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This is a Nice, Nice Katy Perry ... What Happened?
49 days ago

Hmmm... pretty sure the blame rest solely on her growing huge boobs and kissing girls..

Not the Best Career Choice, Khloe Kardashian
68 days ago

That's your mistake, Trainham, for expecting anything good coming from a Kardashian, not Sasquatch's mistake for living up to everyone's expectation... except yours.

Lana Del Rey is One of the Biggest Hypocrites in the Music Business
83 days ago

... Where's Osama? Pretty sure his corpse is at the bottom of the Pacific ocean right now, unless the fishes already ate it up.
And he/Al-Qaeda never managed to get their hands on any nuke bomb too.

I'm assuming, John, that you've wrote all this in jest, out of anger. Next time, though... just try making a little bit more sense, a'ight?

Adam Levine's Wedding Just Got Even Douchier!
92 days ago

Emily Trainham - Queen of the Buzzkill.

Do us all a favor, lady, and always announces yourself whenever someone has the bad idea to invite you to any party, so that the rest of us can GTFO of there asap before you Debbie-down the whole gathering.

Seriously, Emily, to put it bluntly: you suck at life.

Admit It: Kris Jenner is Hot
162 days ago

... Nope.
Not hot at all.
Wouldn't deep my tip in that barrel of battery acid if my life depended on it.
But hey, if that's your kick, Sarah, go right away - nobody will judge you... sort off.

Quotables: Lindsay Lohan Just Can't Catch a Break
184 days ago

Euh, Sarah... you know she's lying, right?

It's LiLo we're talking about here. LINDSEY LOHAN.

Geez, if you're that gullible trustworthy, I got this guy who got a bridge to sell in Brooklyn... get back to me if you're interested.

Well, At Least You're Pretty, Katy Perry
218 days ago

My thoughts exactly.

Nice eyes; great boobs; the rest... bof.

Uh Oh, Jared Leto Finally Did Something Wrong!
226 days ago

So now we cannot laugh at J-Law anymore, cause she's some kind of untouchable deity, even when it comes to her unbelievable clumsiness, which she has no problem making fun of herself.

Seriously, Trainham, breath to your nose... slowly... Leto is acting quite fine here, just making fun of one of his friends - and, as far as I know, those two are friends indeed.

Raquel Welch Looks Stinking UNBELIEVABLE
240 days ago

She looks spectacular... but obviously had some work done.

But, no doubt about it, her over Kris Jenner, forever.

In What Universe Does Farrah Abraham Belong at The Grammys?
268 days ago

Not gonna start hating on the girl for her hustling.

She is a trick, a hustler; to survive, she evidently need to hustle her way into celebs parties; so starting to resent her for being somehow successful at it is stupid.

Don't blame Abraham for trying and succeeding; blame the party hosts for being dumb enough to let themselves get hustled.

DJ Tanner is Going to Make Us All Real Sad Today
287 days ago

Two things I'm gonna say about this:

* After seeing him played for the Canadians, it seems to me that calling Valeri Bure a 'leader' is a big ol' stretch. It's like saying last week's weather in the East wasn't that cold - a damn stretch. Then again, maybe the guy is different in his family life - I wouldn't know.

* The most important thing to remember, though: the Bures have been marrying since 1996. Almost 20 freaking years. And one of them has an acting career. Which makes you ask this obvious question: hey Emily, how long have YOU been married? Not saying their way is the right way, but it undeniably works great for them! Why would they change something that ain't broken?

Anyway, Ms Trainham, when you have been in 20+ years relationship, then you may have the right to judge how other couplings of the same length works. Until then, though...

The 5 Worst Dressed of the 2013 American Music Awards!
331 days ago

I am very aware of Aubrey O'Day's reputation... and I do not CARE AT ALL.

I would go all PUFF DADDY on that chick, especially in that dress!

Haters will hate, that's just the way it is...