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Mick Kahler
Miley Cyrus is Gonna be NASTY at the VMAs This Year
997 days ago

One more time, Miley Cyrus is NOT sexy or hot. For these reasons:
1. The name 'Miley', Miley is not a hottie's name. 'Miley' is the chubby middle aged neighbor who dresses as a clown for kids' birthday parties.
2. Miley's whiny munchkin voice sounds like nerdy Professor Frink from "The Simpsons."
3. There is nothing more off putting than a former teenie bop star trying way too hard to shed that image with slutty clothes and make-up. Desperation is the world's worst smelling cologne!

Mick Kahler
Let Courtney Stodden Show You the Grossest Thing You're Ever Going to See
1026 days ago

Why is Doug H wearing Goth like eyeliner? He's looking creepier than usual. Courtney looks like a 40 year old hooker. Ewwww.