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Will the Sadness Never End?
29 days ago

I'm so glad I don't have enough money to spend on plastic surgery!

Paris Jackson is Nearer and Dearer to Our Hearts Every Day
54 days ago

doesn't blanket always look like he's thinking: get me outta here!

Today in Heartbreaking
77 days ago

So true. A doctor at a top notch hospital told me I needed a complete hysterectomy immediately. I got a second opinion at another good hospital and he said I didn't need one at all. That was 4 years ago when I had insurance. Now with crappy Obamacare, I can't afford doctor's appointments or the lab works and tests (or rather I can't afford the deductibles and co-pays) but I'm still alive and symptom free having never had the recommended surgery all that time ago.

Gwen Stefani is Basically a Butterfly, Thought You Knew
170 days ago

Just like Sandra Bullock - a whining narcissist. Boo hoo someone cheated on YOU, heaven forbid. They're still bleeding rich. And lip injection girl is so broken up she's already sleeping with someone else?!?! Get over yourself and look at the real traumas in the world.

What Kind of Bunny is This Chick Gonna Pull Out of Her Hat Next?
217 days ago

If it is true, emotional neglect throughout childhood results in developmental disorders and complex post traumatic stress disorder. I had/have a mother who was never there for me - indeed she took everyone's side over me, including a person who sexually abused me as a child. The devastation on one's self-esteem and ultimately life is overwhelming. CPTSD is far more damaging than PTSD (not to say that that's any fun either). So if it is true (I've never watched the show or read other than snippets on TMZ), it's bad.

Unlikely Couples
407 days ago

Nope, wrong gender guess, you two. You two think you could get away with it, but I've been where Amber is and I know that face!

Quotables: Tacky is as Tacky Does, Y'All
429 days ago

When you think of all the ultra cute outfits for little girls... sheesh, what a shame she'll have to miss out on all the pretty things.

Well, This Happened (Again)
448 days ago

More importantly, as my friend Joe just pointed out, what the heck is the furry thing on the guy's head behind her??

It's Called 'Underwear', Kim ... Or a 'Belt'
484 days ago

Airplane seats must be disgustingly dirty with all that touches them, including bare bottoms.

Love It or Leave It: Whatever's Happening to Selena Here
495 days ago

Bob - You mean like Selma Hayek, to name just one person? I have a feeling you wouldn't turn her down.

All Hail Kris Jenner's Unfailing Hotness!
558 days ago

Why not show a truly beautiful (what is she 58?) year old woman? One who looks natural, hasn't been surgically and otherwise altered in an attempt to look younger. I always thought Jessica Tandy was beautiful in her 80s and I often see very pretty older woman who haven't had anything done. Beauty is accepting yourself and proudly showing the wrinkles you've earned.

Hollywood Hot Bodies
569 days ago

Women who demean themselves like this also hurt all women by turning women into only sexual objects. It's the woman version of being an Uncle Tom. (Sexism/Racism, for those of you who won't get it.)

Unlikely Couples
669 days ago

The Johnny Amber photo is hilarious! Looks like an overprotective father with his daughter and she's got a look on her face and body language that say "can I get away from this creep yet?!?" Hahahahaha. Johnny you look like an idiot.

We Could Say Khloe Kardashian is Classy, But Then We'd Be Lying
710 days ago

If only life were fair and these two lowlifes who risked the lives of others driving drunk and now brag about it were killed by their own antics.

The World Needs to Get Over Leslie Jones
732 days ago

Jones's comment that "white people did it" is racist. The percentage of white people who actually had ancestors who owned slaves is very small. My family arrived in the U.S. in the late 1890s when slavery was already abolished. They arrived when the NINA laws were in effect (No Irish Need Apply), so my white family was discriminated against here as well. My first relative here worked as an indentured maid to some rich people and we've worked hard despite being poor immigrants. I'm tired of black people getting free rein to be racist against me who's never been racist. Get over it - not all white people are evil nor from slave-owning backgrounds.

Courtney Stodden Better NOT Be Back With the Cryptkeeper
750 days ago

Lordamighty, I'm 56 and my body doesn't look as droopy, saggy and puffed as hers - and I look my age. I want to say poor girl, but at a certain point she has a brain to learn not to make bad body choices.

Love It or Leave It: Kim Kardashian Doesn't Understand the Term "Fashion"
815 days ago

I've never understood how anyone thinks that body is attractive. It's hideous.

Madonna Needs Attention (And A Solid Dose of Reality)
821 days ago

She has so many fillers in her face now and so much skin lifted she looks Asian. I apologize to all Asians for the implied insult. I just mean the fillers have changed the shape of her eyes and face. The rest of her looks just go to an overbotoxed, filled and old white woman - as the best comment here say: Norma Desmond.

Miley Cyrus Has Some Seriously Skewed Priorities
920 days ago

I bet not. In my experience, the more someone acts overtly oversexualized, the less exciting they are in the sack. It's the shy quiet ones that let loose!

Miley Cyrus is Super Cheesy, Friends.
963 days ago

she looks like justin beiber

Making Fun of a Mentally Ill Person Just Isn't OK No Matter How Catchy the Tune
966 days ago

Gay people are allowed to do whatever they want, just as black people are allowed to be racist - both without any repercussions and if anyone dares point out the irony of this, that person is declared homophobic or racist. It's wrong.