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Updated: Giuliana Rancic Needs to Try Again
160 days ago

So, basically, she gets to attack Guiliana's eating disorder while taking credit for not doing so. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth. She stands as a fairly grounded healthy person and mauls a clearly vulnerable woman who literally meant no harm at all while pretending to be "hurt." Had she never said a word, no one would have even noticed it. Yet, she chose to incite fake outrage over a completely innocuous statement made on a fashion gossip show. She chose to make people feel there is "rase-izm" when there wasn't. She chose to act like she, nor anyone she knows, has ever made a silly comment they later wished they hadn't but truly meant no harm. She chose to use the wild atmosphere of the social media hate machine that can be activated in an instant with one post against a person who probably has not experienced a 10th of the privilege she has in life. This wicked little girl caused way more harm than Rancic ever could with her silly comment. She pretends to miss the context of the absolute absurdity of her appearance dressed as a "goddess" at a B-S award show meant to promote Hollywood propaganda while being paid millions to do whatever the h-ell it is she does (I never heard of the privileged little brat until two days ago).

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Michael Brown Killing -- Shame On the Media ... Surveillance Video is Relevant
351 days ago

You are mentally ill. That is not at all what the "attorney" said. What he said was a jibber jabber word salad of nonsense meant to imply things that weren't true. He robbed the f*cking store. His accomplice admitted they robbed the store. Autopsy shows he wasn't shot in the back like the "witnesses" said. It likely will also show his hands were not in the air and that he was on drugs at the time. An eyewitness on the scene was caught on camera saying he was running toward the cop while being shot at. You were duped by the vicious race baiting media. Get the f*ck over it.

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What Is Even WRONG With Madonna?!
406 days ago

Madonna is stuck in her 20th century character like the "administrative assistant" at a local mental health facility who still hair sprays her bangs up in the air.

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Madonna Should Add 'Insensitive Semi-Bigot' to Her Long Repertoire of Offenses
467 days ago

How retarded is it to incessantly scan the field of celebrity activity and verbiage, sweeping over it with your radar looking for one word here and one crossed eyed there. You are the one trying to hurt people by narrowing in on and expanding a non issue, thereby making gay and retarded people feel they are being attacked when they aren't. Madonna is just an idiot and everyone already knows it. This article is so gay.