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James Franco is Officially Too Awful to Handle
115 days ago

So are all internet articles just opinion pieces now? Art is entertainment, and all entertainment is either enjoyed or not, there is no fact in if it's good or bad. It just is, like the platypus. Okay platypuses are frickin' bas-ass, but still the point is if you didn't like it, then that's what you took away, who cares if it's cheesy or fact based. Some people love that stuff, and others don't. I'm not here to support or bash James Franco, he's a celebrity and a person that I do not know. At least he's trying stuff that makes him happy. It's so much easier to destroy what others built, then to build your own things. Let's try and keep things positive 'eh, I think most of us are tired of opinionated bash pieces. Let your bosses know, we want real journalism back!