grow Up Now
374 days ago

UGH Terry Richardson. He needs to go away and very fast. He directed "Wrecking Ball" I believe too. This is the story I read and was completely horrified that people still let him in the industry:

Playtime is Over, Paris Hilton -- Maybe It's Time to Grow Up Now
374 days ago

Terry Richardson...he also directed Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" Video, if that give you any idea of how icky he is. Google his name, he's gross.

Shenae "Who?" Grimes Just Started a War She Can't Finish
376 days ago

So she's just saying what most normal people think. Not sure there is a problem here.

Miley Cyrus Has a Pretty Impressive Lineup for Bangerz, Sorry
377 days ago

I think part of the problem is that she is a talented person. It's all the desperate attempts to shove herself in our faces that is turning everyone off. She might as well wear a sign that says, "Look at me!!! I'm SHOCKING! I'm really SHOCKING!!"

Miley Cyrus is Taking This "Bangerz" Thing Way Too Seriously
389 days ago

I feel like she got high and watched a LOT of Miami Vice and then took all these pictures. At some point the weed is going to wear off and realize she's made a horrible mistake.

Surprise! Justin Bieber Just Got a Completely Ridiculous Tattoo
431 days ago

OH GOD. Did he seriously put it in the crook of his arm so it will "blink"??? I think I have reached extreme saturation. I can't mentally absorb any more of him. I just can't.

Corey Feldman is Gonna Blow Your Mind With His New Music Video
438 days ago

Ok. I saw the Goonies in the theater when I was 9 and fell in love with Corey Feldman. For those much younger than me and don't know, he hung out with Michael and became sort of an impersonator of him. It was a little batshit and I think is what messed up his acting career (he was an excellent actor)...he dressed like MJ All. The. Time. Dream a Little Dream put up with it, and it was a good movie, but he never let it go. Anyway he still appears to love him some Michael...but I can't hate it. It's awful but I can't hate it. Sean Astin! The Map! The David! The Inhaler!