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Jessa Is Right
Jessa Duggar Just Can't Stop Being Ignorant
146 days ago

Please please please get a life, Fishwrapper person. Instead of wasting your life writing this hateful drivel, why don't you consider what it is about the Duggars and Jessa in particular that you find so bad. They are good people and Jessa is just a spitfire. Love her. Oh and by the way, you should calm down for a bit and try to think about why cultures around the world told "legends" about dragons. Could it be because their ancestors had seen actual dinosaurs? Also, do some research about the waters from the deep, recently confirmed by science but long known by people who know the Bible. And what about the dinosaur bones recently found with actual tissue in them? And are you aware that "scientific" dating of rocks and fossils is often a circular thing? For example, these fossils are found in these rocks that we "know" are a "million" years old so the animals had to have lived a million years ago. Then next week, they say oh we know that these creatures lived a million years ago, so we can date this layer of rocks to a million years ago. There are reasons why people are suspicious of some scientific theories. Don't be so aggressively ignorant.