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Fuck you Fishwrapper
Love It or Leave It: This is Miley Cyrus' Version of Demure
580 days ago

The most pathetic form of linkbaiting. Please people, do not support this garbage website. Its honestly beyond pathetic. These idiots are paid by each page click so thats why they say "OMFG LIKE SO TOTES THIS IS LIKE OMFG THE CRAZIEST THING EVER!!!!! JUST BIEBER LIKE TOTES WORE A DONKEY HAT AND JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE THEN LANDED INTO A TOTES CAR LIKE SO TOTES!!!! TEEEHEHEHE LOL LIKE THIS IS GONNA BLOW. YOUR. MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then you click the page and its that rat turd bieber making his full retard dead behind the eyes stare in a regular normal picture. People, I am begging you, we need to ban together to end websites like this.