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Quotables: Nick Cannon Really is a Moron of Epic Proportion
113 days ago

Seriously @miltowngirl. These articles are always mis-leading.

Quotables: Kim Kardashian Has Finally Lost Touch With Reality
121 days ago

You people down below need to start learning how to spell. It's you're not your! Also, Kim was definitely talking about the magazine cover. You love to attack her about everything little thing. You wouldn't even have anything to write about if you weren't constantly going after Kim Kardashian or that trashy Courtney girl you always talk about. It's ridiculous. I don't know why everyone is all up in arms about Kimye's Vogue cover. She looks beautiful and they are really, very fashionable. I'm not a big fan of their's however, Kim does have a right to grace the cover of a FASHION magazine and she is a beautiful woman whether you like her or not.