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You Shut Your Hater Mouth, Brody Jenner
22 days ago

Brodie's just jealous, he's not on a reality show anymore. Hater 2. Sorry not Sorry

Wendy Williams Tells It Like It Is ... & She Only Gets Better at It
35 days ago

Though I've liked Beyonce performances in the past, it is pathetic to resort to this type of publicity to get your sales up. How about real talent--Prince. Prince multi- talented musician, artist, mastered twenty three instruments, wrote his own music, etc...

60 days ago

Knew it was fake before I clicked on this. This news would hit the main stream news first and TMZ.

Even After All These Years, Anna Nicole Smith is Still a Heartbreaker
68 days ago

She looks like her dad. But Larry need to stop lying Anna couldn't stand him at the end, she was on tv wishing another man (Howard) was the Danielynn father.

Wait a Second Here ...
70 days ago

It's called "Aging"

Kylie's Little Displays of Wisdom Give Us Hope
79 days ago

Damn, breaking news!

Kendra Wilkinson Needs to Calm Her Ass Down
79 days ago

Why is Kendra still on tv? She is still trying to milk old drama. Ridiculous!

We ARE Clear on What 'AA' Stands for, Yeah?
82 days ago

Rewrite history with Sam, Lindsay. Who believes it?

John Goodman Deserves So Much More, You Guys
83 days ago

What? George Clooney was a recurring character on Roseanne. I believe John Goodman is a humble man, unlike other "A" list actors/ actresses. By the way I don't know who Wiig is.

Everybody's Sick of Beyonce's Crap
111 days ago

Get rid of Fish Wrapper, this post is ridiculous just like most of the slop you post daily.
That's your misguided interpretation of what Beyonce' projecting.