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Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Nips Out for a Break
1 day ago

Modern day Joan Crawford; right down to having the kid for attention. I can't wait for Norphan's tell-all. Side note: I DO like that dress, but it's very ill-fitting on her. If this dress was on Kate Middleton, I have no doubt that it would look like a million bucks.

mike litoris
Another Day, Another Pic Where Kim K's Backside Evolves
10 days ago

Since she probably has no idea where Norphan is, I'm assuming baby means Kanye. Meanwhile, Prince George continues to dazzle us all with his smile and his proud parents are showing off pictures of his first steps instead pictures of the Duchess's ass. But then, they have class...

mike litoris
Mila Kunis is About to POP
17 days ago

That is NOT a huge, huge baby bump, and, since she is not a balloon or a bag of popcorn, she is not about to "pop".

mike litoris
Come Watch Suri Cruise Be the Sassiest Little Diva There Ever Was!
384 days ago

That's because it's staged for publicity.