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Kaley Cuoco Looked Great at the PCAs -- Her Husband, Not So Much
871 days ago

Perhaps he's autistic or something. One of my closest friends is autistic with very similar "dead eyes" and awkward expressions. Not everyone is expressive.

Whatever Kim Kardashian is Doing to Her Face, She Needs to Stop
942 days ago

Agreed. She's way to young to already being ruining her face with plastic surgery.

So Miley Cyrus' Halloween Costume is Kinda Hot, Right?
942 days ago

What I love most about this is that unlike Julianne Hough, Miley realizes that just because you're going as a black person doesn't mean you actually have a to go as a black person and the costume still works! She did say she felt like she was Lil' Kim in a past life lol.

Um, When Did Jennifer Hudson Get Super Mega Hot?
944 days ago

That picture from a few weeks ago is clearly a lace front wig (you can see her line, not done well). Maybe she did have long hair but probably not, so it's probably not a big chop for her. She looks good though.

This is Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Take Advice From a "Real Housewife," Dear God
971 days ago

I'm starting to wonder if this website says ridiculous things because it gets people commenting about how stupid the article is. She isn't suggesting marital rape, she's saying she would like her husband to give her some dominating rough sex. I'm pretty sure that an adult woman being a willing participant kills the whole 'rape' theory.

Kaley Cuoco Has an Unimpressive New Boyfriend
1063 days ago

These HD cameras are pretty unforgiving.