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Quotables: Did Julia Roberts Honestly Just Slam Halle Berry?
172 days ago

I think the comment is okay. Julia is humbling herself by admitting she has been a bit jealous of Halle.

Aww, Bobbi Kristina Did a Good!
183 days ago

Not every pic may do her justice, but she is really a unique kind of cute and a perfect blend of her parents. She's beautiful the way she is --if she would just go natural with the hair, I think that would work nicely. I'm glad she's happy in her life --and her gym work looks really good on her. I'm glad she worked on restoring her bond with her dad,too --had always hoped she would.

The way Hollywood is going, and the country's divorce rate in general, maybe more people should do like Whitney and incubate themselves a son-in-law. --It's something different; and that probably makes the most sense for the way she grew up juxtaposed to the rest of society. Btw, many men call their mothers-in-law "Mama". Maybe years from now when they're still together and everybody who tried to talk about them all bad are on their 50 thousand, eleven hundredth divorces --people will be trying to take notes (lol).