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Mike Anthoney
Kylie Jenner Thinks She's Too Edgy for Pants Now
142 days ago

You folks can knock the K family all you desire. In spite of what you people think, they (K family) have turned themselves into a money making empire. It is good they have stood strong with each other and ignored all the jealousy and ignorant comments. And why are you concentrating on their sixteen sister. Are you perverts or something?

Mike Anthoney
Can Bill O'Reilly Shut His Ignorant Mouth Already?
187 days ago

Under what authority does Bill decide who is a good role model for 'girls of color'? That term denotes exactly where his statement is coming from. And why is Bill concerned about how much money B has? What does he mean she has enough? So he decides that also. He is the moron since with his ignorant so called controversy more record sales are generated. Ask Ice Tea. If you don't like B don't buy her music. I doubt she is hardly concerned about some racist blowhard. Hopefully she or J never lower their standards to be on Bill's hack of a show.

Mike Anthoney
Will Smith Understandably Got Upset When His Family Was Compared to the Kardashians
480 days ago

Will needs to be quiet and let the K family do what they do best which is making money. If you don't like the K family then maybe you people need to get your own life and stop worrying about them being skanks and all the other names people call them. It takes a lot of talent to create and operate all the money making businesses they have.