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Fox News Is, Yet Again, Nothing But Idiotic, Offensive Garbage
1 day ago

You really are looking to hard at this one. She is simply saying that young woman don't have experience with a lot of things to know everything politically and to be good jurors. Also it isn't sexist because in the whole entire video context they are talking about women. If they were talking about men she would likely say the same thing about how young men don't have experience and are not good on juries. Also if you know enough about her she find people in their 20s to be stupid. It isn't nice to be picky when you are not necessarily the nicest writer.

Quotables: Demi Lovato Knows What's Up With Addiction, All Right?
263 days ago

I don't think that legalization will benefit drug addiction. If you look at statistics in people that tried alcohol are 82%, tobacco products are 67%, and marijuana is 45%. Think about how much more higher tobacco and alcohol are in comparisons to marijuana.