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wanda lee
Stars Without Makeup: Don't Look Now, But Somebody Got GORGEOUS!
12 days ago

Vanessa, also could be a sign the sun is in your face. Lets try to be positive, eh.

wanda lee
This is What True Love Looks Like
22 days ago

Yeah, sadly I can't find much to knock about this either. If she's not a 'grown' woman who knows her own mind by now she never will be, and he's obviously a very happy fool, so what the hell, why not root for the kids this time 'round. Congrats young(ish) lovers.

wanda lee
Katie Holmes Finally Said the One Thing She's Probably Allowed to Say About Tom Cruise
27 days ago

where, in everything there is out there on these two, did you picked up that Katie is bitter and Tom is kind.... if anything, the opposite seems to be the case.