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Let Jessica Alba Fill Your Day With Nonsense
456 days ago

I think what Jess (LOL I call her Jess) is trying to say is that our perception of ourselves is often unaffected and independent of what others think of us - or perceive us, if you like. I see pictures of myself when I was twenty-something and I think "holy cow, not such a bad looking guy". At the time I was quite unimpressed and saw no reason any woman would be interested in me. Don't be surprised if every other good-looking girl you see thinks she's ugly. By the same token, it's not a great idea to think you yourself are hot... it's a fine line, this self-esteem thang. I'm sure it's a lot harder to toe when millions of men would love to neck with your

Quotables: Joe Jonas Doesn't Think Too Highly of Taylor Swift, Either, It's OK
470 days ago

Hey, dumping isn't such a big deal. Gwen Stefani has been married for eleven years to a guy who had dumped her and was in a gay relationship. Heck, he even declined her first marriage proposal! She had to sweeten the pot with lots of money and who knows what else! He still spends the night with men!

Miley Cyrus Makes the Raddest Faces in "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks"
570 days ago

Watch 5 minutes of any episode of "Hannah Montana" and you will see that Miley Cyrus grew up making funny faces, and cashed in them.
She's trying to find a career. Let her be. Hopefully she won't be led around by some boyfriend she's smitten with in a one-way relationship.