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How is It Possible That Kim Kardashian Can Make Such Dumb Faces?
415 days ago

Seriously an article on the duck face… AN ENTIRE ARTICLE ON HER DUCK FACE? I'm convinced you people really are bored with your life! Everyone does it. Next topic!

Kylie Jenner is in For Some Serious Trouble
447 days ago

You clearly watch too many teen movies! she isn't 13 years old she is a junior in high school. First off, there is nothing wrong with the dress; there's girls her age wearing dresses like this to prom, what do you guys expect her to do dress like a nun? This is the 21st century wake up and smell the coffee. If she wears a bathing suit you guys decide to write an entire article about how demeaning it is, when IT'S just a bathing suit, everyone wears a two piece bathing suit, even toddlers. Im almost 100% sure none of you who have the most to say about her walked a straight line as a teen. MOST importantly she is 16, you're probably an adult get off her case and stop being so obsessive about what she is doing. live your life !