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Can Bill O'Reilly Shut His Ignorant Mouth Already?
805 days ago

For once, I agree with him. He is right. You can't argue that Beyonce has taken her music and image into the gutter. She is coming off as a low rent hooker now.

Oh Look Who's Trying to Steal the Raunch Crown from Queen Miley
825 days ago

For once I have to agree. She is going to far. She thinks she's being edgy but she is looking desperate and trashy now. She is going down the same path as Mariah. You have the talent, you don't need to do this and try to hide behind the 'I'm comfortable with my sexuality.' bull. She is doing this cause she has run out of ideas.

Part of what set her apart is the fact that she WASN'T like everyone else being cheap. Now, she is the cheapest, classless one of the bunch.


Beyonce Out-Trashed Miley Cyrus Last Night
855 days ago

I can't believe that I actually agree. Sorry, but Beyonce is too good to be presenting herself like this. Her talent is great enough that she doesn't have to be doing Rihanna type antics. She is really cheapening her image. It is the same thing as when Mariah started to do this years ago. You have the talent. Skip the rest.

Stars Without Makeup: Mariah Carey's Stunning (and Gorgeous) Makeunder for "The Butler"
1083 days ago

Yes Albo, you're an idiot. Mandii, it is obvious that you are damaged and hate yourself. Your parents didn't do a very good job with you. For you, of all people to focus on something so irrelevant screams your self shame at your background. I feel sorry for you.

Both of you are SUCH don't even know who she's playing do you? She is playing a historical figure who just happened to be....Biracial.