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Yes, Jennifer Aniston, We WILL Take Kim K Over You, Girl
26 days ago

I love TMZ & usually enjoy fishwrapper, but this is just awful. Jennifer Aniston is naturally gorgeous, funny & truly talented. Kim K is simply a talentless fame hungry brat who is fake as can be. Seriously, "thirsty" is an asinine term that could never apply to Jennifer Aniston, but absolutely sums up Kim in every way. In the interview with Jen that you're referring to, it is actually the reporter who brought up Jens Rolling Stone cover photo & called her a "pioneer." Jen was in no way looking for attention or recognition and definitely wasn't being "sassy" at all. This is dispicable writing and relies solely on the authors opinion, which doesn't even make sense based on false reporting. Try to do better next time please.

If This is For Real, Farrah Abraham Wins
367 days ago

They didn't do anything to her eyebrows. Newborn babies all have weird hair (head, body, facial, etc.) that changes rapidly. Some infants are born more fuzzy & it falls off within 6 months. Others have very light or thin eyebrows that fill in. One of my kids looked like she had no eyebrows at all for months & the other had dark fuzz that just disappeared. Point is infants change so fast, literally day to day, you never know what each new photo might show. Don't be so quick to assume they're insane like moron Farrah Abraham!