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Quotables: Please, Please Don't Let Justin Bieber Become the New Robin Thicke
41 days ago

He showed class; that's the point. He could have trashed her if he wanted but he never has said a bad word publically about her. Their HAS BEEN nonsense in the media about him-heard of Hollywoodlife with their contradictory and false stories constantly exposed by Gossipcop? What about the woman who accused him of trying to steal her phone? I could go on but why bother?

Justin Bieber Really Needs to Quit Rubbing Off on Selena Gomez
43 days ago

l did not know Bieber spends all his time with her teaching her all that. Is she a robot? Did not know Justin has magical powers that could make a grown woman who hardly has been with him since late 2012 act hostile to a nosy pap. Blame Justin!

Justin Bieber is Treading in Dangerous Waters
98 days ago

As usual a smear article for the ignorant readers. If Selena can have male friends like Orlando Bloom, Justin can have female friends whom he has known for years. He is not dating Gomez so he or she are free to date or befriend whomever they want. Why no mention of anything good he does for a change?

Justin Bieber's New Song Just Might Be the Worst One Yet
294 days ago

Fishwrapping is what your article is worth for. this is a biased attempt to smear a kid doing much more for humanity than your tired ass. The song shows this kid is not the fluke you haters think he is; he can sing and I am supported by dozens of people in the music industry as well as non fans who have praised his music on tweeter.The glorious Selena is not the innocent you morons in the media have made her out to be nor is her giraffe like friend but I can't show the documentation provided in some sites unless permitted by them.

Looks Like Selena Gomez is Too Good For Things Like Being Polite and Making Sense
427 days ago

The paps work for the gossip sites so they will stand by them no matter how rude they are. Selena and Justin are right to want them far away from them.Too bad the media censured that pap insulting Bieber in London which got him pissed; they would have seen Justin was Justified to get angry.

Don't Tell Jessica Biel, But There's a Naked Lady on Justin Timberlake's New Album Cover
448 days ago

I am not particularly a fan of Timberlake but his latest album did extremely well. I have it; and although a few cuts get tiring after repeated listenings, much of it is very good. He is a talented guy.

Justin Bieber Was a Very, Very Naughty Boy This Weekend
448 days ago

He can't take a piss without the media finding something to trash him with. He's 19. His not as bad as older celebrities who get into fights in clubs after drinking,takes heroin like Amy Weinhouse did, or gets high everyday as Whitney Houston did-all older than him.