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Quotables: Nick Cannon Really is a Moron of Epic Proportion
140 days ago

Your articles are horrible. Learn the English language and learn to write about interesting topics.

Surely Madonna Can't Get Any More Desperate Than This
154 days ago

Not surprised.
Cover important things worth our time cool thanks.

Put It Away Already, Kylie
154 days ago

If it's pitiful and desperate then why are you writing a sad excuse of an article on it and giving it more attention than it deserves? Why don't you publicize people that worked an honest career and became successful.
Running out of actual important things to cover? Why don't you cover important stuff like the economy or animal welfare or something.
Now that's enough of my precious time wasted on this non sense.
School = Thinking you know everything but actually Not knowing how to do your job hence this sad excuse of an article if i can even call it that. My comment is longer than this article.
Experience = Knowing how to do your job