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One of Those "Teen Mom" Girls Lost a Bunch a Weight or Whatever
91 days ago

Chelsea is one of the best mothers on that show, and she actually happens to be a great mother to her child. Chelsea actually has a career, and spends her time working and taking care of her daughter.. Your articles suck

Stars Without Makeup: Brandi Glanville Has Won Freaking EVERYTHING
106 days ago

Her lip injections are not cute

Color Us Unsurprised
270 days ago

I have watched Farrah since 16 and pregnant,and she seems to have been screwed up all her life. I have always thought her mom has a lot to do with it. the mom allowed Farrah and her sister to call their dad Michael even though that is indeed their real father.. what disrespect.. the mom also forced Farrah to change her cell phone number and cut all ties with the father of her child only for Farrah to find out he died in a car accident a year later without ever getting to meet his child. Farrah had a lot of hurt inside I can see it. I thinkbecuse she doesn't have that tight family unit and there's so much control on her mother's end the father even get bossed around.. fame didn't help Farrah it just made her a wreck! Unlike Maci from teen mom she's handling the attention well she didn't go crazy, but she has support and a good family unit

The Grossest Selfie Known to Man
271 days ago

This is the most stupid article I've ever read.. who cares if they suck each others tongues geesh... Get a life!

Whatever Kim Kardashian is Doing to Her Face, She Needs to Stop
334 days ago

Nose job for sure!butt injections and lip injections her mouth is stuck in the duck face position.