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Uh, Anything You Want to Tell Us, Katy Perry?
29 days ago

It's a huge improvement

Quotables: And the Truth Really Will Set You Free ...
29 days ago

Kris the matriarch has always been a controlling bitch. She berates her son Rob, and is the root of the cause of his addictions.

She also has been known to call Khloe "the fat one", no wonder Khloe has issues.

Kris also leaked the sick porno film that Kim made with Ray-J so she could make money on it. In fact the KUWTK show would never have materialized if she didn't pimp out Kim.

Kris Jenner should get Worst Mother & Wife of the year award

**Caitlyn looks better at 65 than Kris ever looked, so Caitlyn/Bruce, looking better than the witch ever did is revenge