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The Duggars Just Can't Stop Proving Their Ignorance
205 days ago

I couldn't believe it, let me clarify that statement, not only are the Duggers an arrogant bunch making out that they hold the key to morality for everyone. I don't know why people are giving them so much attention, they certainly don't deserve it. They are and I mean this in every sense of the word idiots! Really, they think cause they have babies, home school their children so they can't possibly think for themselves and perhaps branch out and expand their horizons that they are better than the rest of society. Nonsense, when Jill made the comment that her sisters were her best friends, I said of course, she wasn't allowed to make friens with any one outside the family! How dare they, Anna and Josh really, get a life yourselves and go back into where you came from Arkansas and raise dozens of children, but leave politics alone.