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Quotables: Kid Rock Gets More Reprehensible as the Years Go By
275 days ago

Each to their own opinion. What I don't get is why is it that because you don't like someone because they are black you are considered a racist. Also if she was truly a black woman she would fight to have her pictures posted in her true colors.

Annie Lennox Slammed Beyonce in the Best Way Possible
425 days ago

Have BeYonCe looked up to word "Feminist" to understand the true meaning?

Michael Brown Killing -- Shame On the Media ... Surveillance Video is Relevant
466 days ago

What is going on in Ferguson needs to stop. It's ridiculous how riots are going on and people being so irresponsible. If African-American's cared so much with what is happening with this kid why are they attacking their own people by stealing from them and attacking them. Ferguson needs to take care of it on their own and get rid of people that don't belong there. Do you hear me Jessie Jackson, Sharpton, gang members, etc....

No Amount of Dumb Tattoos is Going to Make Us Like Kaley Cuoco's Sketchy Husband
681 days ago

I do not see anything creepy about his tats. Probably TMZ is the problem.